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Latest Update: May 17, 2000 Written Up in Red Herring
The cool-guy new business magazine puts up a report on the new surf start-up pointing out that it's limited market could hurt it. Duh. Even funnier, they failed to mention that no surf manufactuers are interested in selling their product through either.

Two Die In Snow Cave at US Open
Robbie Carr and Jake Shumway, two 19 year olds from Hopkinton, NH died sometime Friday night at Stratton Mountain when the snow cave they were sleeping in collapsed.
-Boston Globe's Sunday story.
-Concord, NH Monitor's Monday Story.
-AP Story on

Gotcha Glacier Lines Up Tennants
Yep, those guys behind the indoor snowboard park have two takers (Sport Chalet and Jillian's) for their retail space, but they've got a ways to go.

Del Mar Fair Board Won't Book Warped Tour
Those crazy gen-y kids have scared the Del Mar fair board. They'll book it only "if the promoter agrees to control the foul language and more outlandish behavior of the bands." Good luck.

Those Dangerous Slopes
The San Diego Union-Tribune says those slopes may look fun, but they are wraught with danger for snowboarders especially for Trevor Szold, a San Marcos man described by hospital workers as "dumber than Encino Man."

Dolphin IMAX Movie a Winner
MacGillivray and Freeman are back at it with a new IMAX on dolphins. With a script written by outdoor wild man Tim Cahill, the film is supposed to be pretty damn cool.

OC Weekly's Commie Girl vs. ASR
The sassy, serpant-tongued Rebecca Schoenkopf revels in the madness at the Long Beach ASR Show. (We missed it last month, maybe you did, too.)

Oxnard, CA Tries To Build A Skatepark

Baseball diamonds and soccer fields are fine in people's neighborhoods, why not skateboarding? More idiots oppose a park.

Lompoc Beach Closures Bum Everyone

The beach is closed for a tiny shore bird and a slightly larger salamander. It has surfers, ranchers, and average beach goes upset.

Howard Stern Invades Surf Culture
Sims Grabs Forum and World Staff
The SIA Show: A Virgin's View
Tribune Merges with Times Mirror

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