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Latest Update: June 27, 2000

Tribune To Sell Times Mirror Magazines
Looks like TransWorld and the rest of the Times Mirror Magazines are going to be up for sale as The Tribune Company makes moves to hand-off the magazines to focus on their newspapers and interactive titles.

Skateboarding As Art in Chicago
Hyde Park Art Center of Chicago built a work of art called the Free Basin. Now they've invited skaters to come ride it for free to "show off" skateboarding as an artform.

Woman Writer Flips For Surfer
Her name is Pam, his name is Steve? Could this be a Hawk Family romance masking as a recipe for pancakes? Read it and find out.

Nor Cal Skateparks Rated in Chronicle
The Bay Area's paper of record rates the top parks. And the winners? Vans in Milpitas, Alameda, and Santa Rosa. Funny thing, they skipped Healdsburg and it's probably the best.

Surfing For Life Profiles Old Surfers
Does surfing keep you young? This film by David Brown and Roy Earnest profiles 10 surfers including Doc Ball, Eve Fletcher, and Fred Van Dyke.

Freeburg Takes World to the World
The LA Times writer Denise Gellene starts our her piece on World Industries by saying that CEO Bruce Freeberg can't skateboard. It gets worse from there. Is this a World sell-out? Ah, it looks a lot like it.

NSSA Champs at Trestles Next Month
More than 700 kids will be storming San Clemente next week as the National Schoolastic Surfing Association holds it's National Championships. And you thought it was crowded midweek.

Rabbti Kekai Wins Age Group at Ala Moana
But then when it comes to a contest at Ala Moana Bowls who really is going to score against the master. "I didn't expect to win," said Kekai, who has been surfing for seven decades in Hawaii. "The other guys had the bigger waves, but I think I did the better maneuvers."

Variflex Reports Net Increases
The company that World wants to be reports increased profits. Maybe selling out is the way to go after all.

Boy Nearly Dies Skateboarding
When Luke Laolagi's board hit him in the neck he nearly choked to death. Without the quick thinking of his mother, he'd be gone.

HB's Whalebone Replaced by "Surfhenge"
Huntington Beach city council voted to approve a collection of 18-foot stones shaped like surfboards to be placed where a Whalebone sculpture was originally planned.

Tony Hawk's Public Appearance
Nearly 700 kids lined up at Skate Street Ventura to see the "chairman of the board." Looks like the Gigantic Skatepark Tour is going to be a success.

Skatepark Opens in Laguna Hills
Laguna Hills Community Center and Sports Complex finally has their skatepark up and rolling. But they require pads.

Quiksilver Makes the Charge
The company scrambles to save it's falling stock price. At $13 the stock is down 51 percent from it's year high. Oops. But sales are up and it is summer.

Seattle Gets A Skatepark
Skatepark in Seattle Center has Northwest Skaters stoked. Or at least a few from Seattle.

That's Why They Call It Trestles
An Orange County man had his arm broken when an Amtrack train hit his surfboard while he walked on the tracks.

Paul Allen's Museum Will Rock
On June 23, Paul Allen's $240 million Experience Music Project will open to the public and the word is, believe the hype. It's that cool. Of course, that's from the Seattle Times and they probably wouldn't say a bad word about Mr. Allen.

Aloha Shirts Popular Everywhere
Big surfers who are too fat to tuck their shirts in have always loved Aloha shirts. Now, fat guys around the world are getting into them.

eProfits Back In Style
After several years of dotcoms blowing mad cash on promotions and advertising it's now time to get down to business and turn the old profit. Bummer.

PR Headline of the Week
This one from Onboard Entertainment: "Adrenaline Theater Signs; eCategory Leader in Surfing, Snowboarding and Skateboarding." Funny, Swell claims eCategory leadership yet they don't even have a single functioning site up. Way to claim.

Tony Hawk's Skatepark Tour
Are You Sure You Still Have A Job

Gotcha Glacier Asks For 3rd Extension
Op Pro Boat Challenge Coverage

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