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Latest Update: June 16, 2000

eProfits Back In Style
After several years of dotcoms blowing mad cash on promotions and advertising it's now time to get down to business and turn the old profit. Bummer.

PR Headline of the Week
This one from Onboard Entertainment: "Adrenaline Theater Signs; eCategory Leader in Surfing, Snowboarding and Skateboarding." Funny, Swell claims eCategory leadership yet they don't even have a single functioning site up. Way to claim.

Tony Hawk's Skatepark Tour and Tony Hawk have teamed up for a kicking cross-country jaunt. Check the schedule for an event near you. Yeah, they're bringing some BMXers, but that cool.

Are You Sure You Still Have A Job
Before you celebrate that new promotion be sure to check out the Dotcom Graveyard. It keeps a tally of the latest online casualties. It's where dotcoms go to die.

Gotcha Glacier Asks For 3rd Extension
It appears that the people behind the Gotcha Glacier are having a little trouble rounding up financing. Maybe that's why they've begged the city of Anaheim to extend their finance deadline for a third time.

Op Pro Boat Challenge Coverage
Check out same day coverage of the Op Pro Challenge on No, it's not coverage, but it's got all the details.

Little Ricky Thorne is Living The Dream
He just bought a house in Orange with his girlfriend, and he's the tatooed host of EXPN2Day. What more could a old, faded, BMXer ask for?

Gargoyle Sunglasses On the Turnaround
The makers of those ugly glasses Arnold tried to make popular in Terminator movies seem to be on the up and up. Is it an eyewear wide boom?

BIG Buys
Bluetorch dove in to the girlie action web world with a splash by purchasing an all-girl online commerce site from Tracey Hagemann.

Alabama Shark Attack
Police consider reopening a beach after the state's first shark attact in more than 25 years.

Lad Magazine Revival
With the reorganization of Details, the launch of Gear and the wild success of Maxim the world needs more "men's magazines", TransWorld Stance included.

Seal Beach Closed Again
Pollution is becoming the biggest bane to Southern California beaches. This time the city of Seal Beach wants the State to do something.

Want To Surf Yuppie Reef?
The Surf travel industry has brought thousands of surfers to remote locations for great waves, here's a listing of the top operators along with a funny outsider view of surfing Fiji. Redesigns did it, so did And just launched. The first is good, the second just more Flash crap to confuse the hell out of you. And the third is another solid effort by Kickmedia (like Surfer).

Tim Curren In The LA Times
PacSun Shares Fall 27 Percent
Scooters: New Transportation Rage Insider Spills the Beans

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