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Latest Update: August 12, 2006

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Volcom's Rough BusinessWeek
It's a story of a stock pulled down by a retailer. It is the ballad of Volcom and PacSun as told by BusinessWeek.
- PacSun dives another 10%

Patagonia's Surf Dreams

More BusinessWeek surf fascination. This time with Yvon Chouinard and his Let My People Go Surfing philosophy of giving back. The lead of this story is his new Patagonia Surf Shop in Cardiff, Ca.

Intrawest Sold for $2.8 Billion

Private equity and hedge-fund firm Fortress Investment Group has purchased Intrawest, preparing the way for the coming resort apocalypse.

PacSun Off 54%
While everyone else was doing well at retail Pacific Sunwear reported that second-quarter net income fell 54% to $9.7 million. Let's see what Volcom (VLCM) and Quiksilver (ZQK) shareholders think about that.
- PacSun's Troubled Waters

Quik Recalls Hot Pants
Apparently 48,000 pairs of Quiksilver kids pants that didn't meet "sleepwear flammability standards" are being recalled.

Cornwall Surf Hooligans
Surfers in the UK continue to battle each other over the waves of Cornwall leading The First Post to run a story and "surf rage glossary." Cheerio, brahs.

Rusty Cashes Out On Clothing
After 21 years Rusty Preisendorfer, 53, has finally sold a controling interest in the Rusty brand to a Perth, Australia company called Rusty Australia. Preisendorfer has held world wide right in perpetuity to continue making surfboards under the brand.

The Waterman's Balls
Each year the surf industry gets together at the SIMA Waterman's Ball to congratulate itself for being so wonderful (and raise money for environmental causes). Here is photo evidence from
- Waterman's Classic Golf Tourney
- Silent Auction and Cocktails
- Dinner and Live Auction

Burnquist's Ride to Riches
The X Games may be made for TV, but they sure do act as great promo for action sports athletes. Take this Bob Burnquist profile for instance. Just take it.

Ski Resorts Could Arm Terrorists
Terrorists could arm themselves with howitzers, recoilless rifles and explosives stashed at ski resorts across the country. Yeah, it's possible.

Kimmins Guilty In Stabbing
Australian big wave surfer Clinton Kimmins, 22, was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months' jail for stabbing a man twice with a broken bottle, even after Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Rabbit Bartholomew acted as character witnesses.

Randomly Quotable
"A skimpy bikini can improve your wave count if you give the boys something good to look at." -- Mambo bikini designer Malia Jones.

Shaun White: Action Super Hero

An LA Times interview conducted with Shaun White "inside his personal tour bus" while "playing PlayStation2." Too bad he fell in all his X Games vert runs yesterday.
- Weird day one at X Games

McKnight Caught on The Street

"Action sports are mainstream already," says Quik CEO Bob McKnight in his interview with contributor Evan Rothman. We think what Bob really meant was that clothing (t-shirts, shorts, and bikinis) is mainstream.

Skateboarding Improves Grades
A recent study of sixth-graders by the American College of Sports Medicine found that students who skateboard at least three times a week scored 10 percent higher in school. Then why no skateparks in school yards?

P-Rod: Who's Your Daddy?
Most kids know who Paul Rodriguez is, but don't know that his father was once a famous comedian. The LA Daily News has the whole story.

The XY Games
ESPN's X Games have pretty much eliminated women. The only thing the girls have now is skateboard street and vert and those won't be televised. Odd, we thought sex sells.
- Women get more prize money after meeting
- Women on a roll at X Games

Teen Magazines Down The Crapper

According to Advertising Age, advertisers trying to reach teens are leaving print and heading for online. How shocking. Online video game advertising is up 174%.

Regis Rolland's Rip Curl

The godfather of French snowboarding, Regis Rolland star of the groundbreaking Apocalypse Snow films has designed a collection of snowboards under the Rip Curl brand name.

Rebagliati Whistling Into Court
Claiming that Whistler character Beck McKaye is too similar to him, Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder Ross Rebagliati is suing CTV, the creators of the show (which appears on The N). Ah let's see: snowboarder, lives in Whistler, gold medal, dead, hangs around town as a ghost. . . hmmm, Ross could be on to something.

