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Latest Update: October 26, 2006

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Time4's Dirty Dozen
Looks like out of the 75 parties that were interested in buying TransWorld Media's parent company Time4, only 12 are expected to bid, and of those many are financial companies, not magazine publishers.

The Sims Authority
Collective International, LLC (the owner of the Sims Snowboard brand) has licensed Sims exclusively to The Sports Authority chain of big boxes. Tom Sims would roll over in his grave. . .that is, if he were dead. But he's not.

Hannah's Golden Syrup
The Boston Globe investigates Hannah Teter's syrupy sweetness. Apparently, the girl makes great maple syrup and the proceeds are going to World Vision. Sweet.

Rip Curl's Hot Suit
With the H-bomb Rip Curl has merged an electric blanket with a wetsuit, which brings a whole new meaning to "charging the wild surf."

Surfboards that Wood

We don't know how they surf, or what they are about, but they look amazingly beautiful, are handcrafted in Maine by Mike LaVecchia, and, well, check Grain Surfboards out for yourself.

Mountain Dew Don't Do Extreme

Sugar water company PepsiCo has decided that "extreme" has come to the end of the line at Mountain Dew. From now on it's "fueling to core." [Thanks: Snow Deep Throat]

Sack the Vote
We've got a new question: How long will it take Quiksilver to remove the Burton/Channel Islands logo from Kelly Slater's surfboard? Click here to vote.

Sessions Still Alive
In a world of mega-lomart stores and an industry in full consolidation mode, it's good to see Joel Gomez still growing the Sessions brand and remaining independent. BusinessWeek dives in.

Block Wins Lake Superior Rally
Ken Block may have won Lake Superior Performance Rally, but his teammate Travis Pastrana already had the title all tied up.

Time Inc May Dice and Sell

The New York Post is reporting that Time Inc. may break up the Time4 Media magazines in order to make a sale. The line: The parenting group and the "enthusiast titles."

Hosoi Disant: Redux
The OC Register says it wasn't a jailhouse conversion, but hey, Christian Hosoi is now skating for a higher power. . . Quiksilver. Old news, is good news.

Beastie Boys Shoe Jam
Yep, the Boys played a little party on Saturday night for all their friends in the skateboard industry. Here are the show details in an interview with Eladio Correa, Etnies brand marketing manager.

Time4 Sale Details
Folio Magazine gets into the details and speculation regarding the sale of TransWorld Media's parent company Time4 including who industry experts think is in the running like:
- Bonnier AB (which owns part of World Publications)
- Aspire Media
- Apprise Media
- American Media

Globe Dumps Brands
Australian lingerie maker Pacific Brands has agreed to pay as much as AUS$42 million for several of Globe's Austrailian and New Zealand brands and licenses including: Mooks, M-One-11, Mossimo, Stussy, and Paul Frank; plus Globe's eight retail stores in Melbourne and Sydney. Are Stephen and Peter Hill planning to take Globe private?

Kelly Gibson New US CEO At Rip Curl
Looks like Rip Curl is making some changes at the top. It couldn't hurt, right?

Series 13 Site Launches

The world of snowboard graphics is changing for ever as Burton launches the new Series 13 site. Upload your own graphics and Burton will make the board for you. If your graphic wins the contest, Jake will send it to you free. Check it out for more details.

Sunny In The Slammer
Add Sunny Garcia to the growing list of sad Hawai'ian surf star stories. He begins serving a three month federal prison term in Lompoc, CA in January 2007 followed by seven months of house arrest for fraud.

The Ben From Brazil
Ben "The World's Greatest Surf Writer" Marcus is back in Mailbu. His trip to Brazil is over. Ben says "bye, bye Brazil" in his latest update.
- October 17, 2006
- October 15, 2006

Magazines in the Pooper
Newsflash: Men's special interest magazines are down on the newstand and in ad revenue with percentages often into the double digits.

Buying Up Billabong
Fidelity Investments and Fidelity International Limited, have snatched up more than two million shares of Billabong in the past month. They now own six percent of the surf wear manufacturer. The Johnson's aren't dumb. That is certain.

