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Encinitas YMCA Reopens
Drop Party Montreal
New Zealand Jib Jam
FIS Talks Doping and TV
Johnny West to K2

Latest Update: June 22, 2004

From The Sacklunch Boards
Christian Hosoi is out of jail and everyone is talkig about it on the Sacklunch Message boards.

Looks like Billabong wasn't happy having Andy Irons rocking Quiksilver shoes. So, DC has released Andy from his "multi-year contract." Apparently there's a little more to this biz than "growing the pie."

Bigger Box Buys Big Box
In the world of who cares sporting goods store news comes the following: Dick's buys Galyan's. Billions of dollars are involved, as well as lawn furniture, lots of balls, guns, skateboards, and snowboards. On second thought, K2 may care about this one.

Hosoi Rocks
Want proof that Christian Hosoi is no worse for the wear? Check it out in these photos on if you don't believe the hype. It is nice to have him back.

Online Down The Line
Duncan Scott has a laptop integrated into his Jools Matthews longboard and communicates via WiFi with a hotspot on the beach. Seems like a lot of work for Intel to find a web surfer.

Quiksilver Surfing On A Rocket
After some upbeat announcements Quik's stock took a nice little seven percent rise Tuesday. Damn, you should
have bought it in February.

K2 Buys Marmot, Marker, and Volkl
The Carlsbad monster has just swallowed up three more companies to go along with their paintball and ball companies. Adio has new siblings.

Wrisley Back In the Publishing Biz
Former TransWorld Media Group Publisher Tim Wrisley is back in publishing as the co-owner of Carlsbad Magazine. Yeah, it's a magazine about Carlsbad, California. No caverns will be covered.

Artificial Reef Interview
Surfing Magazine throws down a solid interview with Kerry Black the mind behind the wave making machines at the yet to be built Ron Jon Surfpark in Orlando, Florida.

Brothers Skatepark Breaks Ground
The skatepark fund that was started in memory of Jeff Anderson is seeing it's dream become a reality as Grindline breaks ground in Mammoth Lakes, California. has the story.

Billabong Still High
Billabong reassured investors its profit growth was still on track as it announced that CFO Shayne Palfreyman is leaving the company in September, but they didn't like the news from Europe apparently.

Farrelly, Young Feud Rages On
In the old surfers never let grudges die category comes this story of Midget not attending an 40 th anniversary celebration because Nat was going to be there. Aussie, Aussie, oi boy.

Holly Beck and Queen of the Surf
The International Women's Surfing Organization is marching on with Holly Beck at the lead. Come on guys, give women's surfing a chance. Or something like that.

Chichagof Premieres In Seattle
Scott Stamnes is remembered in the Seattle Times and by the VeeCo film Chichagof, which is named after Scott's father's fishing boat.

Slater Donates $35,000 To Fijian Village
Most of Momi Village works on Tavarua and now they have the money to renovate and update their church thanks to a kind donation from Kelly Slater. And the prayers of 200 can't hurt either.

Life After Pro Snowboarding?
Snowboarders older than 35 may remember J.D. Platt as the inventor of the Lien Dracula, but these days he's a "disc dog entertainer." Huh? Just read the story or check out his webpage.

Dayton: Action Man
Inc. Magazine gets all gushy when they find a rich guy like Sky Dayton who actually does something other than golf (Dayton owns "six Channel Island surfboards"). To them that's odd. Isn't that odd?

Gand Eliminated From Rossignol
Jeanne-Marie Gand, VP of advertising and communications at Rossi is gone after a "restructuing." And she's not the only one leaving. More on that later.

Skateboard Hero Saves Woman's Life
Jeremy Meyer, 34, saw a woman getting robbed in SF and called the attacker off by showing the man his skateboard and that he meant business.

Fuel TV's $1 Million Heist

It sounds great in theory: pitch an action sports film idea and if Fuel execs like it it they "may" give you a $1 million production budget. The fine print: "all submissions become the property of Fuel"
. Your idea, the tape you sent in, and all rights in "perpetuity in any media now known or as yet devised." Hey, it's better than paying TV people to come up with new stuff. Or is it?

