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Latest Update: October 1, 2003

From The Sacklunch Boards
Now at the top of the discussion: Tony Hawk and his junk food sponsors. As someone pointed out, many of Tony's food backers (like McDonalds) contribute to kids being fat. What do you think?

Sack The Vote
Last time we asked how you felt about Burton selling products direct online. It was our most popular poll so far. Nearly, 68 percent said this move would "Give retailers one more reason to hate Burton."

TransWorld Walkout
The Transworld Three finally got some coverage of their departure as the Wall Street Journal chimes in on the chaos; not to mention announcing the clever title of Dave Swift and Grant Brittain's new effort The Skateboard Mag. Best quote: Mike Mihaly, "
Maybe I am a retard and everyone else is normal."

Hektic Skateboards A Front?
Nicky Hernandez, a convicted child molester released in 1999, allegedly used his Hektic Skateboards team and website to lure young boys to his appartment. He was arrested for 31 criminal counts and is being held on $3 million bail.

Thomas Launches Fallen with DC
He left Circa and now DC has announced that they have licensed and will produce new shoes under Jamie Thomas' Fallen brand. The shoes will be in stores in time for the holiday crush.

Officials Consider Love
Philly's City Managing Director Phil Goldsmith said he plans to put together a "working group" of city officials to consider reopening LOVE Park to skateboarders.

Teens Getting Broken Off

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic shows that teens are suffering more fractures 32 percent more in boys since 1969, however, doctors said "skateboarding and snowboarding had just minor roles in the increased fractures."

Stage Moms Invading
Now that there appears to be big money in skateboarding, it looks like we'll see more and more of the Williams sisters/ Tiger Woods style kids being pushed into the media ala, the Jackson 5. Here's a couple right here.

Frequency Ups Circulation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Galbraith are happy to annouce that frequency: The Snowboarder's Journal has just delivered 7,500 copies to subscribers, shops, and North America's best booksellers. Yes, they're growing. If you haven't checked out the new issue you really should: the Mike Olson stories are worth the price of a year's sub.

Snowboarding The Amazon
Now you can get Salomon, Arbor, Gnu, K2, Palmer, Lamar, Lib Tech, Liquid, Limited, Ride, Vans, Flow, and Sims and more while shopping on

Corp Culture Hits TWS

Mike Mihaly and Fran Richards, two ex-TransWorld Media employees, point out in the San Diego Union Tribune that darnit, "things just aren't the same at TransWorld since Time Warner bought it." And they're right. It is different. Mike and Fran don't work there anymore.

Skater Swing Political Clout
As Generation Skate has gotten older they are beginning to have more political clout; something that many politicians seem to forget. But not any more.

Vans On The Up
After an announcement of better than expected earnings Vans stock rocketed up 22 percent to $11.08 (a 52-week high) on Sept. 18. Seems like that back-to-school surf things is working wonders for the company.

Billion Dollar Baby
If things go well for Quik they're on track to do a billion in sales. Total revenues for the surf giant were up 44 percent in the third quarter to $251.5 million dollars. Apparently, expenses for Bob's big birthday bash are being realized in the fourth quarter.
-Quik makes $8.9 million profit in Asia
-The Motley Fool likes Quik

Billabong's Half Off
According to recent numbers (AU$622.90 in total sales) Billabong is about half the size of Quiksilver world wide. Damn, that DC Shoe deal sure would have helped.

Globe Loses $59.7 Million
Thanks to a Kubic Marketing writedown Globe International is now the proud owner of a huge net-loss for the year ended June 30. If you don't count the Kubic purchase the company still lost $8.8 million last year. Then again these are all Australian dollars, so what does it matter?
-Peter Hill second richest under 40 in Austrailia

DC Joins The Outlet Crew
Soon, when bus loads of bargain hunting seniors stop to shop the Horizon Outlet Center in Tulare, California they'll be able to buy not only Nike and Quiksilver, but soon, DC Shoes. Hey, it's okay Etnies is doing it.

Primedia Sues Over Teddy Bear
Primedia is suing Ashton International Media because Ashton quit paying on three magazines they bought from Prime. Teddy Bear and Friends, Doll Reader, and Volleyball magazines just haven't lived up to Primedia's promises according to Ashton's publisher Mark Lund.

New York Magazine For Sale
Primedia is rumored to be selling off it's 35 year old "trophy property" New York magazine. Are Surfer/Surfing next on the block? The Sacklunch Magic Eightball says: Most Definitely.
-Weinstein and Brill may buy NY magazine

TransWorld No Longer AOL
The board of AOL Time Warner (TransWorld's parent company) has voted to drop AOL from their name. Like that will help. Now it's just Time Warner, even though AOL is technically the owner. Also, the stock symbol will revert to TWX.
-What the name change really means

Keeping Up With the Burtons
Jake Carpenter and his family are on an endless winter trip around the world, but meanwhile back home Analog is being launched and the corporate team is pulling together.