Rip Curl to Open Israel Surf Shop
The Israeli resort city of Eilat will be home to a new Rip Curl surf shop. The owner of the shop, Concept Marketing, is also opening a surf/snowboard shop in Tel Aviv. l'chaim's all around.

Intrawest Sale Approved
The sale of the $1.6 billion real estate firm (that owns Whistler and Mammoth Moutain) to New York-based hedge fund Fortress Investment Group LLC for $2.8 billion was approved by shareholders. They're getting out just in time.
- The Intrawest empire <--read this one!
- Starwood plans green hotel in Mammoth

Sheckler's Shekels
Leave it to the Miami Herald to play the bling angle on pro skater Ryan Sheckler: "millionaire and icon at 16". Yep, he's got stacks.

Time4 Magazine Tell All
According to the New York Post, TransWorld's parent company Time4 has "about 70 bidders" who got their first looks at "the book" last week. Click here for all the details.

Burtner's Way
Pro snowboarder Jesse Burtner brings Patchwork Pattern to the world. And the Anchorage Daily News is stoked.

Reporter Ollie Practice: Wanna See?

Dogtown Landmark Demo?
The Horizons West surfshop, home of the Zephyr Skateboard Team and the roots of Dogtown is scheduled for demolition, however, there are those who would like to make the shop a historical landmark. It is a strip mall afterall.

TV Viewers Don't Do The Dew
In its second year NBC's Dew Tour's TV ratings are down to a .76. Not surprisingly GM Wade Martin says, TV ratings are no longer "the sole barometer of consumption by our fans." Why should a TV network worry about ratings?
- Orlando biggest stop of the tour

South Padre Shark Attack
Surfer Freddy Torres was 50 feet from the shore at Isla Blanca park when he got hit by a shark that left a seven inch long bite on his calf.

Hurley Now At CostCore

Following on the heels of Quik, Roxy, DC, and Raisins comes Hurley rolling into CostCo at $24.99.

Future US Ditches Magazines
The publisher of Future Snowboarding has stopped production on four women's magazines so they can focus on "games, technology, music and action sports." Except for the Snowboard Journal of course.

Omar Open's Street Wreck
Roseville, CA is the home to a brand new shop co-owned by Omar Salazar, Matt Hopson, and Frank Mueller. It's called Street Wreck. Check it out.

$20 Million Listing
Globe founder Stephen Hill and his wife Sonya have just paid AUS$20 million for an old beach front house on the Goldie. [Thanks, Snow Deep throat.]

Volcom's Third Quarter Report
On Thursday October 26, 2006 Volcom will report on it's third quarter and you can listen in at
- Wooly sells 38,440 shares this week
- Wooly's dad sells 75,175 shares this week

More Dumb Skateboard Porn
The new "adult" dvd titled Skater Girl Fever is enough to make us feel bad for the skateboards involved.

Green Comet Skateboards
Jason Salfi, 34, is making Comet Skateboards from bio-friendly materials and sustainably harvested woods. So green.

Skateboard Harrasser Arrested
Juan Albornoz, 33, was trying to keep kids from skating on the property of Mission Foods was arrested by police for chasing and pushing down a 14-year old skater.

Future Marches Into the Past
Reports today began trickling in that Future Networks USA has ceased production of Snowboard Journal and that at least one senior staff member has been cut from the team. No details so far.

Mista FAB Wheels From Hubba
Pro model wheels for rapper Mista FAB's Yellow Bus? Isn't that the name of an old snowboard company? Hubba Wheels, owned by Fausto's son Tony V is making it happen.

The Ben From Brazil
Still not in Brazil. Still hanging out with the gliteratti in Malibu. Check out the latest below.
- October 9, 2006
- October 8, 2006

The Roast Beef Awards

Fuel TV has teamed up with Arby's (mmm, Arbyque) for the Arby's Action Sports Awards. Winners will be chosen based on fan voting and what ever works best for advertising sales.

Surfing Evangelism

As if she wasn't hot enough, Lost star (and late night chat line spokesperson) Evangeline Lilly actually surfs. Here are the photos.

