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Latest Update: May 20, 2000

Surfrider Opposes Whalebone Sculpture
A sculpture of concrete and audio sounds of the beach is described as "obscene" and "asinine" by resident Don Slaven.

Plans for Santa Cruz Skatepark Stalled
You'd think that a town with such a rich tradition in skateboarding would already have a skatepark. How wrong you'd be.

LA Times Coverage of Slater Tahiti Win
Who says the paper of record doesn't care about surfing? At least they care enough to rewrite ASP press releases. Running Out of Cash
If one of the largest online clothing retailers can't make ends meet, what about and Side note, Adidas-Salomon is thinking about buying Weird! Gets More Funding
In the race to see who can stock up the most money to blow appears to be winning. A week ago they landed $15 million more which should help them survive right up to their September launch.

Brian Patch Blows Record Attempt
After several attempts that resulted in vicious crash landings Brian Patch was unable to go on in his attempt to break the world distance skateboard jumping record. Brian, maybe you should try a ramp like Andy Mac's.

Surf Artifact Show in Yerba Buena
San Francisco gets a surf art show call it's own. Life-sized polyurethane hula girls and one of Doc Renneker's boards are just a few of the items on display. Stecyk even has some stuff in it. It runs until July 23.

Pilot Error Named in Snowboarders' Death

The NTSB has ruled that the plane crash that killed four firefighters on a snowboarding outing last year was caused by the San Clemente pilot's inability to maintain control in dangerous conditions.

Quik Buys Global Trademark
The American's finally bought the whole kit from the Aussie's. No more sending cash back to the Motherland.

OB Skatepark Considers Inliners
The skatepark at Robb Feild in San Diego's Ocean Beach has banned inline skater and they're not happy about it. Written Up in Red Herring
-Two Die In Snow Cave at US Open
-Boston Globe's Sunday story.
-Concord, NH Monitor's Monday Story.
-AP Story on
- Gotcha Glacier Lines Up Tennants
-Del Mar Fair Board Won't Book Warped Tour

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