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Latest Update: November 12, 2002

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Eight Aussie Surfers Die In The Philippines
Six Australian men headed for a surfing holiday were among the passengers on a twin-prop plane that plunged into Manila Bay in The Philippines yesterday.

Op And Fender Present King Of Bands
Fender and Op will produce a CD album tentatively titled Op "Emerging," which will feature up-and-coming, unsigned band. The album will remind everyone exactly why the bands are unsigned. Wait, what about the pay-per-vew special?

Guess Who's Getting Fired Next Week?
"We're not trying to be the company in southern California that taps into every trend and tries to find out what the 15-year-old skateboarder wants. We're about performance, not trends." --Philip Gyori, VP of marketing at Bolle's parent company Bushnell, pointing out how ill-suited he is for his current position.

Slater Hits the Street

The city of Cocoa Beach, Florida has named a street after six-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater. What used to be 3rd Street North is now Slater Way.

The Boom Boom Huck Sell
With the world's most over-used skateboard headline, "Chairman of the Board" Voice writer Matt Higgins gets deep into Tony Hawk incorporated and comes out liking what he sees, even if it is a little soft for serious skaters.

Skateboarding Going Off In Florida
Michelle Kaufman
churns out a pretty smooth overview of skateboarding in the Miami Herald. She gets big points for including so many "quotes" around words that "get play" in the skateboard world.

THPS 4 Get Phony
AT&T Wireless
today announced it will deliver Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 to wireless phones. Don't leave home without Tony.

Australian Snowboarder Dies In Avalanche
Clinton Wilton
, 20, of Melbourne, Australia was killed in the Austrian Alps near Innsbruck after triggering an avalanche that swept him into a glacier crevasse.

Gen-X Recalls Crappy Skate Ramps
The company, known for selling low-end sport products, is recalling 88,000 skateboard ramps because they "can crack and cause riders to fall." Oddly, one of the ramps was called the Skate Attack.

Offspring Guitarist Starts Action Mag

It's called Spare Change and according to Noodles it will cost 99 cents and be crammed "full of . . . articles on skating, surfing, motocross, BMX, snowboarding, art, and music." Apparently Noodles thinks there just aren't enough action sports magazines.

Tompkins First Colorado Resort Death

The 23-year-old snowboarder was found by Loveland ski patrol tangled in a boundary marker rope. Trevor Tompkins is believed to be the first to die at a Colorado resort this year.

Sun Valley Halfpipe Woes
Seems nothing goes easy in the land of Hemmingway. The mountain belatedly decides to put in a halfpipe and now everyone is upset about the location they've chosen.

Extreme Oops Director Profiled

How could Christian Duguay the director of the exquisitely haunting film Joan of Arc get suckered into directing a lowbrow "extreme action sports" adventure film? We'd rather let him tell you in this profile.

The kids from Camp Kill Yourself meet up with the guys who should when they open for Guns N' Roses on the first 14 dates of the North America Tour.

North Shore Real TV
Sunny Garcia, Myles Padaca, Damien Hobgood, Danny Fuller, Holly Beck, Chelsea Gorgeson and Veronica Kay are moving in together to be stars of a new reality show for the WB. If Reina hangs out we'll be watching for sure.

Skier Sues Snowboarder
A Wisconsin couple has filed a negligence lawsuit against a Japanese man who allegedly hit them at Snowmass Ski Area nearly two years ago. One of the injuries listed was "embarrassment of a permanent nature". Just think if her feelings had been hurt.

Skateboard Shaped UFO Spotted

Airline pilots in China reported seeing a shining unidentified flying object that was reportedly a "white-blue skateboard-shaped craft."

Scooting On Toward Bankruptcy
Scooter inventor Rasyad Chung has refinanced his home three times to help bring his new QuadCarver to market. We hope he leaves it at that.

Blue Crushes Technology Tax Credit
Hawai'ian tech companies are complaining that all of the State's technology tax credits in 2001 were wasted on Blue Crush a film that had very to do with technology. Yeah, but all those tight little butts were great, weren't they?

Billabong Named in US Lawsuit
Knoxville Is No Jackass
Skateboarding And Gun Safety
Mavericks Winter Season Opens

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