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Latest Update: May 1, 2006

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Quik's Footwear SVP Ponys Up
Jim Stroesser, the former Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Footwear at Quiksilver and Roxy has been appointed CEO of Pony International.

Pooport and Gruntington Beaches Closed
Five miles of Newport and Huntington Beaches were still closed April 30, 2006 after a local sanitation agency released 30 million gallons of partly treated sewage too close to shore.

Witzig's Photos On Display
John Witzig is credited with calling the beginning of the shortboard revolution in 1966 with photos of McTavish, Young, Greenough, and Lynch. Read and learn.

Amp'd Simulcasts Trestles Contest
The press release says it was a first: the Body Glove Surfbout finals broadcast over Amp'd's Verizon network. If anyone watched it on their phone, let us know.

Shaun Tomson's Son Dies
Mathew Tomson, 14, son of surfer Shaun Tomson, 55, apparently took his own life April 24, 2006. [via: Surfers Village]

Volcom Q1 Sales Up 31%
It's been a good first quarter in VeeCoLandia. Just wait 'till all those bikinis, shoes, watches, and cellphones hit the market.
- DA Davideson maintains BUY

Brunner Dies in BC Avalanche
Austrian Quiksilver snowboarder Tommy Brunner, 36, died after being caught in an avalanche near Bella Coola, BC. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

HIgh School Hostage Taker Arrested
William Barrett Foster, 17, of East Chapel Hill, NC is accused of holding a teacher and fellow student hostage . Not surprisingly he is descibed as "a quiet boy who liked to skateboard."
- Sith-faced, gun-toting skateboarder arrested

Gumball Rally 3000 = ASR on Wheels?

One look at the list of entrants makes us realize that people in action sports are getting paid. This year: Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely, Rooftop, Carey Hart, Pink, Travis Pastrana, Travis Barker. . . with Vans and Von Zipper on the sponsor board. All that and no panel van!

Body Glove's Miss USA

When Tara "Tater Bug" Conner won the Miss USA contest on April 21, 2006, she apparently mentioned that she was a Body Glove model. We have two questions: 1. Does Body Glove have anything to do with Body Glove bikinis? 2. Does Checky know her?

Bob Burnquist: Mr. Green
Skateboarder Bob Burnquist, actress Daryl Hannah and tree-sitter Julia Butterfly Hill were at Whole Foods to promote paying way too much for "organic foods," oh, and the Action Sports Environmental Coalition to promote, advertise and consume mass marketed "green" products.
- Planet Earth launches "Green Label"
- Rip Curl Goes Green
- Skateboarders saving gas

Another Skateboard Record

It doesn't have the appeal of the Hard Rock Guitar, but that's not going to stop wales "boarder" Dave Cornthwaite from pushing on a board with wheels across Australia and into the record books.

Fausto Vitello Dies of a Heart Attack
Fausto Vitello, 59, one of skateboarding's most OG businessman/publishers died April 22, 2006 while bicycling with his best friend. He will be missed and remembered. Our thoughts are with his family.
- A letter from Tony Vitello
- A post from Bryce Kanights at
- the karting world remembers Fausto
- New York Times Story

Jannard's New Red Camera
Oakley visionary Jim Jannard has officially annouced his Red HD-digi/still image capturing system (that we mentioned months ago). He's revolutionized two industries already, is this his third?

Frequency Wins a Maggie
Frequency: The Snowboarder's Journal has won a 2006 Maggie Award from the Western Publishers Association for Best Quarterly. Congrats to Jeff Galbraith, Jessie Lu Lovett and the entire staff.

Footwear Flip-Flops
Apparently, it's okay to wear flip-flops year around thanks to some new wool lined go aheads from Jeff Kelley and Sanuk.

Online Is Kicking Ass
In more "news of the obvious" Red Herring reports that New Media advertising has hit an all time high as the mass audience fades away. (Thanks:
- Are magazine's dead
- Kurt Anderson's view of the 2.0 bubble

Eesa Underwear at The Crossroads

Stephen Cleary has brought his snowboard underwear company to market, and now it's just a matter of if people will buy it. At least they've got that Vermont thing going for them.

