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Latest Update: March 29, 2004

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Boost Pro of Snowboarding
Snowboarding's best tried their hardest to put on a show in Chicago, but had a really rough time doing it. Was that the jump from the Letterman show? Check out event video on the Boost site and you'll see what we mean.

Salter Sells Gen-X to Forzani
Moments after buying back his brand and close-out business from Huffy, Jamie Salter has now sold Gen-X to Forzani, Canada's largest sports retailer. Talk about quick turns. Forzani issued nearly $4 million dollars in stock to "close the deal."

Huffy Sells Gen-X Back to Salter
In another twist in the strange world of Jamie Salter, businessman, Huffy has sold Gen-X (which it bought from Salter in 2002) back to Salter and Kenneth Finkelstein for an undisclosed amount. The snowboard brands are staying with Huffy and Salter is taking the close out business and the Gen-X name back. Say what you like, but Salter is the master of the personal short-sell.

NBC Launches AST
NBC and Clear Channel Entertainment have announced the launch of the Action Sports Tour. The televised, five-city tour is NBC's replacement for the Gravity Games that are now owned by The Outdoor Life Channel. It is good to own the league.

Pride Snowboards Parade Float

Click the image for the upclose photo details all all the Pride Snowboards heads at a recent sales presentation.

Ride Gets Called Out

Ride Snowboards
has apologized for their homophobic trade show banner and have apparently "suspended the employees" responsible for the "unauthorized" banner. (Thanks for the link, Synch)
-New York Post story
-Ride's (unauthorized actions) apology
-Original post calling for boycott
-Sacklunch discussion thread

Savier Steps Out of Business
Kids, this is what happens when you think you're smarter than the skate market. We're going to miss Savier luggage, though. It was amazingly well designed and durable.
-Sacklunch discussion thread

Quiksilver Buys DC
Yes, that's right, you heard it. Quiksilver announced today, March 8, 2004 that it has acquired DC Shoes, Inc. Billabong must be bummed.
-Sydney Morning Herald coverage
-San Diego UT (Paladini, Miller quoted)
-LA Times story (Sullivan quoted)
-The West Australian coverage

Primedia Gets Marketing VP?
A former TWS marketing department doyenne has now been reportedly hired on as a Vice President of Marketing at Primedia. Someone please post a press release.

Todd Richards' P3
The book has been out a while, but newspapers across the country are still writing it up and each one seems to get a little more of the TR story.

The Skate Daily
We got an email recently from photographer Bryce Kanights promoting a new skateboarding news site called're not sure what his connection with the project is, but if he's backing it, we're backing it.

That's Life Premiere at La Paloma
Foundation Skateboards new video will premiere Tuesday March 9 in Encinitas, CA at the La Paloma theater. Thanks,

The Skateboard Mag Launched
In a tight little party described by one invited guest as "just like the old TransWorld," the crew of The Skateboard Mag introduced their newchild to the world. The first issue has been described as a cross between the old TransWorld and UK skate magazine document. Either way, it looks good.
-What the Slap forums are saying

Pac Sun Up 48% in Fourth Quarter
The California lifestyle is still rocking it out for the surf industry's favorite mall shop as Pac Sun climbs to the $326 million dollar mark for the quarter.

Billabong and Beachley Bowout
"After a wonderful eight years of support and friendship from Billabong, I've decided I'm going to pursue other options," says six-time world champ Layne Beachley.

North West Classic Skate Images

For two years in the late 70s Steve McElrath documented the Tacoma, Washington skate scene. Here are some of his photos.

Bluetorch Juniors Clothing
We missed this last month, but Bluetorch (the brand that won't die) is launching a juniors line designed by luger Pamela Zoolalian. The Bluetorch clothing line is hauntingly familiar to something suggested by web watcher Jason Calacanis at SIMA six years ago.

Josh Malay Dies in Snowboard Accident
Another of snowboarding's up and coming star died in a freak accident while riding in Spain. Josh Malay, 23, reportedly dropped a small rock band and apparently caught an edge and hit a rock with his head.
-Minnesota snowboarder dies

Surf Park Getting Real
When former editor of TransWorld Snowboarding magazine Jamie Meiselman first mentioned his idea for a new kind of wave pool some were skeptical. But he's followed his dream and hooked up with Ron Jon for what could be the country club of the new millenium.

Wasserman Gets the 411
Days after Miki Vuckovich fled the OnVideo building (for the Tony Hawk Foundation) it is announced that the Wasserman familie of promotional products is now the owner of 411vm. What's next, an Action Sports Group?

Nike's Little Skate Shoe Brand
After buying Savier in 2001 Nike continues to let their little skate brand play alone outside Nike's Beaverton compound. Isn't that cute?

Skater Killed By Bus
Jerome Jackson, 18, of San Diego got off a city bus at a stop and skateboarded away hitting the bus in the side as it turned right.

Hardwicke To Direct Lords
The director who brought us Thirteen has been chosen to direct the Lords of Dogtown after Fred Durst was pulled from the project for his lack of experience.

Quiksilver Can't Stop Roxywear
A US District judge has ruled that Quiksilver and Kymsta Corp can both use the Roxy name, although Kymsta can only use the Roxywear name on the "inside" of their young women's apparel line and they can't advertise their product to the general public.
-Similar Roxy Names
-Kymsta announces victory
-Quiksilver prevails in case against Kymsta

Drunk Driver Gets Probation
Clayton Bennett, 47, admits being drunk when he hit and killed 14 year old skateboarder Peter Cannon-Dans but a judge only gave him one year probation. Peter's family is not happy.

Ebay Auction for Cardiel
Independent Trucks along with Antihero and Spitfire holding an auction to directly benefit John family for travel expenses to and from Australia to aid in John's recovery.

Be Like Gunny and Pat
Activision's new game Snowboard Park Tycoon allows players to build the perfect snowboard park and become rich when everyone starts visiting. If it were only that easy.

Bethany Goes Snowboarding
Every since her arm was bitten off by a shark, Bethany Hamilton, 14, has become a media darling. Mix that with Tara Dakides, post Letterman crash, and you have a true media event.

Montel Talks Safety
The talk show host discusses how he suits up "like a gladiator" before he goes snowboarding. And you know what? It might not be a bad idea.

Hockey Player Lost At Mammoth
A former Olympic hockey player Eric Lemarque, who is apparently more accustomed to being enclosed by walls when he's on ice, spent a week in a snow cave after getting lost at Mammoth. Now doctors are removing his legs.
-The details of his ordeal

Beachley Battles Boys

After winning six world championships Layne Beachley has decided to surf against the men the the Energy Australia Open to show just how far apart the sexes.

Big Wave Hunters

Ed Machado writes up the adventures of the Cortez Bank Boys and their exploits far out at sea for San Diego's North County Times.

Quicksilver Into Formula 1
The world's largest surf company has decided to supply eyewear and timepieces to Jordan Grand Prix. We assume it's some kind of race car driving team or something. Anyone know?

Shaun White #11 On People To Watch
Snowboarder Dies At Loon
Billabong Buys Honolua Surf Company

Quiksilver Misses the Billion

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