Zumeiz Same Store Sales Up 8.5%

The core chain store reports increased same store sales and Zumiez stock drops 5.7 percent in after hours trading. Go figure.

ESPN's Advertising Games
The New York Times drops in on X Games founder Ron Semiao and discovers that they'll include any sport that brings in advertising. This year: rally cars. We bet DC is advertising.

At San Jose, CA's ZeroOne: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, South African musician Cobi van Tonder has created a skateboard that makes electronic music when ridden. Don't know how she could improve on the sound of wheels rolling and tails smacking on a hot summer night.

Fuel's Daily Habit Get's New Host
Pat Parnell has been named the new host of Fuel TV's daily series The Daily Habit. Good move, but is anyone watching?

US Open Model Search
Look at what TransWorld Surf did. They had a model search at the US Open and now they have 95 photos for everyone to puruse. Here are our favorites (be careful): Link, link, link, link, link, link, link.

Video Killed the AOL Star
Time Warner's online hub is relaunching its video portal to all Internet users, but with ruling the video waves, it may be too late.
- Last chance for AOL [Forbes]

Second Surfer Feared Dead In Bali
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed a 30-year-old Victorian man was missing after surfing in heavy seas off the south coast of Bali on Saturday.

The Secret Party Machine
After all the faux hoopla, turns out Globe's new surf movie is great and the party at Laguna Beach's 7 Degrees was even better. If you weren't there (like Sonny Miller) here's a little bit of what you missed.
- Secret Party Photos
- Secret Machine Party video

Snowboard Mag Skis To Safety

According to a press release posted to, Publisher Mark Sullivan has "entered into a long-term partnership agreement with Storm Mountain Publishing Company, publisher of FREESKIER Magazine." Ski on. . .

Volcom Takes a 31% Dive
Things were looking so good last week and then on Friday VeeCo's stock plunged $8 to $19.63. Ouch.
- Volcom gets slammed
- Volcom "buy" rating with $31 target

PacSun Downgraded to Hold
All this because Volcom mentioned that orders were down at PacSun. Everyone is in it together at the retail level.

Kala's Fan Thread
Looks like the leader of the Wolfpack had a few critics at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. Of course, none of them made comments in person.

New President for Primedia Enthusiast
Steve Parr, 47, as president of Primedia's Enthusiast Media division made up of 90 publications, 100 leading Web sites, 90 events, 11 TV programs, 600 branded products, including the Action Sports Group.

Volcom Rocks Q2
Reports are in for quarter two and Volcom is up 28% over Q2 2005 to $46.1 million. Projections for Q3 are $63.73 million. . . those Volcom yoga mats must be selling like rice cakes.
- the press release
- Volcom Meadows Pro Live Feed

Ben Marcus Gets Wet

He's been talking about it for a while, but now Ben "The World's Best Surf Writer" Marcus is proud to announce the release of Wet - The Quality Quarterly for All Women Who Surf. We're moist with anticipation.

FDA Approves New Sunscreen
L'Oreal has gotten approval from the FDA for Anthelios SX the first sunscreen available in the US that protects against both UV A and B rays.
- UV-detecting bikini

New Smyrna Shark Bite
A 14-year-old surfer was bitten on he right foot by what experts say was probably a "juvenile shark who mistook the boys foot for a bait fish."

The 411 on WMG's Studio 411

The Financial Times gives Studio 411 a chance to explain why more huge corporations should advertise in their films. . . you know, to associate with "exciting sports."

Teen Pulls Gun At Skate Park
Derrick Blackshire, 17, was apparently angry with some kids at a skateboard park and he "showed" a gun around. Really, who hasn't seen a gun at a skatepark?

Brokeback Break
From Australia comes a gay surf movie called Tan Lines, a "90-minute ode to gay surfers and skateboarders," which debuted at the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. That is so gay!

Surfing-Boom With Jenny U recently launched their own version of only they're calling it Surfing TV. Clone wars indeed.

Extreme Branding
Brandweek kicks down a nice little list of all the extreme-o-rama events sweeping the nation. Sponsors appear to be buying in. Can you believe it?

