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Latest Update: January 31, 2005

From The Sacklunch Boards
The debate rages on: Just what is "real" surfboard. Wade in on the Sack Boards.

Burton Loves Them Some Olympians
Burton Snowboards has 18 riders in the Torino Olympic Games. Apparently, the Olympics are okay now for "those riders who choose this path" at least.

Mr. Boothy Goes to Billabong
After some "reorganization" at Quiksilver Jeff Booth jumped over to Billabong. "We look forward to having Jeff on board," said Paul Naude. Oddly, the press release doesn't even mention Quik.

Snowboarder Killed in Bachelor Lot
Cameron Sharp, 18, had camped out overnight in in the Mt. Bachelor parking lot (in his sleeping bag) and was hit and killed by a snowblower that was clearing the parking lot at 4 AM.
- No cars or tents in the area

Skier Jumps Headplants For Jesus

Skier Jamie Pierre, 32, of Salt Lake City was trying to set a cliff jumping record at Grand Targhee "to spread the Christian word" but ended up going 245 feet to a headplant. Pierre walked away with a cut lip. Silly skier.

Klug Loses Olympic Arbitration
Alpine snowboarder Chris Klug was upset at not making the Olympic team so he challenged the US Team saying he should have been chosen and not Tyler Jewell. However, Chris lost.

Sack Booklist Update
If you enjoy reading and are looking for a new book that comes with the Sacklunch Seal of No Crapness then check this out. It's our first update in five years. Yes, believe it.

Klug Appeals for Olympic Spot
When the USSA picked Tyler Jewel for the lone spot on the men's Olympic Alpine Snowboard team Chris Klug was not happy. He says that according to the USSA rules it should have been him, not Jewell. Now the lawyers are involved. Aren't the Olympics great?

Skateboarder for Mayor?
Two months ago Randy Hansen got a $124 ticket for skateboarding on a Mankato, Minnesota street. Now Hansen is running for mayor. Sweet revenge.

Planet Snow Profile
We all know that Pat Malendoski has built some of the best transient transitions in the world. But here is a little more info on the man from the Bend Bulletin.

Banana George Turns 91

He's a barefoot waterskiers, a snowboarder, and one of the best when it comes to exploiting the fact that he's a yellow suit wearing old man. Now it just got one year easier for George Blair.

Get Ready for More Getting it Wrong
"The increased hours will be filled with more coverage of Olympic superstars. . . and skateboarding champ Shaun White, who has successfully crossed over into snowboarding." -- the mainstream media printing whatever.

Hurley Moves Gomez and Meehan

Paul Gomez was promoted to SVP of "marketing and global branding" and Kevin Meehan has moved out of sales into marketing because spending is more fun than selling.

Third Time A Charm for T. Hawk?

Tony and Lhotse were married on Tavarua Island January 12, 2006 according to People magazine. At the ceremony were friends, family, and Bam. (Thanks, Larry on the Sack boards.)

Fuel TV Nabs Mack Dawg Films
Eight of Mack Dawg's best snowboarding films will now see the light of day (in 15 million homes) with an exclusive deal with Fuel TV.

What Dave Lee Is Up To
If you're like us, every once in a while you'll ask yourself, I wonder what Dave Lee is up to? And until now all we could say was "raising a child with Kennedy and Signal Snowboards." Turns out he's been podcasting on Signal Pirate Radio as well. Now we'll all know.

Heddings Gets Six Years
Former pro skateboarder Neil Heddings was sentenced to six years in prison for his involvement in the death of his 2 1/2 year old son Marcus. With credit for time served he will probably be out in 16 months.

Treewell Death at Mt. Baker
Nathan Rawhouser, 31, died Saturday January 15, 2006 at Mt. Baker when he became trapped in a tree well. This is the third death at Mt. Baker this season.

No Comply: Skateboarder vs. Authority
A new anthology of skateboard writing No Comply: Skateboarding Speaks on Authority edited and published by Chris Long and Travis Jensen gets discussed in the SF Chronicle.

Ol' Man Snowboard Profiled
He'd already retired from pro surfing when Dave Downing stumbled into one of most productive snowboard careers in the business. Here is the whole story on Triple D from Oceanside, CA's North County Times.

Lynch Flips for $2.1 Million Skatepark
Carolyn Lynch, wife of Fidelity Investments' former star manager Peter Lynch convinced her husband to donate $100,000 for the Charles River Skatepark in Boston. Thanks again, Carolyn.

Lake Ontario Surfing
Tyler Donaldson is a Great Lakes surfer and he's just trying to make his way in the world of pro surfing, but as he says, "it's tough when you live in Ontario."

Palmer Out of Ring Run
Thanks to a torn Achilles tendon, Shaun Palmer is out of the hunt for a spot on the US Olympic team. Wonder if the injury had anything to do with his pre-race "training" the night before?

Primedia May Sell Some More

The action sports titles are staying, however, Primedia's Crafts Division could be up for sale. Know anyone who wants to buy Scrapbooking Magazine?

Time4 Media Gets New Boss
Time Inc. just named a new president for TransWorld Media's parent company Time4 Media: Thomas Beusse, 41, was previously president of magazine publishing at Rodale, Inc.
- Kurt Anderson on Time Inc.'s new editorial director

Dumb Quote
"He remains as much a snowboarder in style, philosophy and upbringing as a skier." - - AP Sports columnist Jim Litke on ski racer Bodie "60 Minutes disaster" Miller. A "snowboarder upbringing?" What can that possibly mean, Mr. Litke?

