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Latest Update:
October 18, 1999

Tony Hawk Retires from Competition
Those who witnessed Tony's win at the Vans World Championships may have seen his last pro contest. Then again, we've heard that from a lot of sports legends. Here's his interview with the Orange County Weekly.

The Seedling A Classic Surf Film
Thomas Campbell the artist/world traveler has released a surf film called The Seedling. It was shot on 16mm and is probably the most beautiful surf movie ever made. It's all longboarding, and it's all good. It premiered at the world famous La Paloma Theater in Encinitas last week to standing room only crowds. To get a copy of The Seedling call (760) 757-9863.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Is Cool
The video game named after the vert world champ will make even more Hawk fans in the Playstation universe.

Gotcha Glacier Delayed Again
The massive sports complex is looking more and more like a hoax. This time the delay is based on "design changes in the shopping and entertainment portions" of the facility.

Swatch Wave Loch
Want to see Carl Ekstrom's designs in action? Check out Surfer Magazine's collection of Quicktime vids from the stationary wave.

Arnette Streamlines with Luxottica
The hip eyewear company takes another hit as dozens of employees are laid off.

Silly Skateboard Gets Write Up
Steen Strand has already put way too much of his Stanford educated skills into the FREEBORD "a skateboard that rides like a snowboard." Now the SF Examiner jumps on the program.

US Ski/Snowboard Team Benefit Rocks
The San Francisco Ritz-Carlton was in full swing as performing monkeys Trace Worthington and Fuzz Feddersen (on a snowboard) danced for cash. You thought the skiing was the hard part.

Running on the Skatepark Platform
It's almost frightening after years of searching for places to skateboard that San Mateo, CA politicians are actually promising X Games and Skateparks if they're elected.

Police Beat
Calle Fresno: Several juveniles on skateboards reportedly caused a disturbance at 12:31 a.m. Sunday at the intersection of Santa Maria Street.

Bolsa Avenue: An electric skateboard fell out of the bed of a truck in the 5900 block at 10:16 a.m. Tuesday. Sells Boards to Broads
Barrel Jumping with Hot Tub Al
Shark Attacks 16-Year-Old Kailua Surfer
Snowboard Life's TOP 25

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