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Latest Update: December 2, 2006

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Great White Takes Surfer's Leg
Zac Golebiowski, was surfing 40m offshore at Wharton Beach, (on the south coast of Western Australia) with three of his friends, when a five-meter Great White hit him. Zac’s right leg was bitten off by the shark. A New Zealand couple saved Zac by using an extension cord as a tourniquet. Zac, we're glad you're still with us.

Merchant's New Mansion
Billabong founder Gordon Merchant is building a new beach “shack” in Angourie, NSW. The house will cost nearly AUS$12 million when it is completed and feature a five car garage, an open-air theatre beside the driveway, and a full time caretaker. All that, and it’s still about half the price of Globe co-founder Stephen Hill’s place on the Goldie.

Roast Beef Awards Go Off!

Last night at The Arby’s Action Sports Awards athletes went head to head with Hollywood’s well, ah, mid-level stars and here are just a few of the amazing news stories generated at the spectacular event.
- Actor Jamie Kennedy finds Britney Spears' panties at The Action Sports Awards
- Hockey star Mike Modano announces his engagement to Dancing with the Stars' Willa Ford at The Action Sports Awards

Urban Outfitter’s Copy Paste Design
We all know companies like Urban Outfitters and Hollister look to our industry for inspiration when it comes to product designs. It’s just kind of a bummer when their “inspiration” is nothing more than scan of someone else’s work. Bob Kronbauer of alerted us to the last piece of creative borrowing where UO has lifted Michael Leon’s 2003 t-shirt design for its 2006 line of shirts.

Zumiez Stock Goes Up A Little
How great would it be to be the analyst who “covers” the action sports industry. You’d get to write stories just like this one in BusinessWeek. “Zumiez Inc. shares rose about 7 percent on Thursday, a day after the company reported surprisingly strong November sales, giving the sporting goods retailer a strong start to its fiscal fourth quarter.” Then tomorrow you could write the same story in reverse. “Zumiez Inc. shares fell about 7 percent a day after reporting a 7 percent rise.” Or maybe we’re just bitter because we don’t own any.

Palmer Loves Them Some Skiers
Last we heard Shaun Palmer was in jail, then he was invited to race in the Jeep King of the Mountain Series. Now comes word that Palmer Snowboards is launching an entirely new product line called The Palmer Project. Which is Pizalm for skis. We hear skiers have crazy stacks to blow on gear.

Grandson of Skate Master Tate
In Kick Push Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is asking people to “come and skate with me, just a rebel looking for a place to be.” And guess what, according to the Harford Courantskateboarding has moved beyond the suburbs and into the streets of urban communities where rap music rules.” Welcome to the 90s, Hartford.
- Kick Push Lyrics

Kirkwood Gets An F
The Ski Area Environmental Scorecard grades ski resorts on their environmental impact. Leading the group of western resorts was Kirkwood Mountain Resort with an F. Sierra at Tahoe and Alpine Meadows are apparently teachers pets. They got As. Click the scorecard for all the resort ratings.

The Book of Micah
Former TransWorld Media editor Micah Abrams lays down his theories about old media, new media, and Time Inc’s sale of Transworld in his new blog post. He hopes Active Interest Media buys the company because then maybe he’ll get his old print donkey job back. Eeee awwwww!

Braving Artists
December 7 through January 14, 2007, Brave Art "a subversive visual art exhibit showcasing diverse artists" (curated by Cec Annett) will be showing in Vancouver's Ayden Gallery with work by the usuals like including Shepard Fairey, Bigfoot1, Russ Pope, Unkl, and Sam Flores.

Grammy's Nixon Auction
The annual Grammy Charity Online Auction includes a Barry Manilow VIP Experience, a signed guitar, and "Limited edition Nixon Watches made from the wardrobes of Alice Cooper, J-Lo, and Steven Tyler" among it's items. We'll be bidding on the Nixon J-Lo's soiled thong watch so back off.

Quik Habla Español
To help sell more product in Mexico, Quiksilver has partnered with PBM International to establish a "network of licensed retail stores." PBM currently distributes Le Coq Sportif, Arena, and FIFA in Mexico so they know action sports the right people.

Flying Tomato Goes MOTO Red
Six-time X Games gold medalist Shaun White is now promoting Motorola RED to help raise money for AIDS medication and to sell more Motorola phones. What have you done, lately.

Powder Puff Gang
Mark Sperling loves girls. In fact, this year his Girls Learn To Ride program will put on 800 "female-only" action sports clinics nationwide. Bring daddy his money, baby.

Colloquial Cliché Collection
Tony Hawk's Creative Director Jaimie Muehlhausen has has a new book called Red Neck Words of Wisdom. If sayings like "that smells sweeter than a donkey fart" make you lose your shit, then you'll probably "trip all over your hogs pecker" to get this one.

Snowboarder's Alaska Overnight
Jay Blair told his friend he was taking a different way down on his last run at Juneau's Eaglecrest Ski Area. Turns out it was even more different than he thought. After getting lost and spending the night in a snowcave, he was finally rescued when he "flagged down a passing floatplane." Alaska is wild country, isn't it?

Small Resorts Make Comeback
Businessweek is using Echo Mountain, Colorado as an example of winter resorts moving into niche markets. And it makes sense. If you just want to make park runs, who needs all the other stuff.

Defined Destroyed Developed
Some of the largest names in East Coast snowboard photography (including Trevor Graves, Gunars Elmuts, Gary Land, Skye Chalmers, Glen Seelenbrandt, Shem Roose, George Covalla, and Jesse Loomis) are getting together for a show at Burlington, Vermont's Pursuit Gallery. Show opens Dec. 1, 2006. Be there and get free cheese.