Quebecoise Surf Spot
Munich has one, now Montreal's St. Lawrence river has turned up a nice little standing wave for that urban surfing flavor.

Layne Bitterly Lonely At The Top
Her $100,000 Havaianas Beachley Classic starts tomorrow, but Layne is feeling pensive. Why don't the other girls on the tour look up to her? Hopefully, she'll find those answers.
- Beachley hated on tour

Mammoth Fined for Patroller Deaths
State regulators issued $50,000 in fines Oct. 6, 2006 to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area for job safety violations related to the death of three ski patrol members earlier this year.

TransWorld; That's Heavy
TransWorld Media and have joined forces on a broadband "action sports channel." Porno and action sports: sounds like a winning combo.
- . . . and the press release

Quik Gives Soldiers a Break
US military personnel stationed at Guantanamo Bay will get a nice break from torturing illegally held civilians thanks to Quiksilver's new Cuba surf camp scheduled for October 14.

Stab and Destroy
A 31-year-old San Diego man was standing in front of a bar in Ocean Beach, CA when "the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim twice in the chest and then rode off on his skateboard."

The Rob & Big Show
Jeff Tremaine's new reality show staring Rob Dyrdek and Big Black Boykin will start airing on MTV on November 2. Yes, Jeff needs the money.

Piper Jaffray's Teen Report
When we want to know what teens are doing we always look to Midwest investment firms. Turns out kids are into video games, ipods, and Hollister. Who knew?

Hamilton, Kalama Paddle/Peddle Autism

Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama are stand-up paddling island to Hawaiian island and biking the land to raise money for Don King's movie Beautiful Son.

Zumiez Has Good Zeptember
Comparable-store sales at Zumiez Inc. for September were up nearly 15 percent over 2005. Analysts were suprised. Wonder if those Fast Foward stores had anything to do with that?

Primedia Dumps Meek
According to an email Don Meek sent out to the staff at the Action Sports Group on Monday October 2, 2006 he "was informed this morning that my employment as president of the ASG has been terminated, effective today." The email was subject lined: "Farewell and Good Luck."

Wham Slam Thank You Bam
Bam Margera and Mike Vallely have settled a lawsuit with drunk jocks Tom Sayers and Adam Dailey who sued the two skateboarders after seeing themselves get beat up in the “Mike Vallely vs. Four Random Jocks” segment of CKY3.
- Bam's thoughts on sue happy America
- Jessica's dad wants to beat up Bam

Heelys Going Public
Heelys, the company that makes those little wheeled shoes that allow fat kids to move without walking, is going public. They expect to raise $115 million. . . you know, like Volcom.

Tunnels Reopens
The Kauai beach where Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack was closed Sunday Oct. 1, 2006 after lifeguards spotted a shark cruising the zone. That may explain the Monk Seal on the beach. . . huh?

Summer Raps About Volcom Girl
Volcom Girls' design director Summer Rapp is interviewed in TWBiz and offers up a good behind the stone look a VeeCo. Ah, so that's how they do it. [Editors' note: Summer is no longer at the Stone.]

Tyler Lepore's Vegetarian Interview
Read PETA's interview about how nice snowboarder Tyler Lepore is to animals and you could win a Capita Snowboard.

The Surfing Rabbi Surf Camp

Jews who want to stay Kosher while surfing Costa Rica can attend Rabbi Nachum Shifren's Surf Camp. Shalom.

The Sneaker Gimps
Brian Spar likes to collect sneakers. He has more than 300 pairs. Nike couldn't ask for a better consumer. But we're sure they'll keep trying.

Skate and Create Essay
A mother writes of her son's love of skateboarding and how wonderful it is that he can enjoy something so positive. Why aren't more moms like this working in city government.

NorCal Trademark Whiners
Tyler Ochoa is a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and he's upset that Huntington Beach, CA is winning the Surf City USA trademark battle. And he's whining about it. Boy, does he whine.

Steamboat Resort for Sale
Grom Torture Photos
Volcom Road Show
TransWorld Up For Sale

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