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Kirk Dianda at DC
Williams Leaves DC
Fast X Records

Latest Update: October 20, 2004

Gravity Games at Copper?
Resort officials at Colorado's Copper Mountain admitted to having conversations with the Gravity Games for 2005. What better place to hold the games than a huge, flat, parking lot on the side of I-70.

Ride Snowboards Wins HIssie Award
The editors of PlanetOut Magazine awarded Ride Snowboards a Hissie Award for "distributing homophobic banners and stickers at a 2004 trade show." Other Hissie winners include George Bush, and The Kansas court system. How straight is that?

Spy Going Public
Spy Optics
filed for an initial public stock offering of $20.7 million two weeks ago. In the six months ending June 30, 2004 they only lost $432,000. Okay, it would be better if that was other people's money, right?

Stand Up For Skateparks
On Oct. 3, 2004 Tony Hawk will be hosting a "family oriented" LA fund raiser for his foundation with help from David Spade, all Tony's skate friends, Blink 182, and more. Tickets are $500 a person click here for more info. Give 'till it hurts.

The Future of Action Sports?

Future Network USA, has officially announced it's new action sports venture. Former TWS VP of Marketing Fran Richards will be publisher and former TWS Business skate editor Adam Sullivan will edit Future's Skateboard Trade News.
-Mediapost story

Globe Not Over the Hills
Matt Hill, Steve and Peter's little brother, recently became Globe International's fourth CEO in two years. The 33 year old spent the last 10 years in LA setting up Globe North America. So far the market is happy: stock is up.

Quik On the Radar with Captain Zero

Quiksilver has joined up with Ted Field of Radar Films in producing the Allan Weisbecker surf memoir In Search of Captain Zero starring Sean Penn. More surfers, more trunks. More surfers, more trunks. Repeat.
-Quik joins Akimbo VOD over broadband

Naude's Million
Thanks to a 14 percent increase in profit last year Billabong's Paul Naude got an AUD$754,752 bonus bringing his annual pay to AUD$1.6 million (US$1,139,198.51). That's AUD$200,000 more than CEO Derek O'Neill. But it's only a 100 percent more than we make here.

Østvold Dies In Chile
Pro snowboarder Line Østvold, 26, or Norway died in a boardercross training accident while practicing for the a World Cup event. She will be greatly missed.

A Little Seedling Sprouts
Do something nice for yourself and check out Thomas Campbell's newest film, Sprout. There is a lot of longboarding in it, but when it comes to films about real surfing, few do it better than T. Moss.
-LA premiere coverage

Photogs Getting Jacked by the Hole?
OG action photog Greg Epstein is not happy about Jackson Hole's new "10 photos to be used any way we want in exchange for a free photographer season pass" policy and he's trying to drum up a little support. Maybe a little too hard: Wade McKoy, who's name was included in the first message sent his own message just to clarify (and maybe distance himself a little).

Snowboard Journal Wins Gold
Issue number two of the The Snowboard Journal recently won a Gold Ink award (we've never heard of it either). Hey, being "award winning" is good. "We’re completely honored," said Publisher Jason Ford.

Swift Skateboarding's Elderly Statesman
Over the weekend Dave Swift, editor of The Skateboard Magazine turned 40. His friends helped him ease into old age with a party at Petco Park.

Shark Nips Oregon Surfer
Seth Mead saw a huge head come popping up out of the water while surfing Gold Beach. The shark then got him on the leg and spit him back. "

Snowboard Outreach Commissioner
Arn Menconi, director of the Snowboard Outreach Society is trying to hold on to his position as an Eagle County, Colorado commissioner. Politics and snowboarding?
-Vail Daily profile

Aussie Surf Pioneer Playing Dead?
Roy Norris, one of Australia's leading surf personalities may have faked his own death according to reports. Has anyone seen Roy lately?
-Surf pioneer's fate a mystery
-Norris found dead

Jason Murray's New Site

Camera jockey Jason Murray updated his website. We never saw the old one, so we don't know if this is better or not. Check it out and let us know.

Malibu's Blue Horizon
The Malibu Film Festival got it's official kick off with a screening of Jack McCoy's Blue Horizon. Of course, the festival ended Sept. 23, but we just wanted to note this for the archives.

ASR Bikini Overkill
If you missed the fall ASR show in San Diego no problem. Kevin Roache was there for you. Funny thing is, none of the girls are dishing Kevin that "you dirty creep" look. How does he do that?

Lyn-z In USA Today

Seems like only yesterday Lyn-z Adams Hawkins was learning to air the spine on the old Encinitas Y mini. (Tear in eye) Kids grow up so fast these days.

Zellweger A No Snow
Thanks to silly film insurance policies actress Renee Zellweger has not been able to snowboard for seven years. What a sell out.

DC and Fallen Apart
Rebagliati Sued by X
Salter Savier's Savior?
K2's Gorilla Warfare

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