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September 10, 1999

Okay, a short excuse note from our doctor: Due to our server host being on vacation, our site was down for nearly a week. A big Sorry goes out to all three of our readers. Sorry.

The Muska Stiffs His Fans
Several hundred skateboarding fans hung out in the chatroom on Thursday waiting for Circa Shoes Chad Muska to show up to chat. Apparently, Chad was too scared to meet the fans face-to-face.
Earlier in the day, Mike Vallely showed up on time for his chat. But then he's a true professional.

Brooke Defeats Redman in France

Keeping a slim chance of a world title alive Serena Brooke edges by Melanie Redman to take the Billabong Pro in Anglet, France. Wednesday's contest has been canceled and will resume Thursday. Check it out live on

Special Burning Man Update
It has nothing to do with surf, snow, or skate, however, since Burning Man is the coolest gathering ever, we decided to include this.

-Live Burning Man Webcast
-Arrests down, Drugs Up!
-Video from KRON TV
-Burning Man Ends with Major Traffic Jam
-Drug Problems at Burning Man
-Has Burning Man Gone up in Smoke?
-Glad Days at Black Rock

DynoComm Relaunches
The Domain that wouldn't die is at it again. This time with "live coverage" of the Action Sports Retailer Show. We can hardly wait to see "live" shots of a convention hall floor filled with conventioneers. Then again, it couldn't be worse than their "live" X Games coverage two years ago.

This Summer Sucked
This and more philosophical musings from Surfer magazine editorial guy Scott Bass in September's Lip Service column.

How To Be A Better Surf Shop Employee
TransWorld Surf's Chris Cote explains the ins and out of becoming a cooler, doper, less-responisve surf shop employee.

Thicker Than Water Premiere

Chris Malloy and Jack Johnson show their movie at the Key Club and Hollywood comes out in droves.

More Skate Crimes
A teenager accidentally ran over his brother while the two were fleeing from a Costa Mesa music store where they had allegedly stolen several CDs. The injured brother was struck as he tried to escape on a skateboard.

K2 Buys Ride: Interviews with Both Sides
K2's Brent Turner and Ride's Robert Markovitch discuss the ins and outs of the deal with Snowboarding Business's Sean O'Brien.

Zumiez Goes Online
The large action sports retailers takes it's show to the web with the help of industries professionals.'s Cintra Wilson Visits Lacanau Pro
That witty girl kicks down the deal with the top pros. It's pretty funny. Andy Irons: "Andy has a knack for showing up on videos half drunk and talking in an especially depraved-sounding Hawaiian patois -- a nearly unintelligible melange of surfer dude-isms and mangled English -- and coming off like a real parking lot alky with a big foam head." You get the picture.

Inlines Skates Are Killers
"News that a Newport Beach woman had died from injuries suffered several days earlier in an in-line skating accident put a shocking stamp on the summer. In-line skating has become, like surfing and skateboarding before it, connected with fun in the sun. Police said that Karen Udell was not wearing any protective gear when she sped into the intersection of Jamboree Road and Bayside Drive." Newport Daily Pilot.


The Muck Stops Here
Here's an idea: why not divert runoff into the sewage treatment plants rather than straight into the ocean. That's what they're thinking in Huntington Beach, CA.

HB Surfers Look For New Waves
In the wake of a 4.5 mile beach closure HB surfers must travel to your spot. Oh joy!

Everyone Back In the Water
Hungtington Beach lifted it's polluted beach closure, but Labor Day visitors were skeptical.

Human Viruses In Water: Yummy!
Scientists' new tests discover that So Cal beach waters can serve as incubators for human viruses. Petri dish surfing has arrived.

Wayne Baglin Hates Water Pollution
Yes, he's an ex-politician, but this Laguna Beach loc has started fighting for clean water in Southern California. And boy, do we need him.

Sewerless Malibu Fouling Beach? No Duh!
Urban runoff and leaking sewage have turned Malibu's surfrider beach into one of the unhealthiest strips of sand in the US. But what are the rich and famous going to do about it?

Beach Closures Hell for Retailers
Thanks to dirty water, businesses are suffering in Huntington Beach. Maybe business owners will vote for those wacky pro-enviroment candidates next time around.

Oil Spill in Humbolt Bay
Nearly 2,000 gallons of oil was spilled in Humbolt Bay Monday but clear weather should allow clean-up. The oil came from a dredging ship owned by Bean Dredging Co. of Belle Chasse, La.

The Sweet Police Live Inside of My Head
Ventura Officers relaunch the"Sweet Police" to cite kids with Free Ice Cream if they follow the rules while walking, skateboarding, or riding bikes bringing a whole new meaning to the words, "Want some candy little girl."

Mindless Quote: Andre Do We Know Thee?
"He is 29. Ancient, dude. The generation of nose rings and skateboards and baggy pants hanging off the hips doesn't adore Andre, doesn't even know him." The LA Times on Andre Aggasi.

Passing The Buck
The Santa Ana City Council recently deferred an issue on building skateparks to the Board of Recreation for "further study." Apparently, it's not obvious that when you ban skateboarding from city parks you should build places for people to skateboard.

Americans Evicted from Baja Homes
Sure, owning a beach front home in Baja is cheap, however, when a Mexican developer wants to put in a resort, well, pack your bags.

A Kook Learns To Surf
Is it possible to grow up in So Cal, work at the OC Register and not know how to surf? Steve Plesa says so. That's why he took surf lessons in Waikiki.

-No More Miss Nice Girl
-Identity Snowboards Goes Direct
-Women's Longboarding Worlds

-Baywatch Update

-Great White Shark Spotted At Stinson
--Beach closed after siting.

--The shark caught on video.

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