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Latest Update: September 9, 2000 and Merger?
Okay, let just say I jumped the gun a little on this story. There has been no "official confirmation" of a "merger," only triangulated rumor (which really isn't enough for posting on this site). I'd like to personally thank everyone at the ASR show who reminded me that rumor is not the same as news. And I do mean everyone. Sometimes I'm just overcome with fever and I lose control. That won't happen again. Really. Trust me. On the other hand, posting rumors sure does increase traffic on the site.

Live ASR Coverage on
Alan Gibby, Bob Yehling, and the crew are covering the ASR live. So live that other journalists were not allowed to bring in "digital video cameras because the exclusive digital video rights are owned by" What did we tell security? "Video? This is no video camera. It's a still digital camera." Yeah, right.

On The Way to the Forum
Today's super snow show at LA's Great Western Forum is Onboard Entertainment's first test to see if American kids will accept the Stadium Rock Snowboard shows that are crazy popular in Europe. Hopefully the Eminem-crazed crowd will be able to sit through the quarterpipe contest without rioting out of boredom. For the live webcast of the action check out

Gotcha Glacier Signs Sport Chalet
The Anaheim industry sport complex/indoor snowboarding mountain signs up a mega-retailer Sport Chalet for their space in what is being described as 15 to 35 year lease. No wonder there's no rush to sign on the dotted line. Glacier Chief Executive Brad Kinney said agreements with other tenants will be announced in a few days (or years, if Glacier of Anaheim LLC's past record is anything to go on).

ESPN's X Games Bigger than Superbowl
According to recent survey info obtained by ESPN, in the 6 to seventeen age group the only thing bigger than the X Games are the Olympics (and probably Jesus). Yes, they are bigger than the Superbowl, the World Series, and the World Cup. But then, that's not news to any of us.

Berra's Wife Called Out on Anti-Violence
After having appeared in some of the most violent movies of the 1990s, Juliette Lewis, wife of skate pro Steve Berra, is now speaking out against it. Some are skeptical.

LA Times' Cody Simpkins Profile
While other kids were rip-slashing their way through high school 21-year-old Simpkins was watching old surf movies and planning on become a professional longboard surfer. Now he has done just that.

Scooters Claim 9500

Luckily, the Darwinian nature of these new fangled toys will bring on their own demise. So far nearly 9500 have visited emergency rooms as a result of scooting.

Savier Signs Nike Deal
Paul Fidrych, Rob Levigne, Jeff Jewett, and the rest of the boys have had a busy week. They signed Brian Anderson and Brad Staba to their new skate team and inked a deal with the devil, I mean Nike.

Women's Surf Sites Features on TechTV
On the show Internet Tonight the women's surf sites got a big plug for helping to spread the surf word among the women folk. and to Merge
It looks like those two "revolutionary" surf sites who couldn't change the world alone are joining forces. Which reminds us of the old Internet adage, "Sure, we're losing money on each transaction, but we'll make up for that in volume." If you know anything about this, please e-mail us.

Scooter Mania Won't Die
The biggest foe to the skate industry since inline skating is showing no signs of stopping. The razor rage keeps on keeping on. God, when will it end.

Burton Getting Sue Happy
They may not have invented it, but Burton got a patent on the "hidden pass window." Now lawyers are going after anyone who tries to use their idea. How much? A dollar a jacket. Guess times are getting tough for the snowboard giant.

Emulex Hoax PR Started By Snowboarder
A 23-year-old El Segundo man who allegedly made $241,000 in profit with false news release on high-tech firm get caught in the first week and all the reports say his favorite hobby was. . . yep, snowboarding.

Gotcha Glacier Gets Forth Extension
Still saying that they're going to build the massive indoor sports park in Anaheim, the people behind the world largest fridge paid another fine and now say the park will be ready to open in 2003. Ah, okay.

Campbell and Iron Fist Fight In France
The lovable never-causing-controversy Aussie Mick Campbell took a swing at Andy Irons after narrowly defeating him in Lacanau. Apparently, he didn't like being called a kook. Surfing magazine's PT says "It just shows how much they care."

Tapping the Source?

Andrew Luster heir to a piece of the Max Factor fortune knows what people are saying. From a jail cell, the Mussel Shoals millionaire says accusations of rape and kidnapping are 'ridiculous.' Was he just acting out a part from Kem Nunn's early surf noir book or what?

Men's Health 18
Is it a magazine for budding homosexuals, or is it a magazine for the aging bum lover with a predilection for young boys. Either way it's a bomb. But here's what the LA Times thinks.

World Bodysurfing Champs
The surf industry must hate these guys, they buy no boards, no mats, nothing. They just slide through the water on their skin.

Surf Camp In Newport
Geez, learning to surf sure is fun. Everyone should try this because all we need is more beginners in the water. Come on people now, enter the water, learn to love one another right now.

Random Quote:
"Eminem has fueled the sales of his controversial album "The Marshall Mathers LP" with a string of headline-making incidents and tireless concert appearances. . . but the oddest gig of all--headlining an indoor snowboard contest Saturday at the Great Western Forum." -- LA Times.

Back To School Clothes Sales Weak
Damn, how is a surf clothing company supposed to survive when sales are down at Pac Sun. Is that a bad sign, or just more proof that people are moving online with their shopping?

All Girl Skate Action
Will Syndication Help Failing Websites? Launches Redesign
Familie and Hearst Launch Media Play

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