SoBeCa in the OC
It's called SoBeCa and no, it's not a new flavor energy drink. It's Shaheen Sadeghi's (creator of The Lab and The Camp) latest devo-elopment (.pdf here).

California Helmet Law Discussion
The California State Senate is repealing Senate Bill 994. Owen Commons weighs in from Scotts Valley.

Controlled Online Distribution by MSN?
The next time you hear someone say "we don't sell direct online because we want to support our core shops" have 'em check out MSN Shopping: Snowboards, Skateboards, Surfboards.

Bleiler at the Biilies
Named after Billie Jean King, the Billie Awards celebrate active women in the media. Snowboarding's own silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler was on hand. . . and still carrying around that medal.

Gidget Speaks to Surf Culture Class
Kathy Zuckerman, 65, the "real Gidget" read from her diaries for the Anthropology 364 (Surf Culture & History) class at the University of San Diego. Totally tubular.

Charges Dismissed Against Abberton
No, not those charges. These stem from a night last year at the Maroubra Bay Hotel in which surfer Koby Abberton "incited a riot." Can't they pick on someone else?

Pray for Jason Jessee
Pro skater Jason Jessee's documentary titled, Pray For Me: The Jason Jessee Movie chronicles the life of an outsider hero. The OC Weekly kicks down a few more stories from his life. And as usual, they are worth reading.

Media Posts Up TransWorld Skate
In a drippingly complimentary review writer Larry Dobrow says TransWorld Skateboarding mixes a "conversational, flippant tone with highly stylized design. . . in a way that makes it feel fresh and unspoiled." Kinda like Summer's Eve.

Ski Rage Dad Gets Probation
Randell Berg a 52-year-old skier who punched a 16-year-old female snowboarder repeatedly got one year of probation, 48 hours of community service, and a $100 fine. Silly skier.

Stam City Moves to Calgary
Yee haw, rodeo fans, the Slam City Jam has moved to Calgary, Alberta and to August 25-27, 2006. Will anyone still go? Click here to vote.

All-Terrain Motorized Skateboard?
It's from Australia which explains about half of the Scarpar board, the rest is just plain silly. Go for it, you fecking kints.

Teen Skateboard Bashes Man
A 16-year-old boy in Winnipeg beat a 57-year-old man about the head with a skateboard as the man exited Sears. The man was unconscious and bleeding.
- Youth turns himself in

Stoked: The Trading Card Game
Now kids who just aren't nerdy enough for Magic: The Gathering have a skateboard trading game called, STOKED! Skateboarding Must Die. We don't think it's a game about Gator.

Complex Not Dead Yet
Rich Antoniello, the publisher of Complex Magazine would like to remind everyone that while Cargo, Sync, Vitals, (and Stance) are gone, Complex is still rolling. But we doubt the printed version will last long.

Which Surf Magazine To Buy?
Roy Harrell, a comlumnist for, picked up The Surfer's Journal and Surfing Mag at the newsstand and just couldn't figure out which one to buy.

TIme Warner May Sell Smaller Divisons
In a plan to cut $1 billion from the budget TransWorld Media's parent company may jettison more small units in the near future according to CEO Dick Parsons.

CEO Wyett Leaves Hurley
Roger Wyett, 49, former CEO of Hurley International has been named Vice President of the Nike's $4 billion global apparel business. Apparently, his work at Hurley was finished.

Mossimo Targeted for Takeover
Cherokee Inc. may kick down a $135-million for the Target clothier, that is if Iconix Brand Group doesn't get them first. Either way Mossimo Giannulli walks with close to $88 million. Five-panel volley shorts. . .

Time Pieces Better Watch Out!
According to the latest research the purchase of wristwatches is down 20 percent thanks to cellphones and iPods. Guess Nixon knew what time it was.

Pancho Wants More Power Surfing
It didn't take WCT rookie Pancho Sullivan long to notice that most of the WQS contests are held in sloppy waves. Ah, yeah.

Hamilton Blamed for Croc Sales Boom

Once Laird Hamilton started wearing the funky plastic shoes around Malibu, sales sky-rocketed. And we though it was all Joe Jackson's fault.

Hedding's Girlfriend Sentenced To Life
Havassy sues Hollister
Richards New VP At Spy Optic
Zoo York Getting Sketchy

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