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Latest Update: February 24, 2006

From The Sacklunch Boards
They are becoming more irrelevant by the day. Is there anything that can be done about the Sack Boards? If you have an idea, let us know.

Nemo's Nike Videos
The creative heads at Nemo have built three :15 sec TV spots for NKE 6.0 (with music by Spike Jonze's brother Sam Spiegel). Money may not buy you everything, but it sure can get you good design. . . and buy off some haters.

Murph The Surf Gets Saved
Yes, as we've learned many times (Gator, Hosoi, et. al), the action sports criminal path leads directly to Jesus, so it's no suprise that the OG action criminal Murph The Surf would now be preaching the Word.

Transgender Surfing Teacher
Lily McBeth, 70, a former male teacher is having some trouble with her school board. But the oddest thing is Lily's claim to have been the first surfer to put a camera on a surfboard, back when her name was William.

Shaun White the Highlight
While NBC's coverage of the Olympics was seen as universally dull. Snowboarding and especially Shaun White saved the Olympics. Snowboarding saves it again.
- The Flying Tomato Falls Fast and Hard
- On the cover of the Rolling Stone
- Join Bode in failure

Out Cold
It's nice to roll into the weekend with a little snowboard carnage from the heartland. Hey, at least his was wearing a helmet. . . not that it did much.

Video Games Program Kids To Buy
In Tony Hawk's American Wasteland players are shown a 3-D image of a Jeep "an average of 23 times every 20 minutes." You will consume. Repeatedly.

Quiksilver Up 12%
After a Magic meeting in Las Vegas analysts appear to be happy with the way "Rossignol integration is proceeding" at Quik and have given it a "sector outperform".

Shaun White "Not Human"
In trying to explain why Shaun White is so good Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins says, "“I think he is not human, basically what it comes down to." Really?

Same Face, Different Species™

Apparently, "Get the fuck out of my cage" and "I just won a gold medal" trigger the same part of the mammalian brain.

Harold Hunter Dies of an Overdose
Skater, actor, funny guy Harold Hunter was found dead in his New York City apartment by his brother at 4 PM Friday Feb. 18, 2006. There was apparently cocaine "on and around his body." Story tipped on the Sack boards.
- Harold's Top 5 in TWS
- Harold Hunter Memorial page

With a method like that, who needs a gold medal.

A Sacklunch Editors' Letter to Lindsey J
After the Silver Medal Method we decided that since the entire world seems to be getting this story wrong, we'd send a little message to Lindsey Jacobellis to get her back on the right track.

Buzz Wagner Profiled On Kimmel
Some Olympic snowboarders just aren't getting time on NBC's coverage of the games. The Jimmy Kimmel Show caught up with one of them on Feb. 16. Click here for a Quicktime clip.

A Volcom Valentine
On Feb. 14, 2006 Richard Woolcott and his team of experts performed a conference call to go over fourth quarter results. Highlights: two to three new Volcom retail stores next year. A new flagship store in San Diego's Gaslamp, an outlet store in Tulare, CA, the new European office, and growth on all fronts. Listen to the call by clicking here.
- Volcom stock plunges 17.8%
- Volcom's volcanic stock

JP Morgan Knocks Action Sports

They say K2 has "limited growth opportunities" and that Quiksilver's integration of Rossignol will "prove to be somewhat choppy." But then again, does JP Morgan surf or snowboard? We doubt it.

Gold Medals and White Video Games
Shaun White took the gold in Torino and on the next day Ubisoft announces that they have signed the "Tomato" to a video game contract. Following in T. Hawk's footsteps.

Shark Attacks Down for 2005
The men in the gray suits did a little less damage last year than they have in the past, but the USA is still #1 for shark attacks, followed by Australia. "If you can smack them on the nose, certainly do so ... sharks seem to respect pops on the nose."
- Jaws author Peter Benchley dead at 65

The Global Assault Sale?
The Sack Boards come through again with the story that Australian skateboard group Globe International will probably be "sold off." So, if you're in Australia for the Global Assault and you're on Globe's dime, spend a dollar.
- Sage Group does strategic review
- Globe seeks buyer

Volcom's Ooh La La Francios

Looks like the VeeCo is charging the shores of Europe with at 3,000 sq m base in Anglet, France. Scheduled to open in 2007, the Volcom office will employ 70 garçons et les filles sauvages qui conçoivent l'habillement personne aux USA comprendront jamais.

