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Latest Update: August 16, 1999

Surfing Doctor Helps Save Fijian Girls Life
What started as a surf vacation to Tavarua has become much more for Lance Hendricks. Who says you can surf and help out at the same time.

Pollution and Small Waves End Contest
A Seal Beach, CA surf contest last weekend designed to heighten youth awareness of water pollution was cancelled due to a bacteria count that was too high. How's that for a lesson in ecolology.
--Answers to beach closing questions.
--Sanitation workers can't find sewer leak.

Artificial Swelling in So Cal
Steve Hawk writing for the LA Times? Yep, and this one is about Tom Lochtefeld, the inventor of the Flow Rider stationary wave. Surprisingly, the story featured the same title as one that ran in Wired Magazine last month--Making Waves.

Developer Wants to Build Out Waimea Canyon
To financier Christian Wolffer Hawai'i's big wave mecca could make an amazing Eco-tourism resort with cabins, aerial trams, and off road vehicles. But the locals don't like the idea.

Girlie Girl Rash Guards
Sandra DeLaRosa was tired of getting a pink belly after surfing so she designed a whole new line of surf stuff just for girls called Raw Skin.

SIMA Helps Clean Of the Oceans
The Waterman's Ball in Dana Point raised over $200,000 to help mop up the waters. But where is the money going, and what is being done?

Girls and Bouys: Lifeguards and Sexism
Women have been working the beaches for nearly 20 years, then why do some men still think women just can't do the job.

Mervin's Goes After Skaters
The retail giant searches for anything that can help them make their stale stores cool.

Surfing Magazine Get's Wired
After several snafus, Surfing Magazine finally has a website. Too bad it looks like it was designed by sixth graders for a "web design" project.

Water in HB 200 Times Over the Limit
County public health official closed Huntington State Beach Wednesday due to contamination. Ah, could it be the broken sewer main?
--Pipe might be bacteria source says OC Register.

Longboarders Get Back to Surfing's Roots
Kunta Kentay had nothing on those wacky longboarders. Joel Tudor, Josh Mohr and others are mentioned.

Kahuna Bob's Surf School
The Christian Science Monitor runs a nice little profile on Bob Edwards and his wife Peggy and their surf school in Encinitas, CA.

Skateblocks Installed in SF
New bolted on "skateblocks" are installed along the waterfront in San Francisco because of "hundreds of thousands of dallars in damage." What will they think of next.

Rabbit Bartholomew: Pursuing The Dream
In what seems to be some sort of tretise on where professional surfing has come from and where it's going Rabbit covers all the bases and the entire front screen of the site. Strange.

The Rebirth of Surfing Acapulco
Jaime Glenn's story and photos of a trip to Acapulco and the 1998 Oxbow World Masters Championships.

Outdoor Retailer Show Hit by Tornado
Andy Mac Meets the President
Tara Dakides Writes Poetry
Beachley Wins $20,000 in Newquay Surf 99

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