Grant Brittain Photo Show
The American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego chapter is hosting a reception for the Grant's photos TODAY Thursday, September 18, 2003 from 7-10 at 355 Seventh Ave, San Diego. Get there early. Seriously.

Jamie Thomas' Fallen Off Circa
He left Circa with kind words and now has launched a new venture called Fallen, which is licensed to DC Shoes.
-Licensing announcment

Lost In Relations?
Sofia Coppola's new movie is living up to the family name. But, oh my, she hasn't seen husband Spike it months. Apparently, he was "off filming a skateboard movie." Hmm. Hollywood/skater romance is doomed.

The Politics Of Skating
Skateboard graphics have always been a great way to communicate and now Will Talbot is launching a company with all-political graphics called Hipocrisy. To the left, and to the right. . .

Point (of Purchase) Break
Parents and students are expected to spend more than $40 billion this year on clothing and school supplies. And you better believe Quik, Billabong, Hurley, Volcom and the rest of the boys are very excited about getting a larger piece of that market this year because surfing is cool again.
-Girls surf sells, too

Look Who's The Sell Out
In an essay explaining why skateboarding isn't as cool as it used to be, hopeful book writer Sean Wilsey blames Tony Hawk for skateboarding's current "watered-down hugeness". Right Sean, you quit skating years ago and now it's Tony's fault?
-Mr. Wilsey's letter of clarification

Surf Writer Gary Taylor Dies
He'd edited small newspapers, written a surf column for 14 years, and was about to start a new job as an editor at TransWorld Surf Business, but most of the time Gary Taylor surfed Swami's.
-Union Trib paddle out story
-TransWorld Surf's story

Yogi Proctor Is Popular
He's created corporate IDs and ads for Sole Tech, TransWorld Snowboarding, and most currently PopWar Skateboards. But this show is all about his art.

Bad Bobby Meeks The Pirate
What do pro snow shreds do to make ends meet during the off-season. If you're Bobby Meeks you dress up like a pirate and dive from really tall things into ten foot deep puddles of water.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Michael Aubuchon, 15, challenged a schoolmate to hit him in the head with a skateboard. The other boy, 14, delivered a two-handed blow to the top of Michael's head that put him in a coma in which he later died. See how important helmets are kids?

PT Building Active Empire
Peter Townend, the former Marketing and Events Director of Primedia's Action Sports Group, has launched a consulting company named Activempire (note the clever word blend). His clients currently include his former employer, Hub 360, and his son Tosh.

New South Lake Motel for MFM
Marc Frank Montoya is quickly becoming the Ian Schrager of snowboard lodging as he adds another motel to his The Block holdings. And, more importantly, he added free WI-FI. We're so there.

Those Look Like $30,000 Shoes
The Tim Brauch Memorial Fund and Skaters for Portland are now each $15,000 richer thanks to a sneaker collector with way too much money. Someone paid $30,000 for an ugly ass pair of Nike Dunks all done up in Ebay colors.

Kut-U-UP For Award
The band fronted by TransWorld Surf's Chris Cote is up for Best Punk Band honors in the 2003 San Diego Music Awards. Click here to vote for Kut-u-up. And while you're there you might as well vote for former TransWorld intern Tristan Prettyman for Best New Artist.

Svitak in Montana?
Officers in Missoula, Montana responded to a complaint that a man who seemed distraught and angry was throwing a skateboard. Anyone know where Kristian was in late August?

Skate Across America
Jack Smith, Josh Maready, Scott Kam, and Nick Krest skateboarded from the Oregon Coast to Williamsburg, Virginia to raise money for the Lowe Syndrome Association. They did 2,800 miles in 21 days. Hopefully, they push both ways.

Ben's Book A Semi-Masterpiece
In a column for the Santa Cruz Sentinel Ben Marcus reviewed a new book titled The Surf, Skate and Rock Art of Jim Phillips calling it "a semi-masterpiece". Interestingly enough, the column fails to mention that Ben Marcus wrote the book.

The Poor Man's Tony Hawk
Jon Tevlin of the Star Tribune gets up close and personal with "skateboard superstar Andy Macdonald" and finds out that he is a really nice guy. Yep.

VK Used To Date My Friend
Veronica Kay has had a couple friends in the Sacklunch circle, but now she's stepped into the world of College football it seems: USC starting quaterback "Matt Leinart may be unknown but his girlfriend is not. She is professional surfer and snowboarder Veronica Kay."

Great White Cruising San Onofre
Rob Wells Dippity Does It
Surf's Up At The Mall
Burton Selling Out Online

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