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Latest Update: May 30, 2000

Tim Curren In The LA Times
Hey, another surfer getting profiled in a big newspaper. Cool.

PacSun Shares Fall 27 Percent
Looks like investors are losing faith in the surf/mall retailer. Pacific Sunwear feels the brunt of the volitile market.

Scooters: New Transportation Rage
Sure, they look funny. But they fold out and allow anyone to speed around on the streets, quietly and effeciently.

Pacifica's First Family of Surf
The Keating family legacy is featured in a display at the San Mateo County Historical Museum in Redwood City that examines seven decades of surfing on the coast.

California Coast: Bacteria Meets the Beach
Over the years sewage has become a bigger and bigger problem for surfers. Duh! And it's only getting worse. Insider Spills the Beans
Former employee Matt Welch writes of his days in the "Den of Iniquity." Stories of blowing money, waring factions and bold stupidity.

Ryan Immegart Profiled In LA Times
Volcom Entertainment's 24-year-old VP, ex-pro snowboarder, musician, husband and father helps raise money for Planned Parenthood with a punk rock show at the Coach House.

Gotcha Glacier Tests Snowmaking
Well, the folks from Mammoth Mountain were down in SoCal for a test of the Glacier's proposed snowmaking system.
Big question: how hard is it to make snow in a walk in freezer? Answer: Not very.

Wisconsin High School Bans Billabong Shirts
Rana Will Not Seek IOC Presidency
Quiksilver's Fiji Contest A Real Coup Bites Down

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