ASG Launches Modus
ASG has announced plans to create a twice yearly women's fashion advertising vehicle called Modus. Don Meek and Steve Hawk are the men behind the project.

Russell Crowe Supports Abberton
Surfer Koby Abberton is getting legal defense help from Aussie actor Russell Crowe as Crowe's band plays for the "Justice for Koby Abberton" fundraiser.

Bleiler and White Podcasting
The US Olympic team is into Podcasting and two of the first produced feature snowboarders Gretchen Bleiler and Shaun White.

Quik's Adcock Block
Nick Adcock, previously DC's Australia general manager is the new president of DC Shoes as Ken Block fades into his new position as chief brand officer. This will give Ken more time to win rallies.

Salter Sells Another One
Collective Licensing International, the owner of Airwalk and Genetic just purchased Jamie Salter's Lifestyle Brands LTD the owners of Vision, Lamar, LTD and several other brands that are well past their prime. As usual Salter will stay on as co-chairman of the board.

Hippy Hannah Is Stoked

The mainstream media has found a darling tripper in Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter. And she is "stoked."

Snowboarder Charged In Skier Death
Greg Doda, 17, of Crownsville, Md., ran into Heather Donahue, 29, of Shrewsbury, Mass., in Jackson Hole's Laramie Bowl last year killing her. He is now being charged with negligent homicide.

Booth vs. Kaupas In Quik Quote Battle
Quiksilver goes to the PR archive and pulls out a nice little "I've been involved with boardriding my entire life" quote for Natas Kaupas. Unfortunately, it was the same one they used when they promoted Jeff Booth last year. Thanks, Fugly. See, sometimes the Sack Boards are good for something.

Kier Dillon Is Not A Jock, Really
He may spend a lot of time in the gym, but pro snowboarder Kier Dillon is not a jock. Read Keir discuss his non-jock gym schedule in the LA City Paper.

Kadafi's Long Water Pipe
If you happen to be in the Libyan desert with your skateboard you might want to check this out. . . don't know if it's worth the flight. With a proper headlamp you could roll for nearly 2,500 miles.

Surf Industry Survives Wipe Out?
Clark Foam gone? No problem. Everyone is bouncing back. Good thing the Chinese T-shirt factories didn't shut down or the surf industry may never have recovered.

Hurley's Danger Hoodie
Hurley International has voluntarily recalled about 330 boys windbreaker hoodies because the drawstring poses "a strangulation hazard to children." It's a wonder we all survived childhood.

Skier Beats Up Snowboard Girl
Randell Berg, 52, of Littleton, CO was arrested on charges of third-degree assualt after he allegedly beat a female teenage snowboarder who had crashed into his daughter at Steamboat last weekend. Silly skiers everywhere.
- Old dad punches out 16 year old girl

The Art of Surfing
It's been a long time coming, but it seems those who grew up in the 40s and 50s are finally rich enough to blow lots of money on "surf art." John Severson couldn't be happier. Neither could we.

Red and White All Over USA Today
Shaun White gets more national attention in the pages of USA Today. It was last week so you probably already saw it if you still read analog news.

Burton Loves Them Some Olympians
Burton Snowboards has 18 riders in the Torino Olympic Games. Apparently, the Olympics are okay now for "those riders who choose this path" at least.

Mr. Boothy Goes to Billabong
After some "reorganization" at Quiksilver Jeff Booth jumped over to Billabong. "We look forward to having Jeff on board," said Paul Naude. Oddly, the press release doesn't even mention Quik.

Snowboarder Killed in Bachelor Lot
Cameron Sharp, 18, had camped out overnight in in the Mt. Bachelor parking lot (in his sleeping bag) and was hit and killed by a snowblower that was clearing the parking lot at 4 AM.
- No cars or tents in the area
- Sleeping in snow cave unknown

Skier Jumps Headplants For Jesus

Skier Jamie Pierre, 32, of Salt Lake City was trying to set a cliff jumping record at Grand Targhee "to spread the Christian word" but ended up going 245 feet to a headplant. Pierre walked away with a cut lip. Silly skier.

Klug Loses Olympic Arbitration
Alpine snowboarder Chris Klug was upset at not making the Olympic team so he challenged the US Team saying he should have been chosen and not Tyler Jewell. However, Chris lost.

Sack Booklist Update
Third Time A Charm for T. Hawk?

Fuel TV Nabs Mack Dawg Films
Heddings Gets Six Years

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