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Latest Update: May 18, 2006

From The Sacklunch Boards
The Sack board evolution continues. Check it out.

Bush Honors Olympic "Dudes and Dudesses"
President Bush signed a bobblehead doll for snowboarder Danny Kass, thanked "the Flying Tomato" and the "dudes and dudesses" who snowboarded for the USA. Idiot.

Zumiez HIts Fast Forward
Zumiez Inc. is buying Fast Forward, the Texas based retail chain. Not a bad way to pick up 16 stores in Texas, two in Oklahoma and one in Cali. From the Sack Boards. Thanks, desiree.
- Zumiez shares fall on downgrade

Roll Your Own Skateboard is showing off the Roarockit for laminating your very own skateboard. Why buy a quality board when you can make a crappy one yourself?

Quiksilver Calling
Women's Wear Daily features a nice little write up of Quiksilver's new London location on Regent Street. Righto, old boy.

It was skate mothers' day in Laguna Niguel May 14, 2006 as mothers who skate gathered for the thirday annual Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama. Maybe your moma does rock and roll.

Skateboard mediaficionados are reading The Skateboard Industry. I guess we probably should, too. Here we go.

SoCal Wins Surf City USA Battle
After years of battle between Hungtington Beach and Santa Cruz, the US Patent and Trademark office has awarded HB the official registration for Surf City USA. Expect all manner of crap with those words on them coming at you this summer.
- Woody the official car of Huntington Beach.

Surfer Gets Carnegie Medal for Heroism
Jack Dicus, 54, of Destin, Florida saw a 14-year-old girl getting attacked by a 6-8 foot bull shark and he paddled over and battled with the shark until they got her to shore. The Carnegie Hero Fund has given Jack a medal.

Deadwood Writer Hits the Surf

The third season of HBO's Deadwood is the last and now David Milch is shifting his attention to "John From Cincinnati," a one-hour surfing-themed drama. It will be amazing.

Volcom Rocks Out the Reports
The LA Times writes about how fascinating the Volcom quaterly report was: it included "metal music and videos. . . but can sales keep spiraling upward." We wouldn't bet against them, that is certain.

Hawaiian State Constitution For Sale on Ebay
An anonymous seller has put up what they claim is an original signed copy of the Hawaii Constitution for $30,000. Wouldn't that look great next to your Captain James Cook longboard.

Longboard Skatebaords "On Fire"
Yeah, we know the retro-skate revolution is in full force, but it's nice to hear from Transworld Skate editor Carleton Curtis, that "Longboarding is definitely on fire right now," and that it's "its own thriving subculture." What he didn't add was that this subculture has nothing to do with corporate skateboarding culture.

Sacklunch Shoot-Outs

Google's new Trends site analyzes news and search topic popularity over time. Here's all the results from the Sacklunch Trend Shootout Round one.
- Sex vs. Drugs vs. Rock and Roll
- Oral vs. Anal vs. Vaginal
- Quik vs. Volcom vs. Billabong
- Burton vs. K2 vs. Ride
- Tony Hawk vs. Bam vs. Danny Way
- Kelly Slater vs. Andy Irons
- Shaun White vs. Danny Kass

Billabong Work Avoidance Program
One of the best ways to spend time in front of your computer at work: The Billabong Pro Tahiti is online live, afternoons this week. Check it out.
- Andy out at Billabong Pro

Gretchen and Gyllenhaal?

Us Weekly is reporting that Olympic medalist snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler is dating Jarhead actor Jake Gyllenhaal. For the record: we're not buying it.

Kasper the Friendly Student
Former pro skateboarder Josh Kasper has gone back to school and joined the Palomar College Comet's tennis team. Aced!

Still Miller Time
Planet Earth's Chris Miller runs a multi-million dollar company for K2 Sports and still has time compete in the Pro-Tec Pool Party at the Block in Orange, CA on May 13, 2006.

Making Room6

Former Burton Snowboards Creative Services Director Megan Curran is running a little retail business in Deep Cove, BC called Room6. It looks cool. Check it out.

Kingwill's Avalon 7 Bandanas
Shaun White wore one in when he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Torino, and if you check out the photos from the Hole it seems like everyone is rocking former pro snowboarder Rob Kingwill's Avalon 7s.

