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Element NYC Signing 6.18
686 Party on 6-8-6
O'Neill Sponsors Mentoring
Wild In The Streets Chicago
Ambiguous Band Winner
Frequency's New Web Site

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Latest Update: June 9, 2006

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Viva La Bands Tour
Bam Margera is keeping his celebrity death march moving with a 20 stop tour tour this summer featuring CKY, Clutch and quite possibly Turbonegro. We're continually amazed.

O-side vs. Carlsbad
We didn't know the rivalry went back so far, but here's a little story about Charles Thedford, Ed Plaxton and how the Buena Vista Lagoon became the deviding line in a classic surf war.

Skate Quotables
"Granted, some of the acting jobs performed by players seeking foul calls on opponents are so over-the-top they make Bam Margera look like a refined thespian." -- CBS Sportsline

Zumiez-Fast Forward Interview's Sean O'Brien talks to the bossmen at Zumiez and Fast Forward and stretches "We needed more stores, they wanted the money"
into a good interview.
- Zumiez slides into Thursday

Switchfoot Bro-Am
Encinitas, CA was home last weekend to the Switchfood Bro-Am fundraiser (featuring Tom Curren, Dane Reynolds, etc. . . ) and guess who has the best photos? Yep, MTV.
- Cote's Cube coverage
- Surfrider Celebrity Surf Jam

Burton's New eCommerce Site
Acquity Group is creating a new online store for Burton Snowboards. Hmm, wonder what they're going to be selling? Hopefully, everything.

Patagonia Surf Opens In Cardiff
It's a waterman store from the Malloy brothers and the brightly colored fleece vest company. And it's in Cardiff, CA. Can the Malloy's magic touch continue?

Sunny Garcia Gets Taxed
After failing to report $417,000 in prize money surfer Vincent "Sunny" Garcia pleaded guilty to making false statements on a federal tax return and will be sentenced Aug. 28. Don't mess with the IRS.
- Garcia pleads guilty in tax case

TransWorld Skateboarding Awards Photos
Luckily, Shad Lambert was there to capture all the action on his pixel catcher.
- TWSkate's photos

We're Number 1
According to a study by the Online Publishers Association, the web is now the number one media at work and number two media at home. But action sports companies still love them some print, huh? [Linked:]

ASP Cancels Japan Event
Thanks to the "lack of a sponsor" the Japan leg of the ASP WCT tour is off. ASP CEO Brodie Carr says this will give them a chance to get a new sponsor for 2007.

The History of the Bikini
Nothing to do with surfing, everything to do with the beach. Australia's The Age kicks down all the details.

Snowboarder Wins $90k LIterary Prize
It's almost a cliche story: Brian Hart, snowboarder by day, janitor by night, writer at heart wins the University of Texas's first $90,000 Keene Prize for Literature.

Beachley Surf Classic
Layne Beachley launches her very own women's WCT event at Manly with a $135,000 prize purse. We'd like to see Claire Bevilacqua take it all.

K2 Buys Karhu and Line Skis
Yeah, we don't care about skiing either, but K2 Sports just added two more brands to their stable. We hope it goes well for them.

Surf City Melee Rumbles On
Santa Cruz, CA just won't let the name Surf City go, even after Huntington Beach got thie U.S. trademark on Surf City USA. Apparently, this title really matters to someone.

Zumiez Owners To Sell 2.4 Million Shares
On June 1, 2006, Zumiez annouced that Brentwood Capital, Tom Campion, and Rick Brooks and others were selling approximately $81 million worth of Zumiez stock. That's the way to get paid.

War Amputee's Get Back in the Water
On August 15 a group of 20 amputee war veterans (from Iraq and Afganistan) will travel to Pismo Beach, California, to go surfing. For more info:

The Inside Surfline
Most of us know the story of how Sean Collins started 976-SURF and turned it into the largest action sports website in the world. If not, then check out Doug Green's story in the Daily Breeze.

Bleiler in Celebrity Golf Circle . . .
Olympic snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler will be playing in the 17th annual American Century Championship with other celebrities including Donald Trump, Don Cheadle, and star dancer Jerry Rice. Fore!

Haleiwa Surfer Returns: As A Woman
We mentioned a while ago that the surfer had been repeatedly stolen from the world famous Haleiwa town sign on Oahu's North Shore. Now the surfer is back and she's hot.

Jock Quote of the Day:
"Before QuiksilverEQPT, everything I saw on the market for working out had too much of a 'jock' feel to it," says Quik snowboarder Todd Richards. "QuiksilverEQPT provides me with performance clothing that keeps me comfortable when I'm riding my bike or in the gym, but still looks cool." And hey, it's all about looking cool at the gym.

Lisa Anderson 360
The Florida Sun-Sentinal catches up with four time world champion surfer mom Lisa Anderson and finds out that while she may be more "settled down" she's not "settling down." Good.

