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Latest Update: February 26, 2003

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From The Sacklunch Boards

Currently being discussed, Korda becomes Analog street, Bahne Skateboards does some blatant self-promo, and a word about Supernaut. Dive in, the water's warm.

Sack The Vote
Reports of Skateboarding's death are premature, but if, on the outside chance the skate maket did crash, who would be to blame? Vote now in the Sack Boards.

El Jeffe Anderson Is Gone
Jeff Anderson, 24, died February 23, 2003 when he fell several floors inside the hotel he and other snowboarders were staying in. His memorial will be held in the old Gondola Station inside Mammoth Mountain's Main Lodge on Saturday March 1st.
-Fall 2002 Interview with Jeffy

-Bleiler Wins Gold but Loses Friend
-Riders wear JA armbands
-Jeffy remembered on the TWS Boards

Make Up for Skater Chicks?
Yes, Urban Decay (what a perfect name) has launched a line of make-up called Skater that will "inspire even the most radical girls on wheels to get their glitziest." Seems like it might be more appropriate for certain Australian companies looking to "make up" sales.

Tony Hawk On The Hershey Highway
The product endorsements just don't stop as Tony Hawk gets behind Hershey's Chocolate milk and gives them a hand with sales. The commercials will be directed by Stacy Peralta. He's also on the PepsiCo payroll with the once-funny Dana Carvey promoting Go Snacks. Is this kind of endorsement okay for skateboarding? Discuss in the Sackboards.
-Hawk on Simpsons with Blink 182
-Tony on turn 3 of Daytona 500

SnowboardCross Added To Olympics

At a meeting designed to trim the number of irrelevant Olympic events (race walking, synchronized swimming, canoe slalom), the International Olympic Committee ironically added "snowboard cross" to the Olympic Sport roster. Washed pros rejoiced worldwide. Should snowboard cross be in the Olympics? Tell it in the Sack Boards.

Sandow Birk's Inferno
The Long Beach artist famous for his In Smog and Thunder shows from 2000 is unveiling his new paintings which are a reworking (with words by Surfline's Marcus Sanders) of Dante's Inferno. Read this story. It's good.

Desperately Seeking Boys
Marketeers are sounding more and more like mid-aged men driving BMWs up and down Santa Monica Blvd. TransWorld's Peter Ferraro said his magazines can deliver the boys because its eight titles are built around the "passion points" of readers. Then again, Peter is "no longer with the company".
-The race to think like a teenager

Shark Attack, Shark Attack
The plywood shark fin has to be one of the oldest pranks in the book, but that didn't stop "Jim and Joe" from causing a whole surf contest at Seaside Reef, CA to freak out like a troop of Girl Scouts.
-Jim and Joe interviewed by

Boy Blue Crushed To Death
First it was Jackass, now the syrupy sweet surfer girl movie Blue Crush is being blamed for the death of a 13 year old Port Salerno, FL boy who wrapped a chain around his waist and tried to swim across a pond.

K2 Votes on Rawlings Purchase
On March 26, 2003 shareholders will vote on whether K2 should purchase Rawlings for between US$9 and $10 a share. The Rawlings would give K2 some balls, bats and gloves.

Ski and Snowboard Deaths On the Climb
Researchers say that snow sports are extremely safe compared to other sports, then why is the media so death obsessed? Bill McKeown of the Portland State tries to figure that out.

Infogrammes Writes Off Loser Games
The French company, and current owner of the Atari name, had some bad numbers thanks to royalty write offs from games on they had "insufficient visibility on sales prospects" . . . like Transworld Snowboard.

Joe Baker's Ridable Art Reception
The snowboard graphic artist Joe Baker has a show running in Middletown, Connecticut through March 2. You can check out his art at

Riders Not Scared After Kelly's Death
Leave it to the paper of record to point out that snowboarders are not letting Craig Kelly's untimely death keep them from getting their shred on.

Snowboarder Dies In Keystone Park
Derrick Lesnick, 22, died from "deceleration" injuries after flying from the second jump in the Keystone terrain park. He had multiple injuries and a lacerated liver.

Art Bowl Movements In Soho
Deitch Projects, a Soho art gallery, has built a bowl as the centerpiece of an exhibit of skateboard art. The owner, Jeffery Deitch, compared the action to a "live Jackson Pollock painting." Some people will do anything to hang out with skaters. Is this art? Tell the world on the Sack Boards.

Journalist Says Bam Goes Too Far
A funny outsiders view of the skate videos most of have watched until we've worn them out. All this for the launch of CKY4 the latest and greatest.

SD's Skateboarding Serial Snatcher
A skateboarder in Pacific Beach, CA has struck for the second time in two weeks. The man, in his 20s, has rolled by and grabbed a purse from the same lady at the same stop two weeks in a row.

Skater Gets Seven Years

Timothy R. Strano, a 23-year-old skater was sentenced to 7.5 years for beating a man to death with his skateboard. Strano said he was only trying to protect his friend from the man who stopped his car, got out, and was reportedly "reprimanding" the skaters.

Jonze, Kaufman, and Cage in Europe
It's rare to get an interview with all three in one room but apparently the publicity shy director/writer/actor threesome is interested in seeing their film to well in Europe. One of the best stories yet on Adaptation.

Taj Hunting World Title
He's getting ready for the new season with one thing in mind: winning the world title. And Margaret River is where it's all going to start.

Surfers Bring US$7 Million to North Shore
They may hate the traffic and the idiots in the water, but North Shore businesses do all right during the winter surf seasons thanks to traveling surfers who stay for the waves.

The Surfer at Channel Nine

He's spent most of his working life as the captain coach of the In The Nude Board Riding Club, but now David Gyngell is the great hope of Australia's Channel Nine.

Pro Surfer to Write Children's Books
It's a though every father has had when trying to find a good book to read to his kids, professional surfer David Giddings is doing something about it. He's writing them himself.

Bike's Mike Vihon Dies In Crash
Perry Ellis Buys Op Licensee
Rip Curl Adjusts Senior Management
Billabong Takes Hit From Trade Mistake

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