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Latest Update: April 12, 2006

From The Sacklunch Boards
Not a whole lot going on on The Boards these days. It's quiet and peaceful in here.

Hedding's Girlfriend Sentenced To Life
Christine "Pinky" Rams, girlfriend of pro skateboarder Neil Heddings was sentenced to 25 years to life for her involvement in the death of Heddings' 2 1/2 year old son Marcus.

Havassy sues Hollister
Surfer/artist Robb Havassy has filed a lawsuit against Hollister Co alleging that the pseudo-surf brand (owned by A&F) used exact replicas of his art in their stores without his approval. Make them pay, Robbie.

Dyrdek and Big Black Next Reality Stars
Pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin have scored an MTV reality show. Jeff Tremaine to produce. This could be really good.

Flannylander: Male Model

Reef's new VP of Global Marketing Kevin Flanagan get's a little promo on for his appearance in the"Man Diego" issue of Riveira Magazine. But then it's hard being really, really, really good looking.

JJ Collier: Not So Missing in Action
Recently, we were wondering what happend to former pro snowboarder JJ Collier then we run across this little profile on Looks like, he's stylin' with Ralph Lauren.

Union OnDemand
Quiksilver Entertainment's video on-demand play launched yesterday to 15 million homes and on broadband. Now we can pay to watch 14 old videos we already own on DVD. Wait, no we can't we're not on Cox or Dish.

Richards New VP At Spy Optic
Former TransWorld Media "marketing executive" and founding group publisher of Future Action Sports Fran Richards is now the VP of Marketing at Spy. Congrats, Fran.

Does Boom Boom Huck Jam Amuse You?
Six Flags Amusement Parks has announced a deal to bring the BBHJ to eight different parks for 32 days of boom boom huck jamming this summer. We're amused by Tony Hawk's tenacity.
- Official Boom Boom Site Site

Zoo York Getting Sketchy
According to an article on Zoo York has signed an agreement with Skechers USA for the design, production, and distribution of Zoo York Footwear. Well, if anyone can give Skechers a tune up it's Zoo York.

The Last Season Book Tour

Former Transworld Snowboarding Editor Eric Blehm's new book The Last Season was released April 1, 2006 and on April 10 he kicked off his book tour at The Book Works in Del Mar, CA. If you get the chance, buy the book and go see him read. (Photo: Kevin Kinnear)

The Death of Print
One of our editors has been throwing the "print is dead" thing around a little too much lately, but this Magazine Death Pool site kind of sums things up nicely. So where's the action sports category?

Huf's Adidas Not Matching
Adidas is under fire for a limited edition shoe designed by Huf with artwork by Barry McGee. The shoe, called "Yellow Series Y1 Huf" features a cartoon that has angered some Chinese Americans. Guess this means no Adidas "Sambo Series" anytime soon.
- Shoe photo from the BBC

Taj's Aussie Model Melee
Cheyenne Tozzi, girlfriend of surfer Taj Burrow reported threw a fit when she discovered that Taj was presenting an award at the Australian MTV Music Awards with Lara Bingle. Must be bloody hell being Taj.

Lasek Wins Long Beach Celeb Race

Skateboarder Bucky Lasek started in the poll position and lead the entire 2006 Toyota Celebrity Race in Long Beach, CA. "I got out in front and no one was able to catch me," he said.
- Lasek edges Mirra for poll position

Pac Sun Launches Shoe Stores

Pacific Sunwear opened three of it's new shoe stores on April 7, 2006. The One Thousand Steps mall stores target the 18-24 crowd with "branded footwear and accessories."

Sydney's Super Sunday
A large swell closed beaches near Sydney on Sunday and sent surfers Barton Lynch and Tom Carroll out in search of some tow action.

Time Inc. Cuts 250 More
The parent company of TransWorld Media ended the employment of 250 workers on April 7, 2006 and are that much closer to being a new media company.

Aileen's Irish Surf Fued
Ireland's premiere big wave spot Aill Na Searrach is discovered and the locals (who were nice enough to share it and provide the Jet Ski) get treated like idiots by the surf media. Sound familiar?

Groundbreaking with Apple

Kirk Dianda and Rob Dyrdek's new film Groudbreaking got some play on the Apple site. It's about time Apple recognized some of the great skate work being done on their rigs.

Three Patrollers Die At Mammoth
Three of Mammoth's finest died April 6, 2006 while trying to fence off a volcanic vent at the top of Mammoth Mountain.

Snowboarder Sets Park Riding Record?
Snowboarder Jeff Meyer, a member of the Breckenridge Freeride Team visited 8 different resorts and rode 30 parks in one day, thus raising the "who really cares" bar that much higher.

