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Latest Update: September 28, 2000

Huntington Beach High Bans Skateboards
The special lockers used by kids to store their skateboards at school were removed and now no one can use skateboards as a mode of transportation to school. Officials say this new rule is designed "to reduce the possibility of accidents, vandalism, classroom disruptions and truancies." Yeah, blame skateboarding.

Trestles Contest "Crowds Locals"
The ASP tour rolls into San Clemente with the Billabong Pro and guess what, there are some unhappy locals. Now there's a real newsbreak.

Brian Wilson's Latest New Beginning
He looks a bit lost on stage and could be described as "looking like a zombie" but Beach Boy genius Brian Wilson is still on the road showing glimmers of the musical brilliance that helped him influence the world of pop music

Surfers Give A Little Back In Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz surfers Danny Cortazzo and Kirby Kotler teamed up with The Ronald McDonald Camp 8 years ago to teach kids with cancer how to surf and they're still going strong.

Psycho Beach Party Rocks
The off-Broadway play is now a movie which "discovers a post-Freudian nightmare world of repressed violence and kinky sex bursting to get out." Yeah, just another day at the beach.

MTVi Lays Off 105
As more proof that there really is no "mainstream" online youth market, MTV's online venture (which includes the site formerly known as SonicNet) lays off 20 percent of it's workers and cancels plans for an IPO. What a great time to launch a new site, huh?

Exclusive SURF NEWS Online Story Leak
One of our "friends" at Surf News has pre-released a copy of their comprehensive overview of recent crashes. It reads a little too much like a locker room interview with the coach of the losing team, but check it out before Bill Sharp makes us take it down.

Can Online Media Ever Succeed? (and Spy Magazine) co-founder Kurt Anderson goes over the "Five Things We've Learned in the Last Year." But the advice comes on the heels of's announcement that they are launching a print magazine sometime in October.

Out of Context
"In the culture of hype, experience and understanding are often brushed off as bitterness and jealousy."

iFuse Lays off 20 Percent of Workers
It isn't exactly a death, but we'll take it. The oddly positioned online site fired 10 editors and producers from iFuse's site, including four of five senior editors as it prepares to announce it's purchase of niche cable network College Broadcast. Looks like TV is the model for successful websites.

Billabong Pro at Trestles
The top 44 at Lowers? Yep. Believe it. Sunny Garcia says, "It will be the best surfing Southern California has ever seen." Some locals do not agree. To watch the contest live click here for Billabong's Live Webcast.
--Surf Conditions Poor on First day
--Slater The Spoiler

Trestles Event Stokes the World
Rabbit wishes Trestles would have been on the world tour when he was surfing it. The rest of the crew is glad to be surfing real waves in California.

Is Trestles Fading South?
Oceanographers and lifeguards say that over the past 20 years the peak has move 100 feet to the south. That means the left is slowly dying off.

Two Fatal Shark Attacks In Australia
One day after the honeymooner was eaten by a Great White, a 17-year-old kid gets attacked and killed. All this is making surfers down under wonder.

Skateboarder beheads Mom
Merced, Calif. resident David Lange, 18, had problems with his mother for months. But he solved them all by allegedly stabbing and beheading her in the home they shared. Friends who stopped by to pick up Lange for skateboarding trips said the two were always fighting over religion.

Teens Getting Fatter
Video game makers and website management the world over rejoice. Soon the kids of the world will be too fat to actually go outside and play.

Surfboards as Furniture?
All the great surf designers have tried it, Schroff has probably taken it the farthest. Now you can buy surfboard furniture a new store with an old name, it's called Surf's Up.

Artificial Reef Started In El Segundo
Yep. That's what they say. What man has ruined, he can fix. Or at least that what these guys think.

ASP Calendar Confounds the Faithful
The ASP just release it's pie-in-the-sky event calendar and very few are stoked. In fact, many are saying it just won't work. Some claim this is just more evidence that the surfers are not capable of controlling their own organization.

OC Weekly Jumps on Broadcom
Swell Signs Deal With iTurf
The Human Drama of Olympic Corruption

Hardcloud Black Tuesday

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