Pro-Tec Helmet Not Acceptable
Consumer Reports recently tested helmets and found that "nearly half of the Pro-Tec Classic" helmets failed their chin strap test.

Etnies' SOHO Ramp Squables
Etnies is in trouble with the Landmarks Preservation Commission for the miniramp they built on the roof of the NYC store.

Surf Poetry?
We're reminded of the joke, "What's worse than a drum circle?" Now with the Surf Poetry genre there may finally be an answer. Then again, Nathan Cool's book Rhythm of the Ocean could be mind-shatteringly good. We just haven't read it.

Retail On the Up in April
We just love it when we see stories about retail being up and the stores listed are Target, Wal-Mart, Zumiez, Pac Sun, and Val Surf . You gotta love retail.

Block Races One Lap of America

Ken Block will be racing the 2006 Tire Rack One Lap of America, May 5th through 13th, 2006. Turns out he's a great driver.
- Block blows out engine in day 1

Waikiki Surfboard Storage Problems

The city of Honolulu has 592 public surfboard storage lockers at Waikiki that it rents to surfers for $10 a month. But some people are taking advantage of this and ruining it for everyone.

Future Skateboarding In the Past

News began May 3, 2006 that Future Networks has cancelled their skateboard program. More details if official announcements are made (Thanks, Bucko Vino and others)

Jerms Profiled in Boise Weekly
Jeremy "Jerms" Lanningham's designs have appeared on snowboards for Dave Downing, Todd Richards, and others, now he's getting some deserved respect in his hometown paper.

Time4's New Entertainment Division
Paul Speaker, former president of RKO Pictures, was named president of Time4 Entertainment, the new video, film, and TV arm of Transworld Media and Time4 Media.

Outside Magazine Does Surf
If you're wondering where all your surf resort neighbors got all their surf info, it's probably right here in the May issue of Outside Magazine. Yes, it's a little scary.

The Autumn Bowl Is Burning
Brooklyn's Tylenol skate bowl was part of a "suspicious" nine-alarm fire that burned through seven abandoned warehouses in Greenpoint. (Thanks for the links, Brian)
- Autumn bowl video
- Fire slide show
- Brooklyn fire still being fought

IASC's Letter of Approval on SB 1179
Senate Bill 1179 would amend Section 813.7 of the Government Code to permanently add skateboarding to the list of "hazardous recreational activities" hopefully ending the helmet war. And the International Association of Skateboard Companies is all for that.

A Letter From Shaun and Carla Tomson
On April 24, 2006 Shaun and Carla Tomson's 14 year old son tragically died at home. This is their letter to family and friends within the surf industry. Our thoughts are with their entire family.
- Two busloads of students attend funeral

Beyond the Break TV
Surfing hits the cables again this summer on MTV's nighttime teen channel, The N when "four
passionate women with diverse backgrounds will pursue their dreams of becoming professional surfers" while being hot and wearing next to nothing most of the time. No, it's not a reality show.
- Deep Shit Winter snowboard movie coming

Surf Editors Reading Horror Stories

The Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures book tour kicks off in California on May 2, 2006 with readings from the editors of Surfing, Surfer, TransWorld Surf, Automatic, and Yes, they can read.

Surfer Mag Follows Surfer's Path
Surfer's Path has been printed on recycled paper for a while, but now Patagonia is paying Surfer Magazine to "Go Green." See, environmentalism pays.
- The Rise of the Neo-Greens

Volcom Execs Selling Off $33 Million
Rene Woolcott, Richard Woolcott, and several other executive officers have adopted separate pre-arranged stock trading plans for the 06-07 year. Apparently, it's time to get paid. . . again.

Tony Hawk Test Footage?
The video game world is puzzled over some Tony Hawk video game footage that suggests a jump forward in THPS game physics. But is it real?

Montana Has Enough Snowboard Resorts
A U.S. Forest Service report casts doubt on the need for more resorts in Montana. But how can developers build more slopeside condos without more slopes?

AOL To Launch AIM Pages

It's been called a "myspace" killer, but no one is sure what AIM Pages will do to the social networking world. If AOL history is anything, then it probably won't do much.

Quik's Footwear SVP Ponys Up
Pooport and Gruntington Beaches Closed
Witzig's Photos On Display
Shaun Tomson's Son Dies

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