Venture Moves To Silverton
Venture Snowboards is moving to Silverton, Colorado because apparently running a snowboard business out of Durango just isn't tough enough.

Pharrell Takes You to the Ice Cream Shop
His new Ice Cream Vol. 1 skate video is coming out and now Pharrell Williams is talking about opening an “Ice Cream Shop” next spring in Manhattan. Will he sell ice cream there?
-Pharrell bummed by "Can't Skate" shirts

Cameron Just Loves to Rail

That Cameron Diaz is board sporting fool. Nothing will keep her off her snowboard: not even a broken wrist. And we all know she didn’t let a broken nose keep her out of the water. (Editors' note: We apologize in advance for this posting.)

Skateboarding Developer

We’ve said it before, but if all town council members in cities around the world were as cool as Marty Roupe, development review administrator for Carrboro, North Carolina, then we’d all have places to skateboard.

Mavericks: No Tow
Personal watercraft may be banned from Mavericks. Ignoring the profiteers, how many surfers would really be effected by this closure? Three or four? Maybe.
- Protecting the marine sanctuary
- Doc Rennecker's seemingly contradictory statements from an interview 8 years ago

Palmer in Johnson State Hall of Fame

Scott Palmer "key founder" of two Vermont snowboard academies has been honored by Johnson State College and is now a member of their Athletic Hall of Fame.

Bondi Beach Surf School Battle
Cheyne Horan and others are out of luck as the Waverley Council gives Let's Go Surfing a three year extenstion on their exclusive Bondi Beach surf school license. The others are not happy. Apparently, too much money is involved.

USSA Lays Down The Law
US Snowboard Team members will no longer be able to drink alcohol with their coaches and all their travel must be approved. If you can't drink with your coach. . .

Aussie Surfin' USA
Jonathan Durrant, 25, and Stefan Hunt, 19 are planning to surf in every state in the US. Apparently, no one let will let them surf at home.

Bore Friends With Your Last Run
This whole document your life thing is really going too far. However, if you want a really easy way to get cool POV video of whatever it is you're doing, then this new SD card powered video camera from Oregon Scientific may be just the thing you need. We hear it works indoors as well. . .

Slipping Steele Humps
It's a book, it's a movie. It's a surf boovie. The Honolulu Star Bulletin checks in with Taylor Steele and D.Hump on the eve of Sipping Jetstreams' Hawai'i premiere.

. . . And In Gisele News
According to the New York Post's Page Six, supermodel Gisele Bundchen is still dating "Australian surfer god Kelly Slater" even though Leonardo DiCaprio's mom would rather have her back with her son.

Insider Trading to the Hardcore
The New York Times kicks off their board sports story with Jamie Thomas, follows that with Jake Burton Carpenter and moves on to Quiksilver's "Phil McKight." (Good work, NYT). The story also includes quotes from ASR's Lora Bodmer, Nike's Kevin Imamura, snowboard agent Bob Klein, Tony Hawk, and Danny Kass. It's like a big action sports gang bang.

Blankenstein Unbound
A couple of the skateboard industry's hardgoods heads are convinced that blank boards are going to kill the industry. Dwindle Distribution President Bod Boyle explains in a TWBiz interview.
- The war on blanks

Big Rob Speaks
His show Rob and Big is growing on fans around the world. sat down with Rob Dyrdek for an "extreme" interview.

Use A Skateboard, Go To Prison
Xavien Santiago Gauna, 19, admitted smashing an Onsted, Michigan teen in the face with a skateboard this summer. Now he’ll be doing three to ten years in prison. Just don’t do it.

VF Boot Camping
Businessweek sent a "skeptical reporter" to VF Corp's. management boot camp and found Vans' Marketing VP Doug Palladini on the winning team. It could happen.

Surf Thug Changes Plea
After being banned from nine Sydney Beaches, surfer John Vincent Dunne of Narrabeen, Australia has decided he was wrong when he plead guilty to assault, stalking, and malicious damages charges.

The Carving Contessa
Harvest Market, the 11-year-old Stowe, Vermont specialty food store owned by Donna Carpenter (Jake's wife) got is start when Donna worked for Ina Garten at the Barefoot Contessa. We did not know that.

Surf Noir HIts HBO
We've mentioned this several times, but now the New York Times is writing about David Milch's new surf drama Joe From Cincinnati. Wonder if Steve Hawk can hook us up with a copy of the pilot?

Muslim Surfer: Banned in the USA
Brazilian surf champion Jihad Khodr was apparently trying to get to Hawaii for the last stop on the WCT, but US agents sent him home from Houston. A name like "Jihad" can't help.

The Silverton Bullet

Aaron and Jenny Brill, owners of the best one-lift resort in the world get some great coverage in the travel pages of The New York Times.

World Dumbest Surf Record
Rico de Souza surfed into the Guinness Book of World Records by surfing a 28-foot-long surfboard at Macumba beach in Rio de Janeiro. Wait, isn't the world's biggest surfboard 40 feet long?

Palmer Invited to Race
The Jeep King of the Mountain series for washed up Olympians has invited Shaun Palmer to race. Hopefully, he won't.

Parmenter's Kids Stuff
Action sports filmer Rod Parmenter kicks down a new episode in his grom film series titled Kids Who Rip. Guess filming kids beats being a scout master.

TransWorld Cans BMX Biz Mag
You probably never even knew it existed, but Bicycle Retailer says that TransWorld Media has brought BMX Business News to a skidding halt.

Bam's Mom's Cookbook
April Margera is now a cookbook author with the release of April Cooks: There's an Alligator in my Kitchen. If it's what Bam grew up on, you might want to be careful.

Zumiez Still Zooming
Big Al Gets The Job
NHS Moving to China?
Hawk and Burkle Party On

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