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Latest Update: July 13, 2006

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Pac Sun Expanding OC Office Space
The chain that makes slaves of all our favotire brands is adding more office space in the OC. They are also building an 800,000 square foot warehouse in Olathe, Kansas.

Project Action Sports Runway

Sometimes you are in, and sometimes you are oahut. In season three of Bravo's Project Runway we have Katherine Gerdes, a snowboard instructor (who works for Target) and Bonnie Dominguez a designer at Reef.

Volcom Conference Call July 27
Dial in and listen to all your favorite friends from the VeeCo talk like the successful businessmen they are. If you haven't heard on of these you really shouldn't miss this one.

White Wins Two ESPYs
Shaun White was won two ESPY Awards, whatever they are. So, congrats to him for winning some more stuff.
- White adjusts Electra's dress

FHM Does Some Surfer Girls
Daisy Shayne, Karina Petroni, and Claudia Goncalves get the pin-up treatment in FHM. How come the surf mags never run photos like these? Oh yeah, they prefer shooting dudes.

Snowboard Mag Not Dead Yet
Mark Sullivan has posted a release to his web site saying that the September issue will not be printed, but they're still kicking and hope to round up more funding. Good luck.

UNIV Close to Open
Tim Swart has a UNIV page up and says that the new Encinitas, CA style shop should be opening at the "end of July." If the website is any clue, this should be an interesting cross-cultural experience.

Tony Hawk Talks about THPS 8
Computer and Video has an four-question "interview" with Tony about his newest skateboarding video game. Yeah, we're tired of waiting for the PS3, too.

Paddle Out Suicide
A man paddled out pas the lineup at the Cocoa Beach, Florida pier on July 10, 2006, sat up on his surfboard, took a gun from a white plastic bag and shot himself in the head.

CMH Founder Dies
Hans Gmoser, the man responsible for some of the world's best powder runs and founder of Canadian Mountain Holidays died July 5, 2006 from injuries he sustained in a cycling crash.

The Ryan Sheckler Story
In a piece that appeared in the July 9, 2006 USA Today 16 year old Ryan Sheckler says his first skateboard was a Woody Woodpecker model. And Tony Hawk says, "He's arguably one of the best all-around skaters today, probably the best."

Slater Rocking The Free World
Surfer Kelly Slater sat in with Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam Friday July 7, 2006 as they played "Keep on Rockin'" in San Diego. "This man has taken me on waves so big that it's put the future of our band in jeopardy!" Eddie said of Kelly.

Hannah's Three EPSY Night
On July 16 snowboarder Hannah Teter will have a shot at winning three of ESPN's ESPY awards as she is nominatd for Best Female Athlete, the Best Female Action Athlete and the Best Olympian

AI "Voted on" to Nixon Team
Anyone else have trouble choking down these press releases? Bet it was really tough for Billabong's number 1 Andy Irons to get "voted on the team" at Billabong's watch company Nixon. But then maybe it's just another joke. . . that we don't get.

The Bikini Turns 60
Yes, sadly the bikini is as old as your grandmother and still just as "sexy" as it was when it first hit the catwalks of Paris. has all the photos.

Snowboarder Wins Patroller of the Year

Snowboard Patroller Dean "Cody" St. John was named Colorado Ski Patroller of the year by Colorado Ski Country USA. Talk about sleeping with the enemy.

Another Dumb Wheeled Toy
It's called the Pumgo and The Christian Science Monitor is saying it's giving skateboarding a make-over. Where's when you need them?

Old Man Snowboard
Dan Ulfig is 53 years old, yet, he's spending two weeks at snowboard summer camp? Does he just like hanging out with all his friends? Or is there something more?

Consolidated Keeps Don't Doing It
Consolidated Skateboard's Birdo Guisinger's anti-Nike campaign continues on with this story featuring quotes from Nike's Kevin Imamura, NHS's Keith Wilson and others.
- How Nike Conquered Skateboard Culture [Adbusters via]
- Nike, Volcom, Thrasher, Zumiez on Motley Fool

Billbong Rides MP3 Soundwave
Forget about those big H20 waterproof boxes for your iPod. Billabong and Freestyle Audio have created an MP3 wetsuit called the Soundwave.

Snowboarder Pleads Guilty

Snowboarder Greg Doda, 18, will plead guilty to criminally negligent homicide during a crash in which he hit and killed Heather Donahue, 29, at Jackson Hole.