California Grown Flying Tomato
Olympic snowboader Shaun White will be the new spokesman for the Grown In California agricultural promotion. Why not, Shaun's "Flying Tomato" nick always made us groan in California.
- The Tomato talks

New York Times Goes Surfing
Apparently, surfing is cool again and so is quoting Tom Wolfe's The Pump House Gang. Good to know NYC is back in the water, including publishing great photos from Jeff Devine.
- New Jersey club hosts "surf night"

Zumiez May Sales up 18 Percent
May was good for the Northwest action retail giant as same store sales jumped 18.2 percent and total sales for the four weeks ending May 27 were up 39.5 percent. Yeah, Tom.

Women's Teahuppo Wiped Out
Sydney Morning Herald writer Kathryn Wicks is not happy about the ASP pulling the Tahiti event and calls the decision "sexist and demeaning." At least no one died.

Another Surf Mag Goes Green

Looks like being green is getting even more popular. Drift, the UK surf magazine, is now donating 5% of single issue sales to Surfers Against Sewage. Doesn't that mean all of us?

Go Skateboarding Site Goes Live
International Go Skateboarding Day has officially launched it's website which apparently offer tips on how you can "go skateboarding" on June 21. If, that is, you need help.

Zacher Wins in Whistler
One of our favorite snowboard photogs, Kevin Zacher, has a short interview on TWSnow. Apparently, he just won the 2006 Pro Photographer Showdown. Congrats, Kevin.

05-06 Biggest Winter Ever
According to the National Ski Areas Association 58.8 million people visited United States resorts last year. That's the best ever.

Surfer Dies off Point Loma, CA
It appeared the man was trying to come in, but because of dangerous water conditions, he was unable to climb the cliff to get out of the water.
- Battered by waves off Sunset Cliffs
- Man identified as Robert Palumbo of NJ

From DC Shoes to Coleman

Simon Traynor, former Asia Pacific sales director for DC Shoes has left the footwear brand to become president of Coleman Asia Pacific. Is that the camp lamp company?

Big Winners at SIMA Image Awards
For Electric the third time was a charm as they finally nailed down Breakthrough Brand of the Year in the awards cermony held at SIMA 9 in Cabo San Lucas. Volcom, Quik, Billabong, and SurfTech also won.
- Click here for photos

Surfline Free Over Memorial Day
Thanks to money from Ultramercial and Honda you can get free access to all of over Memorial Day weekend. Free, that is if you watch a Honda ad.

Academy Snowboard Sales Up
According to a press release Academy Snowboard's sales are up 98 percent year to date. Hmmm, do people buy snowboards after Christmas?

Zumiez Pays $14 Million for Fast Forward

We told you Zumiez Inc. bought Fast Forward, but not how much they paid. Turns out it was appoximately $737,000 per store. That means Active Ride Shop could be worth about $12.5 million.

Burrow Survives Round Two
With only two waves in his heat in the Globe WCT in Fiji, Taj Burrow edged Yadin Nicol by .33 points to advance.
- Aussies swarm into Glove WCT third round

North Shore Shark Sightings
Two 13-foot sharks were spotted yesterday at Chun's Reef and Piddleys. Ten surfers were in the water at the time however no one got chomped.

Action Sports Shut Out at Laureus Awards
Chelsea Georgeson, Kelly Slater, Danny Way, and Shaun White were all up for awards at this year's Laureus Awards in Barcelona. The alternative sportsperson of the year award went to hang glider who died in March.

Surfer Hit by Kayak

A woman in her 40s was knocked unconscious and suffered a gash on her head when she was struck by a kayak while surfing at Tonggs near Diamond Head on Oahu. Silly paddler.

The Street Loving the West
Jeffrey Klinefelter, a senior analyst at Piper Jaffray says clothing inspired by surfing, skateboarding, and extreme sports are no longer niche brands. He likes Volcom, Zumiez, Quiksilver, and Pac Sun.
- Zumiez sales zoom
- Zumiez down 8 percent
- Pac Sun to improve juniors

Jackass Goes Number 2
Jackass director (and former BMXer) Jeff Tremaine says the second Jackass movie will include all the players and be "bigger and a lot gayer," as if that's possible.

Abberton Steps In For Slater in Fiji

Koby Abberton, who was allowed to compete when Kelly Slater pulled out of the Globe Fiji Pro because of an injury, lost his first heat to Danny Wills and Bobby Martinez. But it was apparently better than being in jail.
- Tide turns for Abberton

Shark Attacks Brazilian Surfer
Antonio Carvalho was attacked while surfing off Boa Viagem beach in Recife. He was hit on the left calf and foot. Since 1992 48 people have been attacked in Pernambuco state, 17 fatally.

Switchfoot Bro-Am in Encinitas
Switchfoot hosts its 2nd Annual Bro-Am surf contest at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California, on June 3, 2006. Years Around the Sun (TWsurf Editor Chris Cote's band) and Tristan Prettyman will also play.

Jack Johnson Sneaks Into Number 1

According to the Belfast Telegraph, "Girls love him and guys want to be like him." In this solid interview Jack discusses "hanging it up for a while" and concentrating on other parts of his life.

Bush Honors Olympic "Dudes and Dudesses"
Zumiez HIts Fast Forward
Quiksilver Calling
Surfer Gets Carnegie Medal for Heroism

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