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Latest Update: October 7, 2000

Swell/Surfline Clarification
We (okay, I) have been riding for not having a site up and apparently Tom Haan has had enough. "Last I checked is alive and kicking," Hann said. "In fact, it gets over 5x more traffic than any other surf-related site." We have no idea about the traffic, however, Surfline is indeed up and running, just as it was "up and running" before any one had even thought of Swell. Tom, it's a little like giving Peterson Publications credit for Surfer, but you're right Surfline is a Swell property.

TWSurf's Mainstream Media Overview
Hey look, a collection of links to mainstream media coverage of the surf market. Check out this list of newspaper coverage.

So Far No Swell Launch
October 5, 2000 was supposed to be the unofficial "late summer" launch of the website known as But it didn't happen. Yesterday Swell announced their whole management team filled with high-end Internet commerce players from E-Toys, Carsdirect, Quokka, and several other yet-to-be-profitable online sites. If you can't launch, introduce your staff. Oh, and they plan to launch sometime "in the next couple weeks." Please, no breath holding.

Wonderkinder On Front Page

Ten-year-old skater Ryan Sheckler is no secret to the skateboard world, but now he's no secret at all as he gets front page profile in the LA Times.

Ben Marcus On A Road to Nowhere
Sometime last month, World Famous surf scribe and damn good photo caption writer Ben Marcus left the warmth and hospitality of Northern California and hit the road to Alaska. He's been sending his friends daily e-mail updates recounting the wackos, wonders, and wilds of life on the old two-lane. We kind of sneaked onto his e-mail list and have been posting his journal in its entirety. If you have the time, you really should check this out.

So Far No Swell Launch
Today, October 5, 2000 was supposed to be the unofficial "late summer" launch of the website known as At last check it still said, "Coming Soon". Will their doors ever open for business?

Surfer Survives Mavericks Great White
Paul Evwer was about a quarter mile into his Maverick paddle out when a 6 to 8 foot great white hit his board. He got back to shore untouched, however, his board had a 13 inch bite mark in it.'s Steve Hawk is reported to have said, "This makes a long paddle even longer."

He Hates Skateboarders, He's Not Afraid
LA Times writer Dana Parsons hate's skateboarders. He hates the sound they make, the people who ride them, and he's glad Huntington Beach High School banned them from campus. He even jokingly suggests shooting skateboarders with pellet guns.

TransWorld Surf Launches New Site
Anyone interested in writing a short, pointed, cynical, blurb on the newly redesigned is hereby invited to send their ramblings to We'll be more than happy to replace this with whatever you send in. Remember, Sacklunch is an online co-op.

Andy Throws Up the Iron Curtain

With all the action going on at Trestles, Garcia gunning for the title, the ASP wondering what next year will look like, Andy Irons edges Jake Paterson to take the gold.
-Iron's win helps Sunny Garcia
-Dorian Edges Slater
-The return of Pauline Menczer
-Garcia set for first world title

Da Bull Is Back in the Rag Trade

Greg Noll is back in the fashion business with his line of cloth body coverings called, "DA Bull." If you were at the ASR you may have been lucky enough to get a signed poster from the man himself. I didn't.

The Wahine Classic at San Onofre

While the top 44 were battling it out at Lowers, San O was filled up to the brim as the Wahine Classic was in full effect. If you have pictures from this wonderful event, please e-mail them to us.

Huntington Beach High Bans Skateboards
Trestles Contest "Crowds Locals"
Brian Wilson's Latest New Beginning

Exclusive SURF NEWS Online Story Leak

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