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Latest Update: July 7, 2000

Man Made Killer Algae Invades Carlsbad
A plant (Caulerpa taxifolia) that has done major damage in the Mediterranean has been spotted in a lagoon in Carlsbad, CA. Scientists are trying to kill it. The plant was developed by biologists at the Stuttgart Zoo aquarium in Germany to grow in tanks with artificial floors. According to reports it is basically the Alien of algaes able to regenerate from the smallest of pieces and survive 10 days on dry land.

Sacklunch Reading List
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Bluetorch TV Hits the Cable Waves
The clips are great, the video/film smooth, and the interviews are lock on. GT, Mike Carter, and that saucy, large-breasted, hard-throb Leann Tweeden girl do a great job with the on-camera work, but, I don't know anyone who'll be able to sit through an entire hour of Bluetorch each day. It's just too much of some good things. Check it out on FOX Sports Net.

Hardcloud Front Screen Job
It didn't take Hardcloud long to figure out that absolutely no one will sit through a FLASH opener or hunt for content hidden by designers who think obscure means clever. Now you can see what's actually on the site, and you know what? It's good.

The Girls Don't Get Fair Pay
The Orange County Register jumps on the "it just isn't fair" bandwagon with a story on how the girls just don't get paid in "extreme sports." Incidentally, their main source is "extreme agent" Steve Astephen of The Familie.

Musicians Hook Up with Video Games
The Suicide Machines play one of the featured songs on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, but they aren't the only band getting play on Playstation.

Artificial Reefs: Trash or Treasure
A Canadian ship will be sunk off the coast of San Diego, CA. Is it a positive thing? Or just another case of corporate littering.

Get Naked In the Desert
Most people know that the Nude Bowl has been dug out again, however, here is the word from the guys who did it. Yeah, it was

Gulf Coast Sharks Keeping Water Clear
From Alabama to Southern Florida people are staying clear of the water after a shark attack and reports of sharks doing damage to boats.

Street Lugers Charge Street of SF
The boys who who lay down on their skateboards were at in again in the Gravity Games trials in San Francisco.

Stance Magazine Hit Boys Hard
The latest edition to the TransWorld Magazine family is devoted to boys who like to shop for gadgets, at least that's what the San Diego Union Tribune thinks. And there is even a sidebar.

First Novel Has Skateboarder Narrator
This energetic and ambitious first novel is narrated by Radboy, a 14-year-old deaf skateboard punk. War Boy by Kief Hillsbery follows Radboy on a wild skate journey.

Surfer Dies on Newport Beach

Darren Michael Bolton, 17, of Highland, Calif., was surfing at the Wedge when he got out of the water, walked onto the sand and died. Earlier a 14 year old died after a 2 mile run.

Warped Tour Rocks City By the Bay
The boys from Green Day played to an almost hometown crowd as the Warped Tour hit SF's Piers 30-32.

Tiki Look Makes Comeback
Uh oh, the mainstream media are still jumping all over the fashion worlds return to surf. Here is a list of the latest in South Pacific kitch.

City Official Tried For Child Molesting
Glenn Valenzuela was working with 15-year-old boy on plans for a skatepark when the Pittsburg, CA man began molesting the child.

Jennicam Moves to Sacramento
This has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but the Jennicam site rocks and she just moved into a new place. Check her out.

Tribune To Sell Times Mirror Magazines
Skateboarding As Art in Chicago
Woman Writer Flips For Surfer
Nor Cal Skateparks Rated in Chronicle

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