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Latest Update: May 11, 2004

From The Sacklunch Boards
Transworld Media has topped the boards as the most actively discussed topics on the Sacklunch Message boards.

Beachley Wins Sport Award
She could have been in Portugal to accept the
Laureus World Sport Award for Alternative Sportsperson of the year, however, she was locked down in Tahiti waiting for Teahupoo to start firing.

Transworld Gets Down to Business
Snowboarding Business, Surf Business, and Skateboarding Business have become TransWorld Business. One world, one business, one business magazine.

So Cal Salt Pulls Out of NSL
Last Thursday, before "The Game" event in Ventura, The Southern California Salt Company decided they where not sponsoring the NSL. The who? (The paper previously reported, incorrectly, that Quiksilver had pulled out as well. That is not the case. Quiksilver continues to support "The Game")

Billabong Up On Takeover Rumor
The Sydney Morning Herald is claiming that takeover (by a US surf wear company) rumors propelled Billabong's stock up by 7 percent last night. Who could be after the Bong?

Vans Finally Sells Its Sole
VF Corporation, the world's largest apparel company has announced that it purchased Vans, Inc. for $396 million. Van's shareholders will get $20.55 a share. Some of VF's companies include: Lee Jeans, The North Face, JanSport, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica.
-shoe companies on the merge

Wallstreet Loves The Quik

Standard & Poors says they're expecting growth of 15 to 25% at the company long term. In fact, S&P is so happy they've giving Quiksilver a 5 star rating. Sounds like it's time to buy, the traders are coming.
-sportwear sales to girls on the rise

Rheim Dies in Chamonix
Longtime Chamonix snowboard mountaineer and guide Dédé Rheim died in an avalanche April 20, 2004. Trey Cook, who spent time riding with Rheim, reports in Method Mag.

Looking California, Feeling Arizona
The Arizona Mills Mall, in Tempe is welcoming some new stores this spring including: Zumiez, an unnamed store that sells Sears-brand appliances, and of course, Billabong. Hey, the next Rick Kane has to shop somewhere.

Haakonsen Picking up Soccer
Looks like 29-year-old Terje Haakonsen is moving on to greener pastures as he tries for a spot on Norway's Club Fjellhamar as right-hand side winger.

Fast Food Robber
"The robber was described as . . . wearing black pants and a black hooded shirt with the word Billabong on the front."-- Akron Ohio.

The Games Gets Play
Brad Gerlach's new surf series get play in the Pasadena Star News. Go, team!

Da Silva Beaten To Death
Brazilian professional skateboarder Wellington da Silva was tortured and beaten to death April 9, 2004 in Rocinha by drug dealers in a Rio de Janeiro drug war.
-The story in Portuguese

Douglas In/Out at Analog
First, Steve Douglas was hired to head up Burton's entry into the skate market Analog, and then as quickly as he came, he was gone. Rumors are he only lasted one meeting before backing out.
-The Douglas in at Analog press release

Skate Plaza Play in USA Today
Rob Dyrdek's skate park disguised as a park plans get discussed in America's Macpaper.

Laureus World Sport Awards
Okay, we've never heard of it either, but everyone sure gets excited about being inducted. Tony Hawk is an official member, and this year Layne Beachley, Gretchen Bleiler, Shaun White, and Ryan Sheckler are on the list to be invited to join this secret society of sports greats headed up by Edwin Moses.
-Tony Hawk in Sierra Leone

Terrain Parks Dangers?
Oregon's Bend Bulletin goes over the old question: are terrain parks more dangerous. The answer from snow sports injury expert Jasper Shealy is: we don't have the data.

Women Rock In Snowboarding
Tina Basich anchors a story on the best season yet for women in snowboarding, according to the Associated Press.

Barker Opens Wahoo's
The lastest addition to the Wahoo's family of action sports tacos is owned by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Grand opening was April 18.

Art Film Skaters
Oliver Payne and Nick Relph make cool movies. Driftwood is about some skaters rolling through London. It and their other films on on display in a show runs through May 30 in Zurich.

Cabrina Wins 2004 XXLs
When you see the size of the wave Pete Cabrina rode you won't even think about his old days as one of the world's best sailboarders.

Tourniquet Could Have Worked
A 57-year-old Maui surfer Will McInnis could have been saved if someone had tied off his shark damaged leg.
-Kauai surfer escapes shark

Surfer Girl Disappears At V-land

Courtney Marcher told friends she was paddling in at Velzyland and that's the last anyone has heard of the 22-year-old surfer.
-Girl's surfboard found
-Her father joins the search

Michael Peterson's Tough Life
His father is one of three guys who gang-raped his mother, yet he still became one of the 70's best surfers. This and more in Sean Doherty's new book MP: The Life of Michael Peterson

The Quiksilver Peugeot?
Quiksilver is carrying on its automotive tradition with a 206 CC 1.6 limited edition French car. You didn't think they'd become a billion dollar company on bikinis, did you?
-Quiksilver initiated with "above average" rating

Hawk to Coach MXC
Spike TV , the network for men (not either of the filmmakers) is doing a live action version of it Most Extreme Elimination and Tony Hawk is the coach.

Surfing Simile
"It was a great opening and [Britney] Spears rode the energy of the crowd like a pro surfer does a winter wave in Waimea Bay." - An Alameda, CA review of the Onyx Hotel Tour.

Snowboarder's Body Found
Melting snow and early spring weather helped a search team find the body of Adam Mertz a snowboarder who died in a December avalanche.

Women Take Third In Arctic Man
It's called the Arctic man, yet two women were fast enough to take third in the Alaska race.

Sandboarding Not Dead Yet
The three people who still sandboard get written up again, this time by an easily impressed New York Times writer.

Skateboarders On Strike
It was an April Fools day story, however, it really should happen when you see how much ESPN and NBC stand to make off skateboarding.

Avalanche Days Celebration?
Leave it to Granite Peak, a resort in the Midwest, to name their two week spring celebration after a deadly force of nature.

Missing Surfer's Boards Laid To Rest
The boards on which long-time friends Brandon Jarrett and Greg Boynton-Shaw took their last ride will be set alight during a simple beach service. The ashes will be left for the sea to scatter.

Kerry Snowboards
As more proof John Kerry should be the next president he went snowboarding in Sun Valley while staying at his wife's winter place. You know, the Heinz Estate. Trustafari for president.

Taking the Skate To Sadaam
Two Marines don't let the fact that they're in uniform get in the way of throwing down some rock and rolls on Sadaam's roof. Thanks,

Salter Sells Gen-X to Forzani
NBC Launches AST
Pride Snowboards Parade Float Ride Gets Called Out

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