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Latest Update: February 6, 2003

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After opening last week, the boards are off and rolling. It appears that many more people are reading than posting. Currently being discussed, Korda becomes Analog street, who really owns [K], and something about cutting it's editorial department.

Bike's Mike Vihon Dies In Crash
Vihon, a sales rep for Bike Magazine, died Sunday February 2, 2003, when the car he was a passenger in collided head on with a Utah Transit Authority Bus in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Bike's Derek Dejonge, Powder magazine's Kevin Back, and Oakley's Steve Richardson were also injured in the crash.
-First Snow Brings Car Crashes

Oil Spill Closes French Beaches
Biarritz and Anglet where hit with sheets of oil from the Prestige, a 20.5 million gallon oil taker that split in two and sank off the coast of Spain on Nov. 19.

Perry Ellis Buys Op Licensee
In a deal valued at US$91 million Perry Ellis International has agreed to purchase Salant Corp with US$52 million in cash and US$39 million in stock. Salant owns two brands and is the licensee of Perry Ellis, Op and JNCO. The company reported US$250 million in revenue in 2002. This move comes nearly four years after Salant emerged from Chapter 11, its third bankruptcy.
-Op Fragrance licensee holds off on buy

Rip Curl Adjusts Senior Management
Brian Singer and Claw Warbrick, the Austrialian founders of Rip Curl have moved to non-executive roles at the company adding fuel to speculation that the company will be going public soon.

Billabong Takes Hit From Trade Mistake
Billabong was down 18% Wednesday to A$5.50 after an accidental trade by Macquarie Financial Services of 1800 shares at A$5.50. Dealers say Macquarie is currently trying to unwind the trade so Billabong should bounce right back.

Mr. Rags Acquisition Inc. Files Chapter 11
The Long Beach, CA based clothing chain that sells surf, skate and urban brands to teens and young adults in 114 mall-based stores, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Some analysts see this as evidence of a tough action sports market.

Misguided Nike Strikes Again
Endemic footwear brands rest easy. This site is more proof that the Swoosh still doesn't get it. Flashtastic website that'll drive you crazy and ugly shoes to boot. Should Nike just stick to running shoes? Say it on the Sackboards.

Burton Signs Jeremy Jones
Yes, it's true. Burton has hooked up at least one SLC Jibmeister. It seems like a odd fit, but maybe it will work out just fine. Jeremy is official for sure.

White Wins It All in Aspen
Shaun White, riding with a red bandana to cover his face took the super pipe and the slopestyle and a new Jeep to wrap up his weekend in Colorado.

Avalanche Kills Seven More in BC
Twelve days after seven skiers, including Craig Kelly, died in an avalanche in British Columbia's Revelstoke region, another slide kills seven high school students who were out in a backcountry education trip.
-Second Snowboarder Dies on Teton Pass

Mammoth's Super-Dumber Pipe
No one asked for it, no one likes it, yet Mammoth Mountain continues to tell the world that they have the biggest halfpipe. Even former Olympic coach Pete DelGuidice even backs this thing. Oh well, Mammoth always has had a thing about being the biggest.
- Talk about it in the Sackboards

X Games Targeting The Market
It's not just snowboarding and skiing, it's commerce and ESPN is doing all it can to make sure no one gets away without buying in to PepsiCo's dream of a new tomorrow. Sponsor it all, let God sort them out.

Semiao's X Games Story
The "inventor" of the X Games, Ron Semiao recounts how he came up with the "idea" for the X Games and how the brand is really taking off. Luckily, this year they have a reason for poor ratings.

Jason Lee to Open Art Gallery

Seems like all that acting money hasn't been wasted. Jason has been stocking up on art and now he wants to show it off in a new gallery that he plans to open in the next year.

Eric Leines' Fresh Meat
It was a Morrow ad, but now it's ended up on a gross-out, bloopers site called Funny, how truly shocking images can survive for eternity on the web.

Wall Street Journal Reviews Burton Jacket
The WST's Walter Mossberg is some kind of tech guru who decides the fate of products left and right. Apparently, he likes Burton's iPod jacket. Who wouldn't.

Promotions at Quiksilver
Looks like everyone is getting to move one step forward on the Quiksilver gameboard. The promotion lists includes Samuels, Tully, Ziegler, and Bussiere.

Wolf's Snowskating Take Off
Who would have thought that riding a skate deck in the snow would turn into all this? Well, Andy Wolf thought so. Here's a little bit of his story from the Oregon Statesman Journal.

Dreamland Skateparks Is the Future

They've built some of the most popular public skateparks in the world, but what is next for Mark Scott, Mike Swim, Jeff Kimbrough, Tavita Scanlon and Sage Bolyard? Read this and learn.

Judge Order Bam To Pull Naked Boy
When Charles and Laura Jaramillo saw video of their son nearly naked in CKY2K holding a sign that said, "This is what happens when you tell Bam you'll do anything to be in CKY," they decided to take legal action. They did and now Bam has to remove the footage from the film.

Primedia Going Mobile (Phone)
Thanks to a deal with Moviso, Primedia titles like Snowboarder, and Surfing magazine content will soon be available on cellular phones. If anyone finds this useful, please post a comment in the Sackboards.

Tim Brauch Memorial Skatepark Okay'd
Scott's Valley is going to have a new 20,000 square foot skatepark dedicated to the memory of Tim Brauch. They will probably get a $25,000 donation from the fund set up by Sessions.

Athletic Shoes 101
If you've ever wanted a quick course in the state of athletic shoes worldwide, you really should read this article. It's about Adidas and how they are competing about Nike.

Craig Kelly Dies In Avalanche
Wing Wing's The Wahoo's Story
The Irons Top Media Whores
Gator Featured in Stoked Film

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