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The Big Sack of Sacks, a.k.a. The Sacklunch Year 1 Archives.

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Latest Update: August 11, 2000

Tech Decks Taking Over the World
One of the few toy makers who understand the importants of remaining true to a sport, Peter Asher, has tuned his son's mini skateboards into a fotune. No LA Times "extreme" story would be complete without a quote from "agent to the X stars" Steve Astephen.

X Games Mix High Tech and Action
The X Games are set to start next week in SF and ESPN is all excited about it's technology. Too bad never really made it off the ground.

Gotcha Glacier Stalls Again
For what seems like the fourth time, developers of the first indoor snowboard park in North America beg the city of Anaheim to extend their finance deadlines. CEO Brad Kinney still claims it will happen.

Two-Year-Old Skater Rules The Ramp

He started skateboarding when he was 18 months old, now Chase Feazell is rolling with the big boys.

Doc Renneker Loves Da Icy Surf
The San Jose Mercury new pipes in on the story of surfing in Antarctica in a profile on Renneker, who will probably go down in history as the only guy to ever be profiled in a good surf story in The New Yorker magazine.

Stance and MH-18 Aim For Boys
Maxim magazine has changed the face of publishing for men, now several new magazines (if you consider a renamed magazine new) are trying to do the same for teen magazines. Oh, and you'd hate for the Wall Street Journal to do a story on this segment without mentioning the horribly over-rated, too-frequently talked about Spike-Lou-Andy failure, Dirt.

Olympic Officials Plead Innocent
Two former Salt Lake City Olympic officials, Tom Welsh and Dave Johnson are scheduled to be arraigned Monday. Sources claim the two will plead innocent.

Surfers Raise Money for Spinal Injuries
James Pribram and Seth Elmer and going on a week-long surf-a-thon where they hope to raise $500,000 for surfers with spinal injuries.

Coppola Stages Gidget Musical
The man who brought us the Godfather reworks a beach classic with music and tests it out at a high school for performing arts. If this goes well for Francis Ford Coppola, we may see it on the silver screen..

Golf: Becoming the sport of Cool Jerks
The LA Times just figured out that "bleach-blonde surfers", skaters and other cool kids are really getting into golf. Just ask former Details editor Michael Caruso. After plowing Details into the ground, he'll be doing the same with Maximum Golf, probably the dumbest magazine in the world.

Henderson Still Skimming
He's over 40, yet he placed sixth at the World Skimboarding Championships at Aliso Park. What a guy.

Big Sur Downing Suit
Three people drowned off the coast of Big Sur three years ago and the family is still pursuing a wrongful death complaint against the State for now warning visitors of the dangers of the ocean. The fact that they were from Kansas may explain part of the problem.

California's Record Beach Closures

This summer California broke it's own record for total number of beach closures due to pollution. Way to go, Mr. Davis.
-ABC New Coverage of Dirty Water

Mary Osborne: This Year's Model?
The Ventura girl just graduated from high school and her dance card is already filled with surf contests and modeling assignments. What more could a girl ask for?

Adrenaline Brings Back the Surf Movie

Talk to any old surfer and they're reminisce about how great it used to be to go to a theater to see a surf movie. Well, everything old is new again with OnBoard Entertainment's new action sports theater tour.

Quiksilver Launch Soccer Mom Line
They got the boys in trunks, the girls in Roxy, now Quik is moving on up to the mom crowd with Alex Goes. Or is it just that the company's designers are getting too old to wear the stuff they've been designing lately?

Economists Put Value on State Beaches
Economist David Layton, from UC Davis, and his friends are trying to put a dollar figure on the fun that people have at some of California's most popular beaches.

Chris Klug Gets New Liver

Olympic snowboarder Chris Klug got a new liver last week in a lifesaving surgery in Denver. Though he never told anyone one, he's been on the transplant list for three years. Get well soon, Chris. We know you will. He plans to include everyone in his recovery by posting a journal at Or send him a personal e-mail message by clicking here.

Economists Put Value on State Beaches
Economist David Layton, from UC Davis, and his friends are trying to put a dollar figure on the fun that people have at some of California's most popular beaches.

Panasonic Beach Circus Wraps It Up
A carnival so diverse that its sum was much less that it's parts, the Beach Games were the mall brought to the beach. Rodrigo Texiera took the street skating, Garcia in surf.
-Glifburg Wins Best Vert Trick
-Mike Todd Out To Make Waves
-Ballard Stays on Straight and Narrow

Garcia Fights Back, Wins US Open of Surfing
Sunny wins it against Dan Malloy, Rob Machado, and Kalani Robb in an all USA final held in 3-5 foot surf. What happened Mick?
-Corky Carroll's thoughts on the final.

Joel Wins Another Longboard Contest
Sometimes watching Joel Tudor surf makes you feel sorry for the other surfers. He never makes mistakes. But this time no one was worried for Colin McPhillips as the two did battle in the US Open Longboard finals.

Paddleboard World Championship
The winner of Sunday's Quiksilver Molokai to Oahu race will receive $1,000 and be called the world champion. Not exactly what you would call high stakes.

Sewage Blamed on Pipe Rupture
Everyday in OC it's another excuse for why the ocean is polluted. Maybe, if they made the punishment a little more harsh, people would be a little more careful. How about a three strikes for polluters.

Gotcha Glacier Still Stumbling Along
The backers of the first indoor snowboard park in the United States say they're still going to pull the $130 million sports park off. Others aren't so optimistic.

Skateboard Site Makes Money
Andris McKinley launched a skateboard site on the web called and now the Wall Street Journal is writing a story about him. Look how easy it is.

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