DC Throws A Million At Love Park
Ken Block has offered $100,000 a year for 10 years to keep Philly's Love Park open to skateboarding. So far the city hasn't responded, but DC Shoes has gotten ink in hundreds of newspapers across the nation.
-Philly turns up nose to DC's million
-City says "keep walking" to DC

Vagabond Pool Demolished
Construction crews in Fresno, California ripped up the number one reason to drive the 99 when, on June 2, 2004 they destroyed the pool at the Vagabond Motel. Local skaters are still fighting over the coping.

Brothers In Arms
With a win a piece on this year's WCT Tour, Damien and CJ Hobgood are storming the rankings. They now make up half of the top four in the ASP.

Lopez Of The High Desert
He and his family are long way from the warm waves of Hawaii or G-Land, but Gerry Lopez says he's happy living in Bend, Oregon where he finds aloha spirit around him every day.

Time Inc.'s Email Disclaimer Unbound
Anyone who's gotten email from TransWorld Media lately has seen the 114 word legal disclaimer attached at the bottom.'s Jack Shafer runs it past his "Samoan Lawyer" to see if it holds water. It doesn't.

Snowboard Suits
If you get hurt at a resort remember, don't take the law into your owns hands. You take them to court.
-Woman sues snowboarder over loss of pinkie
-Parents of dead snowboarder sue Loon Mt.

Quiksilver Heads East
Mainland China has it's first Quiksilver Boardriders Club. Quik planned 10 stores, but apparently action sports culture just doesn't translate to those who spend 18 hours a day behind a sewing machine.

American Skiing's Debt Juggle
Thanks to a restructuring of its $73 million dollar debt, ASC will be able to continue throwing up shitty condos in beautiful mountain towns without anyone noticing that they're losing money doing it.

The Master of Dad-saster
Duane Peters and Corey Parks are going to be parents. Corey just found out that she is 6 weeks in. That mean's no firebreathing for awhile. It also means that fishnet top is going to look even better.

$7 million Half Acre?
The McKnight Family Trust paid $7 million last month for a half-acre parcel of prime Hanalei real estate. The purchase is probably the highest valued real estate transaction on Hanalei Bay this year. Is this Bob McKnight's Family Trust?

Wahoo's HIres SF Ad Agency

Wahoo's is moving on NorCal, that's probably why Mingo Lee and crew just signed up San Francisco's, The Hive, an agency that has previously worked with Powerbar, Dreyfus, and 1-800-Contacts. No word on what they're spending.

Tim Brauch Skatepark Groundbreaking
After years of struggle and City Council meetings, the Tim Brauch Memorial Skatepark finally broke ground!  The 22,000 sq. foot concrete playground is being designed by Wormhoudt, Inc.

Swander Owns What?
Swander Pace Capital is selling it's glove company Totes-Isotoner. But's what more interesting is that the New York Post says Swander Pace also owns: "Mrs. Fields cookies, Reef sandals, Switch snowboard bindings and Skateboard World Industries."

Ollie Makes The Dictionary

Alan Gelfand's trick is immortalized in the latest Oxford English Dictionary. The Ollie changed the world of skateboarding, and Alan's wife Sharon got it in the book.

SIMA Photo Extravaganza
It was a race to see who could throw up the embarassing photos from SIMA's cabo wabo. Looks like Surfer beat out TransWorld this time, but both need to be viewed:
-Surfer's Photos
-TransWorld's Photos

Slater's Circle <Smirk>
Celebrities just love hanging out with other cool celebrities. It's hard not to feel cool on Tavarua. But Kelly, the good host is supposed to let his guests win.

A Purse Making Rebel
"As a kid in Arizona, I was a skateboarder and outside the mainstream." --Mr. Kate Spade, Andy.

MILF Skaters
Yep, it's the newest trend in the suburbs. It's mom's on skateboards. The San Diego Union Tribune drops in on Rose Bernfeld and the International Society of Skateboarding Moms.

What The World Needs Now
Snowboard Magazine is a new cleverly titled magazine backed by some old names: Sullivan, Baker, Draplin, and England. It's reportedly going to be G-rated and feature a lot of product. Which reminds me, I need a hole in my head?

Pastor Snowboard
The Rev Neil Elliot, Anglican chaplain at the University of Central England is taking his PhD in snowboarding. Piled higher and deeper? Certainly.

Yes, People Still Boardercross
Nate Holland was named boardercross rider of the yearfor 2004 by Ski Racing Magazine. Exactly.

Beachley Wins Sport Award
Transworld Gets Down to Business
So Cal Salt Pulls Out of NSL
Billabong Up On Takeover Rumor

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