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05 Damn Am at VeeCo
Garrett Joins O'neill

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Latest Update: September 20, 2005

From The Sacklunch Boards
Future Snowboarding is out on the stands and the Sack boards are spilling over with reviews. So what do you think?

Future Snowboarding Webs Up
Colin Whyte and the crew at "FSM" have finally launched a website. Like their magazine it's not the kind of thing we like looking at, but it's well executed, "different," and fun to flip through. Hot damn, look at those pages turn.
- Click here for an mp3 (ahem, "Podcast") where Mr. Whyte repeatedly describes his magazine by comparing it to the competition

ASR Party Action Round-Up
Here is the one-stop-shop for all the ASR Party Photo action including Andy Irons' girl: just click a link.
- Transworld Rider's Poll Awards
- ASR Day One Photos
- Liquid Nation Ball at Fernando's
- Nike Put-Put Party
- Random ASR Pics
- Bikini Fashion Show Video (Quicktime)
- Rip Curl Store opening
- Grenade's Smell the Glove Premiere
- Standard/Mack Dawg Movie Premiere
- As If Girls Snowboarding Movie Premiere
- ASR Photo Superpost
- Anon sunglass launch party

Hawk Secret Park Tour Attacts Police
The week-and-a-half long Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Secret Skatepark Tour is stirring up trouble everywhere it goes. In Great Falls, Montana one officer reported that 50 middle schoolers surrounded his car and forced him to call for reinforcement. We gotta hand it to those tough Montana cops.

Tow Skis To the Rescue
Ever since the terrible tragedy of Katrina we've had a darkly nagging fantasy about bombing jet-skis through the flooded streets of New Orleans. Turns out Bill Sharp, Matt George, and Frank Quirarte beat us to it and rescued quite a few people in the process.
- Steve Van Doren helps out Katrina victims

Universal to Distribute Mountain Dew Movie
First Descent, the movie produced by sugar water giant Mountain Dew will be distributed by Universal Pictures. The film stars Shawn Farmer, Nick Perata, Terje Haakonsen, Shaun White and Hannah Teter.
- Following the failure of Dogtown and Supercross

Abberton Back in Court
Pro surfer Koby Abberton has pleaded not guilty to two counts of "perverting the course of justice" involving statements he made during a murder investigation in which his brother Jai was found not guilty.

Prettyman Wins Best Acoustic Award
For the second year in a row Tristan Prettyman has won the Best Acoustic title in the San Diego Music awards. Her album twentythree is available in store and on iTunes.

Gnu Movin' To Mormon Country
Quiksilver is centralizing their winter sports business in Park City, Utah and it looks Mervin will be moving in with Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Look, and DC's Mountain Lab. How's that for a wintersports brand stable.
- Mervin Expanding Near Sequim
- Carlsborg factory to grow
- Seventy jobs leave Vermont
- Vermont loses Rossignol and Dynastar
- The Motley Fool's take on Quik
- Ogden bummed about not getting the biz

Burton Silver Edition
Guilt Relief
Pentagon Drops It Like It's Hot
Billabong Profits Up 44%
Globe's Profits Take a Skate

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