Patterson Leaves TW Surf

Joel Patterson, editor-in-chief of TransWorld Surf and former editor of TransWorld Skateboarding has left TransWorld. Hopefully, whatever he has planned will include writing, because we enjoy the way he lines words up.

Shaun White Video Interview
Get inside the mind of the Flying Tomato with's three part video interview with the man himself.

Snowboard Movie Teasers has gathered 39 new snowboard teasers into one quick reference list. . . if you have an hour (and a high speed connection), check them all out.

Secret Machine Boycott Grows
When Water Magazine jumps in to boycott an advertiser's surf movie it must be serious. We have to hand it to Globe: they're really stirring it up.

Kimmins Stabbing
Seems these days, to be an Aussie surf star you have to be in court. Clinton Kimmins, 22, is currently on trial in Queensland for stabbing a 24-year-old man at a party with a broken-off scchooner.

Who's Zooming Whom
Want to know who's getting the most photo play in the major label skateboard magazines? Check out's coverage reports. For July it's Nyjah Huston. Of course.

Gretchen Bleiler Gets Naked
In support of children's charities snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler along with Heidi Klum, Denise Richards and other hotties are stripping for an August Jane Magazine photo spread. Hey, whatever it takes.

Surfing Keeps You Young

Another in the long line of stories explaining why surfing slows aging and keeps surfers you and healty. But in the Washington Post, it looks that much better.
- Everyone is taking surf lessons

Volcom Back to Buy
Analyst Jeff Mintz of Wedbush Morgan upgrades Volcom from "hold" to "buy," with a 12-month target of $34.
- Quiksilver gets "neutral weight"

Surfer Survives Tsunami
A 9-year-old Australian surfer says he first knew something was wrong when people on the beach were pointing to a huge wave behind him.

Welcome to the After Life
Surf writer Ben Marcus explores the lives of former action sports pros and how some of them have turned their attention to being pros in business. . . the smart ones, that is.

Sims Still Alive
Tom Sims has again found a licensee (his fifth or sixth?) for his Sims Snowboard brand with Collective International on whose board Jamie Salter sits. Sims will join Airwalk, Vision Street Wear, Lamar, LTD, Genetic, Dukes and others on Collective's brand scrap heap.

Nyjah in the New York Times
The kid is amazingly good, and now 11-year-old Nyjah Huston gets a full write up in the paper of record. Not bad for a kid from Davis, CA.

Pearl Jams Trestles Traffic
Thanks to the members of Pearl Jam, the Surfrider Foundation was able to take a $30,000 step forward this week with its efforts to save Trestles. Thanks, Eddie.

Stereo Goes Mono
Jason Lee and Chris Pastras have announced that they are leaving Giant and going it alone with the Stereo/Sound Agency skateboard brand.

Mt. Hood Oasis of Cool
The New York Times makes a trip to the glaciers snowfields of Hood to find Olympians training under the hot Oregon sun. We wonder if anyone tried to sell them acid in front of Huck's?

The Tomato Takes Over
It was bound to happen, but Shaun White won his first Dew Tour vert event in Denver, CO July 16, 2007 with a bag of tricks befitting a multi-sport media machine.
- Shaun White snow photo album

Time Magazine Goes Surfing
Technology writer Coco Masters dives into the age-old foam discussion with a detailed breakdown of everything Time Magazine readers need to know about surfboard construction.

Liability Waiver No Good
The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that a parent cannot preemptively sign away a child's right to sue after injury. In this case a 12 year old's broken leg at a Vans Skateboard Park.

Man Drowns Surfing Kauai
A 48-year-old Wailua man drowned Friday evening while surfing near the Beach House Restaurant in Po‘ipu.
- Man known as "Lightbulb"

Another Sad Rolling Toy
What do you get when you cross a BMX bike with a skateboard? That's right, a total piece of rolling crap that bastardizes both parents. Not that we care.

Surfer Saves Boy
When a 9-year-old boy fell from the pier in Antrim County Ireland, surfer Ryan Kearney dove in and saved his life. Both ended up in the hospital for hypothermia and shock.

Pac Sun Expanding OC Office Space
Volcom Conference Call July 27
White Wins Two ESPYs
FHM Does Some Surfer Girls

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