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Latest Update: September 15, 2000

Oakley Shares Drop 4%
Thanks to some 30,848 shares being sold by three company execs, the stock price dips even though sales are up.

Times Mirror Magazine Bidders Unveiled

So who is in the running to own TransWorld Media and its parent company Times Mirror Magazines? Here's what the "experts" were saying two weeks ago: Ziff Davis Media, Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing, Emap USA, Primedia, Hachette Filipacchi, North American Outdoor Group and American Media.

Emap Lagging with Peterson Pubs

When the British publishing giant and Times Mirror bidder Emap purchased Peterson Publishing (parent of Surfer, Snowboarder, Powder, and Bike) for $1.5 billion, many thought they were insane in the membrane. Now, 20 months later, Emap has yet to prove that the deal was worth it. Buying Times Mirror Magazines could be the shine Emap CEO Tom Maloney is looking for.

Ziff Getting Reorganized by Dunning
If this isn't getting crazy enough, Jim Dunning, the guy who made a cool billion selling Peterson Pubs to Emap is now shaking things up at Ziff Davis Media. For those who don't remember, Dunning was responsible for Peterson buying Surfer Pubs in the first place. Now, he's rumored to be bidding on Times Mirror Magazines. Can this knitting circle get any smaller?

Bertelsmann's Billions is reporting that German media conglomerate Bertelsmann (parent company of Gruner & Jahr USA) is ready to spend some $13.2 billion on its way to becoming the world leader in media-related e-commerce. ''We are sitting on a lot of cash,'' brags Thomas Middelhoff, Bertelsmann's chairman. The company recently bought online music retailer CDNow and is said to be bidding on book publisher Harcourt General and the Times Mirror Magazine group.

Teens Surf Web Less Than Adults
Oh no, a new study released by Media Metrix says that, contrary to what some have been saying, teens spend far less time on the Internet than their adult counterparts.

Adrenaline Theater Bring 'Em In
A friend decided to see Taylor Steele's Hit and Run at an Adrenaline Theater showing in Manhattan several weeks ago. "I was too embarrassed to even hoot," he said. "There were only two other people in the theater." Hopefully, the new Hatchett film TB-9 will bring them in. Then again, how many 13 year olds can make it to a 10:30 PM movie screening.
-Check it out yerself at one of these theaters.

Seattle Surfers? Say It Isn't So
People in techville surf but it's not your average surf according to writer Paul Hughes. No, up North they ride with "postmodern cowabunga." Whatever that means.

Ah, Could You Please Repeat That?
"Instead, he's the Urban-Outfitters-wardrobe-wearing suburban-snowboarder-next-door, a regular guy whose most distinctive personality trait is probably his averageness." --Sacramento Bee writer J. Freedom du Lac describing MTV's Carson Daily.

Adult Film Industry Loves Playstation 2

The San Fernando Valley porn mills haven't had the easiest time selling their DVD titles lately because few have the players. With Sony's Playstation 2 all that could change. "Kyle, could mommy and daddy borrow your Playstation tonight?"

Sporting Wood
Southern California Woodie Club is having a gathering a Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA this Saturday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Organizers expect more than 240 woodies to be on display.

Downhill Skateboarding in Seattle
It was the Californians who ran away with the wins in a downhill skateboarding contest held in the rainy city.

Bluetorch's Publishing Unit Flames Out

Maybe the crew at Broadband Interactive Group just did a good job at pretending that they were in no real hurry to generate revenue, but Monday when they layed off 64 people, they looked like they were in a much bigger hurry than anyone thought.
-Orange Country Register Coverage coverage
-LA Times Coverage

Hurricane Lane Slams Coast
Too busy chasing around the Bluetorch? South facing beaches got hit with 10-12 footers on Monday and Tuesday and I missed it.
-Lane storms up some surf
-18th Street Goes off
-Storm Spawns Surfers Paradise

Olympic Flame Snatched From Carroll
Tom Carroll, former world surfing champion, was carrying the Olympic Torch in Kiama (just south of Sydney, Australia) when a spectator jumped from the crowd, grabbed the torch and attempted to throw it into the Kiama harbor. You know Tommy wouldn't allow that. He wrestled the guy to the ground and turn him over to police.

Laird's Insane Teahupoo Video
People around the world pressed their noses up to computer monitors after someone mass mailed a jpeg of Laird Hamilton on the sickest Teahupoo wave ever. Most thought it was a hoax. Well, it's not. Check out the video right here.

Bluetorch Listed on

Someone was kind enough to pass on a "rumor" to the deadpool site. On a side note, if you'd like to purchase you can click over to E-Bay where the bidding has reached a cool $9 million.

Swell Launches Serena Brooke Profile
They apologize on the front screen for not launching and are stretching the true definition of "late summer," but the Swell machinists have created a pretty cool little interactive piece on Serena's last season. Too bad it's already six months old.
-Of course Hardcloud has one, too.

Hindsite is 20-50 on the Web
Don't know how we missed this SF Chronicle story from August 26, 2000, but now with recent developments (especially on the and fronts) this story is chock full o' ironic humor bits. If you read it before, your really should read it again.

Live ASR Coverage on
On The Way to the Forum
ESPN's X Games Bigger than Superbowl
Berra's Wife Called Out on Anti-Violence

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