Surf Fashion Anarchy in the UK
Apparently since Beckham was seen in Quiksilver the British Isle is all up in surf fashion. Figures.

Skaters Blogging For Panasonic
Theskateboardmag's Atiba Jefferson is blogging for Panasonic along with his friends Girl Team Manager Sam Smyth, and Girl Skater Eric Koston. But we're no haters.

Winnnipeg Park Opens

On Friday June 30, 2006 the city of Winnipeg is opening it's CAN$2.5-million park, 44,000-sq.-ft. urban plaza-style layout of concrete, granite, and steel. And yes, Steve Berra and Eric Koston will be there.

Burton Buys Channel Islands
It has been rumored for years, but Burton Snowboards finally kicked down and picked up the number one hardgoods brand in surfing. Prepare for the next level.
- TWBiz coverage
- LA Times Story

Biggest Boom Boom Huck Ever
Tony Hawk kicked off the 2006 Project 8 Boom Boom Huck Jam tour at Illinois' Six Flags Great America in what is his largest tour ever.

Fuel TV Turns Three
After only three years on cable Fuel TV is now in more than 20 million homes. And some of them are actually watching.

Quiksilver's Back in the USSR

Quiksilver Inc. has teamed up with clothing retailer Sprandi International Ltd. to sell its Quiksilver and Roxy brands to the United People of Russia.

AOL Launches Freestyle 2.0

AOL is billing as "the first comprehensive interactive network dedicated to action sports." Hey, maybe the third time's a charm.
- AOL sponsors extreme network
- AOL Launchs "myspace" for action sports
-'s take

Nike Closes Biz Dev Gap At Hurley

Former The Gap EVP Lee Bird joins Nike July 10 as President, Subsidiaries. Bird will be burdened with creating long-term growth strategies for the company's Hurley International, Converse, Cole Haan, and Exeter Brands Group businesses.

K2 To Close Vashion Island Ops
Why have a factory that all your employees have to ride a ferry to when they're not even making anything? K2 has realized there is no reason.

Munchen Surf Session
We've all seen the video of the river surfing in Munich, Germany. Here is the story behind the location and the people who ride that wave.

Surf Cams Stolen
The cameras at North Narrabeen and Mona Vale in Australia have been stolen. Mal Jago, of Coastalwatch, calls the theft pointless. Apparently, Mr. Jago doesn't understand the whole point of stealing wave cams. . . blocking the view.

Irons Wins at Rip Curl La Jolla
Andy Irons put down his first win of the 2006 APS WCT Tour. Check out video from most of the important heats at the ASP/RipCurl site. (If you didn't watch it live at work last week.)

Second New Smyrna Nibble
A 22-year-old woman was treated for puncture wounds that may have been caused by a shark. But then again, it may have just be glass. You'd think, you'd know. Huh?

Kelly and Gisele Are Done
As reportedly reported in In Touch Weekly, Kelly Slater and supermodel Gisele Bundchen are calling it quits. Both are reportedly distraught. Then again, it's not stopping Slater's charge in Mexico.

Do It Yerself Boards at Pravda Surf
Valentin Shmidov, 29, speaks five languages, holds two masters degress, and runs an OC business that lets anyone to make their own surfboard, by appointment only. It's kind of like making your own mug at the pottery shop: it's ugly, barely functional, but it's all you.

Cranky Old Pezman's SoCal Surf Guide
The Surfer's Journal's Steve Pezman says at 64 he's getting too old for surfing. "It’s a sad state of affairs, but it’s still worth doing.” Thanks for giving us hope, Steve.

This Is How It's Done: Go Skateboarding Day
Thanks to all the skateboarders who put their asses on the line for skateboading on June 21. To the people who took to the streets and left everything else behind. Be proud.
- Skaters Thank Chicago's Mayor
- 5000 Skaters take over Chicago
- Skateboarder arrested
- Skateboarder protest in Oceanside, CA
- Protest leads to tickets in Oceanside, CA
- Dozens ticketed in Jacksonville, FL
- Ten days of the Wild Ride
- Auburn, CA Skaters flip over their own day
- Skateboarders take a holiday

MTV2 Awards Go Bam!
Hey, if it works on MTV why not the duce? Bam Margera will host an MTV2 awards show All That Rocks in late July.

Go Skateboarding TODAY!

Today is June 21. It is go skateboarding day. Those surf riding hippies will try to tell you it's surf day, but don't do it. Go wild in the streets.