God Is Luke's Co-Pilot

If pro snowboarder Luke Wynen makes the US Olympic snowboard team it will be an act of God. Not because he isn't a good enough, but because as a Christian Luke has put it all in God's hands.

Queenly Hinkley?
What ever happened to Lawndarting snowboarder Ben Hinkley? Most recently he doubled all the snowboard scenes for Queen Latifah in her new film Last Holiday. Hey, at least he's still getting paid.

Quik Goes Big In The IE
According to Commercial Property News Quiksilver has just leased a 683,000-square-foot distribution center in Mira Loma, CA. That's a pretty big shoe closet, even in the 909.
- Even more details on the property

DGK Gets RBK'd
Steve Williams kicks down the inside story on how DGK footwear ended up with big RBK logos on the sides. It's not phony, it's Philly, dawg!

P. Rod Gets Real. . . ality Show
Comedian Paul Rodriguez is planning a reality show about his life with "his skateboarding hero son Paul 'P-Rod' Rodriguez, Jr." Dad's career could use a little boost, right Jr?

The Surfing Prosecutor

Noel L. Hillman, the team leader in the negotiations in the Jack Abromoff bribery scandal is a surfer and former Surfrider board member. Sidenote: isn't bribing people a lobbiest's job?
- Conservatives don't like the surfing prosecutor story

Katrina Victim Learns To Snowboard
Dylan Dauser, 8, and his family had to move to Colorado to escape Hurricane Katrina, now he just wants to snowboard. And he did, thanks to the Snowboard Outreach Society.

Snowboarder Suffocates At Mt. Baker
Matthew Chase, 31, of Bellingham, Washington was found buried upside down in the snow at the base of a waterfall about halfway down The Chute at Mt. Baker, January 10, 2006.

Cypress Snowboarder's Body Found
The body of snowboarder Danny Epp, 22, was found January 10, 2006 at 1:45 pm in Tony Baker Gully at Cypress Mountain, B.C. An area that has claimed the lives of three people since 2000.
- Snowboarder died from head injuries after 30 meter fall Launches Video Channel

Veoh Networks, which bills itself as the "first Internet Television Peercasting Network," has partnered with to host a channel.

Bam's Ex Unloads Memorabilia on eBay
From the looks of this auction list Jenn Rivell is selling her whole Bam Margera collection at once. The list includes: Bam's falling out letter with Tod Swank over CKY funds, airline receipts, backstage passes, "candid photos," music mixes, newspaper clippings, and more. . . that's one way to recoup.

Waves: The New Golf Course
If you want to be a player in the biotech industry it's time to put the clubs away and break out the surfboard because all the real deals are going down in the lineup, according to a story in the LA Times.

Blehm Chosen by Barnes & Noble
Eric Blehm the former editor of TransWorld Snowboarding and author of P3 and Agents of Change has been chosen as one of Barnes &
"Discover Great New Writers" for his upcoming book, The Last Season.

Zumiez Set To Zoom
Forbes magazine calls Zumiez a "strong growth investment" that could grow to as many as 800 stores across 48 states, from the current 174 stores in 23 states. Zumiez owner Brentwood Associates must be happy.

Snowboarder Dies in BC Avalanche
A snowboarder was found dead in an avalanche at Kicking Horse Mountain, near Golden, B.C., on Sunday. He was a season pass holder and was in an are that was "clearly marked as closed" according to the resort.
- Snowboarder lost at Cypress Mountain

Now It's A White New Year
With win number three on the US Snowboard Grand Prix at Mt. Bachelor January 8, 2006 it seems like Shaun White is just getting practice dominating the field. Gretchen Bleiler also won for the women. It was a rough weekend as many of the competitiors got some kind of stomach flu and were barely holding their business.
- Jennifer Shredowski's Bachelor story
- Halfpipe rankings after Bachelor
- Olympians get new berets
- Palmer closer to Olympic dreams

Cory Lopez at Home
There's nothing like returning from a year on the WCT and getting profiled in the hometown paper, especially when it includes photos of the whole family.

Shotguns and Camo at US Open Site
It's all about Cabellas this year at the Burton 2006 US Open Snowboarding Championships. Click above for registration, schedule, and duck calling tips. While you're there take a look at that meaty sponsor list. Yum yum.

Keystone Retard Attractor
Is it the mountain or the snowboarders? Keystone ski patrol found Shannon Keeter after he got lost over night in Jones Gulch. Keeter is the third snowboarder in two months to have gotten lost while riding at the resort.

Halfpipers in Olympic Mini Movie
Pro snowboarders Ross Powers, Kelly Clark, and Gretchen Bleiler will star in an episode of NBC's Las Vegas on Monday night, January 9, 2006. . . their are some other thing involved like Chevrolet cars but was too confusing for us to figure out.

Jason Lee Used to Skateboard
Hey, Earl fans. Did you know that the star of the show used to be a professional skater? And that his name really isn't Earl? A New York Times Jason Lee profile for the archives. Blame it on the mustache.
- Lee nominated for Golden Globe

Strike Ends at Mont Tremblant

Intrawest's Mont Tremblant should be back in business after an 18 day strike forced the company into proposing wage hikes totally 16 percent, improvements in vacation allowance. Workers of the world unite!
- Intrawest NJ liquor permits face delay Back Up
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SkaterGirl Porno
It's sad to think this kind of thing will actually work, but someone's done it. features nearly nude girls and skateboards. Yes, they take PayPal. Thanks,

Slater Outside
Dunkin' Donuts and Snowboarding
Timmy Turner Update
Shark Punching at Tillamook

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