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Latest Update: September 22, 2006

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Steamboat Resort for Sale
Now that all the real estate has been explioted, what is the point to actually owning a resort? Steamboat is up for $275 million. . . then again so is Time4 Media.

Surf Expo Shangri-La?
It's the East Coast's ASR, but don't tell them that. To those on the Right Coast Surf Expo is all that. . . plus wakeboarding.

Number 2 Is Number 1
From all the reviews coming in Jackass Number 2 is even better than the original. Looks like Jeff Termaine and company are going to be even richer this time around.

Grom Torture Photos
When parents complained about their kids treatment at the Surf Institute in Oceanside, CA the DA got involved and the photos were released. Horrors.

Wisconsin Boy Dies in Sand Avalanche

A 12-year-old boy in New London, Wisconsin who was snowboarding in a sand pit died, when he was buried in a foot and a half of sand that slid down from above.

Volcom Road Show
VeeCo announced today that senior management will participate in the Thomas Weisel Partners Consumer Conference 2006 in NYC on September 26, 2006. You know, for show and tell.

Surfing World Record Broken
Sure, it's a dumb one, but surfers in South Africa have broken the "most surfers on one wave" record with 73. Just an average day at Salt Creek.

TransWorld Up For Sale
Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore is expected to annouce the sell-off of 18 magazines including Transworld Media, according to Mediaweek. Hmmm. . . any takers?
- Time Inc. Sell Off Begins Today
- Big pubs shed media assets
- Time Inc.'s selling strategy
- Time Warner without Time Inc.
- Twenty-eight parties want a piece

EA Launches Skate Game
Tony Hawk has a little video game competition coming in the form of Skate from Electronic Arts. The game features Danny Way, PJ Ladd, and others.

Taggart in High School Hall of Fame
Former pro snowboarder Michele Taggart will be inducted into the South Salem High School Saxon Athletics Hall of Fame in October. Finally.

North Carolina Shark Attack
Jake Poland, 16, was surfing on the beach at Camp Lejeune Marine Corp Base and got hit by a shark. He didn't even feel it, which is always good to know.

Hawk Goes Mobile with InfoSpace
It's called Tony Hawk's Dissent and it is reportedly an action sports lifestyle mobile phone site "featuring Tony Hawk." We can hardly wait.

Trestles Toll Road in NY Times
The Surfrider Foundation takes its toll road story national with a great piece in the New York Times. Sometimes it's all about the fight.

Snowboarding Bank Robber
Steven Simmons, 27, a snowboarder from Mammoth Lakes, CA who robbed a Minden, NV bank last year could end up behind bars for 50 years. All for $4,807.

It's Not Easy Being Verte is not happy with Volcom's new enviro-line Verde because they believe it is a direct boost of Verte Clothing. It does look suspiciously similar. What do you think?

Crocodile Hunter Paddle Out
Close to 300 surfers paddled out off Alexandra Headland to say farewell to Steve Irwin who died when he was stabbed in the heart by a stingray while filming for his TV show.

Aussie Surf Rager Guilty
We all know someone like Australian surfer John Vincent Dunne, it's just nicer when you see them on their way to jail.
- Hawaiian surf rager arrested

The War Wounded Hit the Surf
It's nice that someone takes "wounded in action" verterans surfing, but wouldn't it be so much better if they simply weren't wounded in the first place?

Quiksilver Profits Down 78 Percent

There's really nothing else to say about this one, it's always a bad quarter for ski companies. . . yeah, Quiksilver is a ski company, and a golf company now.
- Quiksilver catches a wave of selling [Businessweek]

2006 Fall ASR Coverage
We're going to keep a little section running right here with the latest web coverage from the action sports world's little family gathering.

San Diego Business Journal's view
Waves are the business
Selling the SoCal Soul
Action Sports Greenery

ASR Mediacast

Game of Skate [Watch the Video]
Altamont Launch Party/Photos

MDP and Standard Movie Premiere
Ro Sham Bo Premiere at Oakley
More Premiere at La Paloma
TransWorld's Riders Poll [Updated]

Hannah's Gold
Olympic gold medal snowboarder Hannah Teter is selling her own brand of maple syrup at the Vermont State Fair. Sweet.

Wetsand and Surfer's Path

This is a little late, however, Chuck Menzel of has "merged" his site with The Surfer's Path magazine. It's nice to see a web company getting into print, instead of the other way around.

Signal Gets Cupped

Dave Lee and crew have had so much fun marketing Signal Snowboards that they've branched out into the buzz bean business as well. We'll take a large, please.

Bolster Takes Own Life
The action sports world lost one of its most innovative, influencial photographers Wednesday, September 6, 2006 when Warren Bolster ended his own life. Ben Marcus has the details on Our bedrooms walls were lined with Bolster's skateboarding photos during the 70s and we will miss him.
- Surf/Skate photographer dead at 59

2006 Fall ASR Coverage
We're going to keep a little section running right here with the latest web coverage from the action sports world's little family gathering.

Action Sports Greenery

Ro Sham Bo Premiere at Oakley
More Premiere at La Paloma
TransWorld's Riders Poll [Updated]

Boznut'sTechnine Suit
Pro snowboarder Nate Bozung is seeking $1.6 million from Technine because the Vermont company is "allegedly using his name and picture in advertisements without his authorization."

Perrin Things Down
Former Billabong CEO Matthew Perrin pissed a few people off when he walked on the shady side of legal and sold most of his Billabong stock in 2002. Here's what he's up to now, if you care.

Primedia Sell Off
The parent company of the ASG Group Group recently sold off several of it's polished rocks and beads magazines, not that we blame them.

Muska Dancing Paris

One look at Chad "the" Muska fondling Paris Hilton on the dance floor proves we never knew how creepy corralling an heiress could look. [Note: the video has now been removed. Damn]

Skater Killed Jumping Truck Tongue
Jack Pellicano, 14, tried to jump the tongue on a gasoline tanker truck and was hit when the truck rolled away.

Hip-Hop And Skateboarding
The LA Times tells the story of a new brand of music called "skateboard rap." Sadly, Skatemaster Tate doesn't even get a mention.

Burton Retail
A pregnant Fast Company writer tours Burton's NYC retail store and finds them "maintaining street cred." Oh, really?

Jesus Surf Classic
UK surfers take the chance to walk on water like The Master at this long running UK surf contest. Praise the board.

My Beach Redux
The LAist reminds us how great the 80s really were with this Surf Punks clip from the movie Urgh! A Music War.

Tow-In Skateboarding
Gerg Kett, 21, is hoping to break Gary Hardwick's skateboard speed record of 62 MPH by being "towed behind a vehicle" at 80 MPH. Has anyone told him that won't count?

Milch's Surf MILF
When David Milch's new HBO show about a surfing family hits cable, the mom will be Rebecca De Mornay. Hopefully she will occasionally take late night train rides. . .

Bam Pissed Off
"Viva La Bam and Jackass star Bam Margera went on a tear during his weekly Sirius Satellite Radio show, storming out of the studio after a profane rant on Monday." No surprise there.
- Bam video interviews on TW Skate

Wash, Rencz, Repeat
Mikey Rencz is a cool snowboard kid and the Banff Crag and Canyon gets to know him.

Irons Vs. Slater Explained
Billabong's BIllion
Don Vito In the Slammer

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