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The Big Sack of Sacks, a.k.a. The Sacklunch Year 1 Archives.

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Latest Update: July 27, 2000

The Sacklunch Archives
After countless e-mails requesting a complete list of columns, we've finally complied. Now you can look back into the first year of Sacklunch. Cry as you remember old times, then laugh as you plow through the wreckage of a year in action sports.

Those Darn US Open Announcers

The announcers at the US Open of Surfing are funny guys. At least that's what OC Register writer Carlos Arias thinks. Then again, maybe he hasn't spent an entire day at the event.

Laguna Bans Scooter, Grinding at Skatepark
Leave it to the city council in Laguna Hills to be the first city to ban grinding at a skatepark. The scooter thing makes sense, but no grinding?

Ian Cairns Resigns from ASP
The bulldog of professional surfing has left his post as director of the ASP North American office to dedicate more time to his "business affairs." Minding his own business could be Cairns toughest job yet.

The Beach Games Big Kicker
In Huntington Beach this week you can't help but notice the 35-foot-tall skateboarding big air take-off. Seems skaters were getting tired of snowboarders getting all the big air glory. Just ask Brian Patch.

Wipe-Out Songwriter Post Heart Attack
Merrell Fankhauser, creator of the world famous surf riff Wipeout clinically died from a heart attack in 1987. Since then he has learned to enjoy life.

Law Created for Reckless Skating
In Peotone, Illinois they just aren't going to take it anymore. The town council voted in favor or a new law that will make reckless skateboarding a crime. Talk about a big loophole for local police.

MTV Tests Video Games Waters
The cable network's new game for Sega features Andy Macdonald among others.

Tom Scott Loses Leg at Knee
Forty-five year old SF skate "enigma" Thomas Scott skitched a ride behind a semi at 6:20 AM only to be caught under the trucks back wheels and dragged 200 feet. Ouch.

Two Skaters Killed In Glendale
Blaine Talmo
, 14, of Glendale, and 13-year-old Chris McCulloch of La Crescenta were found beaten to death in a La Crescenta school yard.
-15 year old arrested in killings

Garcia Sorry For Pathetic Comments
In a hand-written note Sunny Garcia apologized to Mick Campbell for calling him pathetic for "sitting on the shoulder" at Pipe.

Skater Sues For Wrongful Arrest
We told you about this before, but "aspiring filmmaker" Tony Johnson of Sequim, Washington is suing his local police department for $5 million after they put him in jail for three days for filming a police officer.

Newport Beach Considers Contest Ban
City Council members are proposing a near ban on surf contests on city beaches due to traffic, trash, and other problems.

Conductor Beaten With Skateboards
After a conductor asked several youth to stop riding through Boston's Kingston station they had words. When conductor got out of his car and walked back toward the youths (silly conductor) they allegedly beat him with their skateboards

AP Compares Sherlock to Lewis
Don't tell Carl Lewis, but Associated Press writer David Rising just compared him to wild-eyed street luger dude Biker Sherlock. Maybe it was the scientific way in which Sherlock trains for buttboarding. Who knows?

Bluetorch Pro Special Coverage

The Bluetorch Pro went off amazingly well. Big ups to for great live streaming coverage (although it would be cool to get the links right on the Quicktime side of things.) In fact, you can still check out the finals. Even on a dial-up connection the live video stream was good enough to enjoy the contest.

Southern California newspapers also deserve a hand for their coverage of the event. When it comes time for the Huntington Beach surf contests they cover surfing like it's a real sport. Here's just the short list of coverage:

LA Times:
-Tiny Wave, Big Finish
-Australian Prevails In Bitter Duel
-Shea Moves Too Late, Cory Advances
-Beachley Battles Her Way to the Top
-Abubo Loses, Beachley Advances
-Brothers Brace for Surf Battle

OC Register:
-Campbell Makes Waves in Victory
-Lopez Brothers Stay Tight
-Lopez Uses Home Field Advantage
-Garcia has Sunny Outlook (ouch!)
-Abubo Surprised by Sudden Success
-Irons Stays In Hunt for a Double
-New Judging is Controversial
-T Is The Big Man On the Beach
-Garcia Tries To Help His Sport Out of the Water
-Hawaiian's Continue to Impress
-Capp's Death Causes Wave of Gloom
-California Tries To Win One

Corky Carroll's Column
The original surf dude waxes poetical regarding Rob Machado and the dirty, stinky, HB Water. It doesn't get any better than this.
-Perfect Day for Campbell

Knox Troubled by Capps Death
Taylor Knox lost a good friend the day before the Bluetorch began and it's been haunting him ever since.

Ms. Anderson Rules
She's always been on top of her game, but now Lisa Anderson is learning to love life, or something like that.

Razzle Dazzle Randazzo
Dean is on the move. Long lurking on the edges of the top 16, he's making a move this year to claim his rightful spot. But then I'm just guessing that's what this story is about.

Writer Notices Surfing Is A Bridge
You never know what writers are going to take away from a surf contest. Diane Pucin recognizes the generation gap that surfing fills. Yes, the young and old love surfing.

Banning Caps Falls To His Death
Scott Serfas Loses Camera, Holds Auction
Gruner + Jahr Looks at TMM

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