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Latest Update: January 31, 2001

A Real Jackass
A 13-year-old Connecticut boy is in the hospital after setting himself on fire to recreate a stunt he had seen on MTV's Jackass. MTV's excuse: "Tina Exarhos said the show includes written and verbal disclaimers warning that the stunts are performed by experts and that viewers should not try to recreate them." Yeah, that will work.

Skate War In Yuba City
Police in Yuba City, CA have been harrassing skateboarders at the park so much that a battle has broken out. When ever vadalism occurs at San Brannan Park the police shut down the attached skatepark on the assumption that skateboarders caused the problems.

Protesters On Snowboard Attack?
Heavily-armed police were manning check points at ski lifts and cablecar stations yesterday as anti-capitalist demonstrators who were banned from protesting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland were rumored to be entering the exclusive resort on snowboards, skis, and hanggliders.

Big Brother's Crap Premieres
Tony Hawk and "Johnny Knoxville" were just two of the skate luminaries who swarmed LA's Mayan Theater January 25th, to view the latest bit of sketch comedy and skateboarding from the bastard children of Larry Flynt. The Dimwits and The Smut Peddlers played and many people drank far too much. "That's the great thing about Red Bull and vodka," one person said. "You can get falling down drunk without falling down."

Anderson Profiled In Globe and Mail
Allan Maki of the Globe and Mail used Jasey Jay Anderson's Who Am I on as a lead to a pretty cool profile of French Canadian racer Jasey Jay Anderson.

Please, No Courtney
The Mirror reports that Courtney Love, in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival took a break from the Hollywood scene to have a snowboard lesson. Let's all pray that she hated it.

Blind Snowboarder Dreams of Olympics
There is really no chance that 35-year-old David Hunter will make but he likes to dream big. Blind since 12 he says he doesn't think 360s or 540 will be particularly difficult for him to learn. But then again, he's never seen anyone snowboard.

Dogtown And The Z-Boys Rocks Sundance
The film by Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk (and narrated by Sean Penn) premiered last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival and everyone was there for the party Sunday night including; Stacy, Craig, Tony Hawk, Nathan Pratt, Skip Engblom, Jeff Ho, and Tony Alva. Fu Manchu played and we wish we'd been there. Seriously.
-The back story from Launches
She's worked at Powder, written for most every sports magazine in the world, and founded W.I.G. Magazine. Now Kathleen Gasperini and a group of friends from Seattle is launching a new network of sites and a completely new version of We caught up with her online.

The Most Literate Surfer?
Swell's Nick Carroll recently called Cosmic Banditos author Allan Weisbecker "arguably the most literate surfer on the planet." While that's an argument we might enjoy getting into, you really should read Nick's side of the story.

Heelie Reely Sheety
Psychologist-turned-inventor Roger Adams thinks he may have launched the next big thing. Too bad the Heelie looks like it may knock the Soap Shoe from its title as the "dumbest product ever exhibited at ASR".
more coverage from Seattle

LA Times Picks Up Cortez Banks Story
Looks like the Surfing Magazine/Swell crew has done a good job of getting the word out on their trip to the Cortez Banks. The LA Times was so excited that it had staff writer Joe Mozingo rewrite Evan Slater's Swell story just for the newspaper.

Converse Files Chapter Something

The company that manufactured the shoes that Kurt Cobain died in (black, suede One Stars) has filed for bankruptcy protection. Add Converse to the list of manufacturers who owned the skateboard market by default and then lost it all.

Australia Keeps Shark Hunters Aloft
Aerial shark patrols will resume along Adelaide's beaches after shark reports and exceptionally warm weather are keeping people at the beaches longer.

Oceanside Gets A Skatepark
After years of being home to some of the biggest names in skateboarding the City of Oceanside dedicates its "temporary" skatepark.

Hype Surrounds "Ginger" Project
"One picture resembles a scooter. Another looks like a snowboard, or perhaps a personal hovercraft, with a ball-like device projecting from the bottom." But just what is Dean Kamen's newest invention?

Snowboarding Scores On Sunday TV Ratings
It was beaten down by the Ravens-Raider game by a factor of 54, however, the US Snowboard Grand Prix which aired on NBC scored a .4 share or 1 rating point last Sunday beating out the Senior PGA preview show, and PGA qualifying. Even funnier, Ford's Skiing show scored 0 rating points.

Newport Beach Murder Mystery
Warning, this story has absolutely nothing to do with normal Sacklunch topics, however, it pretty much sums up what fluf lead singer O has often said, "All the Assholes Live In Newport."

Surf Season Great for North Shore
The winter season brings loads of people to the North Shore and businesses are thriving. Duh.

Snocore Rocks The Palace?
What do Galactic, Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, and Lake Trout have to do with snowboarding? Can someone explain the idea behind the "snocore" tour please? We don't get it.

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