Long Skateboards and Old Dudes

According to USA Today "Longboards are the hottest thing in skateboarding -- for adults." Arbor Snowboard's Ken Perkins, and Label Networks' Kathleen Gasperini are quoted.

The Dew/NBC Action Sports Tour
In the continuing push to create an "action sports fan" NBC and PepsiCo are plowing ahead with their "new sports league." The Washington Post tells the back story.

Wassup, Larry?
Now, thanks to Larry Clark, everytime we see Latino skateboarders in tight jeans and Megadeath hair we just wanna yell, "Wassup, Rockers." For this we appologize.

Globe In Confidential Discussions
Globe International Ltd has been in confidential discussions, "renewing speculation that they could be up for sale" according to The Age. The Sage Group has been working with them for a while (and we all know what that means).

Westside To the WCT
Bobby Martinez is well on his way to a Rookie of the Year title on the ASP World Tour. The LA Times looks into what's behind the Santa Barbara surfer.

Art, Skateboarding and Life
Andy Howell's "multimedia masterwork" gets a little play on the blog Cool Hunting. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. [Thanks, ML]

Skate Theatre at Autumn Bowl

We were wrong when we said it burned down, June 16-17, 2006 Brooklyn's Autumn Bowl was home to Seriously Heavy, a skate/dance by robbinschilds. It has to be better than this.

Billabong SA's New Warehouse
The new 7,000 square meter warehouse opened Sunday at Jeffreys Bay with founder Gordon Merchant and 400 staff members on hand.

Brazilian Surfer Killed by Shark
Humberto Pessoa Batista, 27, was with about 30 other surfers about 50 feet from a beach in the city of Olinda when he was attacked.

Teter Family Wins Award
Snowboarder Hannah Teter and her family received the Jack Kickey, O.P. award in Rutland, Vermont for "showing the world how family support can lead to the gold in life."

Snoqualmie Apologizes
When snowboarder David Pettigrew, 29, died at the Summit on Dec. 7, 2005 statements made by the resort were misleading to the press, now they've taken out ads in Seattle area newspapers to apologize.

Jamie Thomas SD Entrepreneur of the Year
On June 14, 2006 Jamie Thomas was awarded the regional award for Entrepreneur of the Year for Black Box Distribution. As they say, business is just one big Leap of Faith.

Surfers For Jesus
Former pro surfer Dean Sabate and his brothers in Christ are feeding Honolulu's hungry and introducing them to the peace that passeth all understanding. Praise the board.

New Smyrna Shark Nibble
Surfer Mike Milea, 24, was standing in four feet of murky water when he felt something grab his ankle. It was a shark who left three or four puncture wounds in Mike's foot. Sharky smooch.

Romanosky's Wedge
Photographer Ron Romanosky is showing his collection of wave and body surfing photos at the J. Moore Gallery in Seal Beach, CA. Reception June 17, 2006 at 6:30 PM. No speedos.

Brentwood-Zumeiz Sale-a-bration
One of Zumiez original partners Brentwood-Zumiez LLC plans to sell 1.6 million of the company's common shares in a public offering. That's about $44 million. Not bad doing business with you.

Town & Country Grand Reopening
The grand re-opening of T&C's 7,000 square foot Pearlridge store kicks off June 17, 2006. And it looks nice. Damn, why aren't we in the islands right now?
- The Town & Country Surf Story []

Skateboarding "Bigger Than Ever"
The Orlando Sentinel is on fire for skateboarding. Looks like the IASC Go Skateboarding Day is really working.

A Hometown Hobgood Profile

We've said this before, but there is nothing like hometown paper sports writing to make an athlete feel loved. Here CJ and Damien Hobgood get the spit polish shine.

Jackass Number Two Tralier
The boys who were a "sad commentary on our degenrating culture" in 2002 are going number two. Check it out here.

What Would Jesus Surf
A new book out by Steven Kotler titled West of Jesus: Surfing, Science, and the Orignis of Belief uses surfing as a metaphor for spirituality, and still produces a good read. And that's pretty hard.
- LA Times review

Miller Quits New Globe Film
Sonny Miller sent out a vague press release last week saying he is no longer associated with Globe's new surf film. We read it and still have no idea what he's talking about.

Viva La Bands Tour
Zumiez-Fast Forward Interview
Switchfoot Bro-Am
Sunny Garcia Gets Taxed

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