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Latest Update: August 26, 1999

No More Miss Nice Girl
More and more girls are taking to the surf, however, it doesn't mean all things are peaches and cream. No, they have to fight for waves, too.

Identity Snowboards Goes Direct
Hey, if you can't sell them in stores, why not on the Internet. Identity President John McGinnis wants his retailers to know they're not being sold out. On second thought, what retailers?

Women's Longboarding Worlds
It's been over 30 years since the women have had a longboarding world championship. Well, Boca Barranca Costa Rica was the place.

Baywatch Update
Yeah, we all need to know what's up with those bouncing bodies. Good thing the Honolulu Star is all over it.

Great White Shark Spotted At Stinson
Almost a year to the day that a boy was bitten by a great white shark at Stinson Beach, CA a large dorsal fin was spotted off shore from the popular beach just North of San Francisco. This great white is estimated to be approximately 14 feet in length.
--Beach closed after siting.

--The shark caught on video.

More Dr. Laura/Big Brother Fall Out
Dana Parsons has some advice for Dr. Laura on being thoughtful on the airwaves. How she should have thought before she mentioned Beach Access. But there's no hope of that.

Thrasher's Golf Magazine in LA Times
It's got all kinds of nasty stuff in it, plus golf. The Schwing! staff includes a guy from No Doubt and another from the Vandals. Looks like Orange County punk was just a pose after all.

Crime Beat San Fernando, CA District
300 block of West Valencia Avenue: A 15-year-old Burbank boy was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon Thursday at 4:15 p.m. The boy allegedly hit his 17-year-old half-brother in the back with a skateboard and sprayed mace in his face. --from the LA Times.

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