Way Postpones Air Guitar Stunt

Skateboarder Danny Way, who was going to drop in off the Hard Rock Casino guitar into a skateboard ramp has changed plans due to rain and high winds.
- Oh wait, he did it, he really did it

Elle Girl Goes Digital
Hachette Filipacchi Media's CEO Jack Kliger said that ELLEgirl magazine will be discontinued with the June/July issue so they can increase "investment in the brand’s digital formats." Action sports magazines take heed.
- New York Times should go digital

Big Mexican Wave
Ross Clarke-Jones could ride into XXL history with a wave from Todo Santos.
- Billabong XXL Site
- XXL's Bill Sharp on Surfer Radio

Seriously, Don't Do This
Three skaters were hanging on to the side of a car and rolling down the street in Farmington, NM when one fell and was run over by the rear tire.
- Skater injured while towing

Snowboarder Dies in Utah Avalanche

Chilean snowboard instructor Atilio Giorgio Cremaschi Yazar, 27, died in an avalanche near Brighton, Utah, when a cornice he was walking on gave way.
- Valdez Heli-guide founder Doug Coombs dies in La Grave fall

Zumiez Options on Sale
The American Stock Exchange announced that beginning March 29, 2006 stock traders can now swap up Zumiez options. Make money, money.
- Same store sales up 14 percent

Stiller's Big Wave
Big Waves, a comedy based on an idea by Ben Stiller with Emmett and Brendan Malloy directing starts shooting sometime in April. Will this be the Out Cold of surfing?

Big Wednesday For Timmmy Turner
The surf industry got together at Huntington Beach High School March 29, 2006 to raise money for filmmaker Timmy Turner who is still recovering from his battle with a staph infection.
- The press release
- Timmy

Stoked Mentoring
Sal Masekela has co-founded Stoked Mentoring, a nonprofit organization that introduces inner city kids to snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. Giving back is a good thing. (Thanks, Rudy).

Platinum: The History of the LBS
The film about the history of the Legendary Banked Slalom get's a pleasant write up in the San Diego Union Tribune.
- The Platinum movie site

Snowboarder Killed by Cat At Telluride
Cat driver Aaron Apanel, 26, faces charges in the death of snowboarder Brooks Brown who was killed when he fell from the back of a cat and into the treads at Telluride Mountain Resort.

Jake's New Era Signature Cap
A New Era 59FIFTY cap designed by Jake Burton goes on sale today. The cap features "a moss green, coffee and chocolate brown plaid" wool exterior, with Burton Snowboards' first company logo in copper. Elmer Fudd would probably love it.

Audible Ankle Snap
Skateboading is dangerous and sometimes we just can't help watching slams in slow motion.

Alloy Buys Sconex

Alloy, the parent company of CCS has purchased Sconex, a social networking company aimed at high schooolers, for $8.7 million. Damn, we just keep missing those Internet millions.

Ron Jon Invades Canada
Surfing in the Great Lakes and other spots in Canada has convinced Ron Jon to license six shops in Canada. Can't leave all those t-shirt sales to West 49.

Burton Goes Mobile
Now, when you're on the bus or waiting in line at Disneyland you can cruise the Burton Snowboards site on your cell phone by visiting

Burton's Candyman
Jacob Levine, an amateur snowboarder, will be travelling the country this year as the Snickers/Burton "Rover" promoting Snickers and Burton Snowboards to core candy lovers everywhere. What?

Roxy Smells Good

As if Roxy girls don't smell good enough, Quiksilver has joined with Inter Parfums, Inc. to launch a Roxy line of fragrance, suncare, skincare and related products.

Surfrider New Midwest Warrior

The Surfrider Foundation picks James T. Moriarty, a business-savvy technology geek, registered Republican and native Midwesterner as their new executive director.

"Core" War At The Mall
It's Zumiez vs. Pac Sun in the battle to get dollars from teen shoppers. And it looks like Zumiez is gaining on the competition.
- West 49 gets new CEO

Bleiler Day in Aspen
Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud proclaimed March 25 Gretchen Bleiler Day in the city of Aspen. And we thought every day was Bleiler day in Aspen.

Mike Crum Opens Skate Shop

Allen, Texas has a new skate shop and it's called Crum and Smith SkateShop. Okay, it's a slow news week.

Academy Big in Japan
Execute Sports says growth in Japan has grown 100 percent this year with an initial order of 800 Academy Snowboards. Things are easy when you're big in Japan.

Jake Burton, Icon
Skatepark Designer in Town Scandal
Paul Frank Lawsuit
Action Sports Media "Objectivity"

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