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Latest Update: February 23, 2001

Action Sports Network Survives Crash
Despite Broadband Sports and Freestyledirect joining the ranks of the dot com bombs, Mark Bertignoli CEO of Action Sports Network says it's business as usual at Surflink, Skateboardlink and Snowboardlink. Sorry, we didn't mean to dance on any empty coffins. If anyone would like to pay big bucks upfront for Sacklunch and then give it back to us after 90 days please send e-mail.

Shaun White Profiled in LA Times
He's been dubbed "Future Boy", but pro snowboarder Shaun White is not waiting around to dominate the snowboard world. Pete Thomas of the LA Times explains. Signs
Feeling a little left behind in the "live surf cam" department, has struck a deal with (formerly known as The deal will apparently provide with 35 small flickering images of waves on beaches.'s Literary Borrowing?
A recent perusal of the Toronto, Canada based site for the Boardpass affiliate card program revealed an extremely familiar collection of news stories. Turns out their "archive" of Snowboarding news stories is an exact copy of Transworld Snowboarding's Snowbiz, News, and Competition sections, only hosted on the Boardpass site. Hey, why do the work collecting relevant press releases when you can just steal them from someone else.

Ben Marcus Hasn't Caught A Thing
Mr. Marcus has been holed up in an Econo Lodge in Cresent City for the past couple days sending letters to friends, pitching books, and trying to catch some Steelhead. So far he's caught nothing. Here are his latest updates:
-February 20, 2001
-February 19, 2001
-February 18, 2001

-February 17, 2001

Broadband Sports Paddles In, Empty
The owners of Surflink, Snowboardlink, Skateboardlink, Athletesdirect, et al. will cease operations on Feb. 23. The big question, will anyone notice? Other than the 160 employees, probably not.

Primedia Falls Short This Quarter
The company, which owns Surfing Magazine and, fancies itself a "major new media player," but losses were 11 cents a share (up from 13 cents a share last quarter) yet analysts expected only 6 cents a share. Bummer.

Antix Climbs Back In the Saddle

According to a story on the front page of Antix, the "Swell-owned" site is back in business. Interestingly enough the "product" button links directly to the MonsterSkate shop. LOL. Those Swellians are finally catching on.

Schoenkopf At ASR in Love with Brisick?
In a column titled, "People I Haven't Slept With," OC Weekly party girl Rebecca Schoenkopf pledged her undying love for Jamie Brisick ". . . a long-standing and unrequited crush on former editor Jamie Brisick, whom I also haven't slept with," and compared the ASR Show to a Candy Apples gang-bang.
Having only seen the former, we can't imagine sitting through the latter (though we'd sit through just about anything with Becca).

Ben Marcus Back On The Road
It's been a while, but Ben Marcus is back on the road. He's living in Santa Cruz, but had to excape the city. Why should the self-titled "best surf journalist in the world" stay home for the Cold Water Classic? This week he's going fishing with Greg Noll. Should be interesting.

Emap Considers Dumping US Magazines
Could this be the end of the emap bankroll for Snowboarder, Surfer, et. al? According to a story in the UK's Guardian, "Emap. . .Admitted last night that it would consider the sale of its US publishing business." Uh oh.

Kick Media Kicks The Bucket
As if the possibility of getting dumped wasn't enough, according to inside sources Kick Media the company that produced the online sites for Surfer, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, and Teen magazines is dot gone. Apparently, all the inhouse web workers will stay and so will the sites. With an office that over the top it's really no wonder, is it?

Shaun Palmer Wins an ESPY
And exactly which award did he win? Yep, the Action sports performer award. Kind of sounds like they came up with the award after they decided Mr. Palmer needed to win one doesn't it?

Swell XXL On CBS

The Cortez Bank story that won't die continues to roll on. This time on CBS News. Yeah, just wait till Dan Rather gets his teeth into this Snips story.

Skateboard Artists Paint Breasts
Modart has worked with Boarding For Breast Cancer for the past few years by making plaster molds of girls breasts and then getting famous action sports artists like Ed Templeton, Tina Basich and others to paint them. This year the painted molds will be on tour at The Inhumane Shop in New York and Red Five in SF.

Swell vs. Surf Check
Joseph Menn of the LA Times puts Swell and Surfcheck to the test to see just where you should surf before you surf. Since we never check the surf reports we have no idea who is better. Though we have to admit the Surf Check guys are much nicer.

Karina Petroni Super Gromess
Karina Petroni is a 12 year-old-ripper who surfs Florida and Australia. But Point Conception, Freestyle, and Surf Co. Hawaii already know all about this girl. If you don't know Karina, check out this cool little profile from the Jacksonville First Coast Community.

Utah Gets Ready for the Olympics
Salt Lake City tries to get past the bribery scandal by pretending it never happened and focusing instead on the upcoming Olympics. But will the world remember? Hell yes.

Nike Attacks Snowboard Market
Strategy Magazine deftly points out that Nike has made a career out of messing up with the action sports market. Yeah, we know that's no news.

The Jones Soda Story
Over the years Rob Wells has taken credit for quite a few marketing coups. Jones Soda is just one of them. Here is a profile on the soda company that doesn't mention him once. Sorry Rob.

Snowboarder Dies At Bogus
Joshua Baxter, 23, Boise, Idaho died when he jumped and crashed into a cluster of brushy trees at Bogus Basin. He was not wearing a helmet and died instantly of head injuries.

Snowboarder Paralyzed at Mt. Hood
Pat Stark, 18 of Tualatin, Oregon fell forward, hitting his head and then whiplash back and crushing his sixth cervical vertebrae at Mt. Hood. Stark is in intensive care at Legacy Emanuel Hospital, and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Three Drunk Snowboards Lost at Mountain High
Three drunk snowboarders. Three drunk snowboarders. See how they flounder. See how they flounder. They all went riding at Mountain High, after 9 beers they took off to fly, out of bounds they did nearly die. Three drunk snowboarders. Roy Paul Brown, 38; John Catlan, 31; and Gerald Clingan, 30, were found 12 hours after they went snowboarding in an out-of-bounds area at Mountain High West.

Man Dies Snowboarding at Mt. High
Newport Beach resident Mike Collins was killed after jumping a four-foot berm on his snowboard and landing head first at Mountain High last week.

Missing Colorado Snowboarders Rescued
Two sisters who got lost snowboarding and spent a night in the frigid Colorado mountains were rescued in good condition Monday after a helicopter crew saw the SOS they carved in the snow. Jenni Councell, 20, and Martha Councell, 16, got lost near Loveland Pass and had to build a snow cave for shelter.

Dating A Surfer Part 2
Kimberly K Terauds writes a first person story about the travails of falling in love with a surfer. Women just don't learn, do they?

Women's Longboard Tour
Wow, put the words women's, longboard, and contest together and what do you get? Not a whole lot, but that isn't stopping tour organizers. Each event will include a minimum $5,000 prize fund, with $1,500 going to the winner.

Razor Tries to Keep Scooters Going
Desperate to keep last year's coast-to-coast scooter craze on track, Razor USA LLC and other distributors are adding features like motors, suspension and flashing lights to try to stay in the public eye. How about installing a spring loaded knife blade that impales anyone who sets foot on one? Now that's a feature.

Active Ride Shop Profiled In LA Times
Costa Mesa Kills Skatepark
Shark Attack in Sydney
Dogtown and the Z-Boys Reviewed

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