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Latest Update: November 16, 2006

From The Sacklunch Boards
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JT and CD Buy $16 Million Beach House
It has 12 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and 100 feed of beach on Oahu where Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz can surf any time they want. Any guesses on what pro will show up there first?

Bam Fan Still Missing
Melissa Weaner, 25, told friends she was traveling to Pennsylvania on Oct. 14 and she has not been seen since. People think the depressed woman was headed to West Chester because of an "infatuation with MTV star Bam Margera."

Zumiez Still Zooming
A report released on November 15, 2006 says Q3 net sales were up 43 percent over last year to $82.2 million at the Northwest retailing giant. Zumiez also plans to open 50 more stores in 2007. They're really takin' it to the malls.
- The Motley Fools' on Zumiez

Voice of Surf: The Rockin' Fig Interview
When ever we think of contest announcers we think of the slightly nasal OC twang of Rockin' Fig live at the Huntington Beach Pier. Hard to believe he's already 50. Happy Birthday, Fig.

Sunny's Search
Australia's The Age checks in on Sunny Garcia on the eve of the Triple Crown of Surfing and his three month prison stay looming on the horizon.

The Wonderful Horrible Collab
éS and Plan B have gotten together on a new set of limited edition sneaks for PJ Ladd and they look good. Check out the details.

Big Al Gets The Job
Primedia has announced the appointment of Al Crolius to the position of Senior Vice President and Group Publisher, Action Sports Group. We guess that makes him the new Don Meek.

NHS Moving to China?
Richard Novak, owner of NHS, has recently discovered that "doing business in communist China is easier than in Santa Cruz." Yes, Mr. Novak, and it's cheaper, too.

Zen and the Art of Snowboard School

"Holistic snowboarding guru" Danny Martin has a new way of teaching snowboarding. His "no-fall snowboarding" helps snowboarders "find their center" before hitting the snow. And, he doesn't have to go outside.

Woody Brown Documentary
David L. Brown, the guy behind the Surfing for Life doumentary on why surfers live so long has a new film profiling 94-year-old surfer Woody Brown titled Of Wind and Waves: The Life of Woody Brown. The film's NorCal debut is Nov. 30 at San Francisco's Red Vic Movie House.

Triple Crown Then Prison
Before he begins his three months in prison and seven months of house arrest for tax fraud, Sunny Garcia is making one more charge at Hawaii's Triple Crown of Surfing.
- Internet helps Triple Crown grow
- Pancho glad to be home

Burton's Magic Beanie
Now you can rock out to Fergie and still not miss your big business calls when you're running the park thanks to Burton's Audex bluetooth beanie. All the controllers are on the ears and when a call comes through it bumps the music down and runs the call right through. All this for $179.95. Techno heaven.

Skateboarding Girls
Borrowed from the Good Problem blog. Sit back and let this skateboarding girls video play. No laughing, please.

Frequency Gets Hard. . .Bound
That coffee table snowboard magazine from Jeff Galbraith and his merry band of Northwesteners has decided to release a limited edition of their Photobook Issue. Sounds like a keeper.

Westlife Por Italia?

686 and Sepia and crossed the pond as Westlife Distribution has opened a new office in Montebelluna, Italy. Ciao, bella! Orange County Business reporting.

Diaz Ding Repair
She says she broke her nose while surfing four years ago and that's why actress Cameron Diaz wants to get her diviated septum fixed. Yeah, it was all that surfing. . .

Auburn CA Box Jam
If it's fall and you sell snowboards you better build a box and surround it with crushed ice so the kids can get their butter on. That's what Boards n' Motion did. And then got coverage in the "oldest newspaper in California."

Abberton On Analog
Analog, Burton Corps surfwear brand recently signed a reported AUS$1 million deal with Koby Abberton, whose fight to clear his name in court nearly bankrupted him.
- Jai Abberton in trouble, again

Skater in The Hole
Anthony Blake throws a bs180, a fs180, but when he goes for the kickflip he gets sucked right into the hole. Click here to see it.

UNIVersal Playboys
Tim Swart and Mirko Mangum's UNIV is a cool action boutique, plus a new line of denim and screened shirts. If we already told you this we apologize.

Bleiler's Longest Year
It's been a rough year for the Olympic Silver medalist. Gretchen Bleiler has learned about dealing with the media, figured out how to have fun snowboarding again, and according to her mother, decided against showing skin in any more national magazines. Now why would she do that?

Ken Block's New Benz
Okay, we know the guy likes nice cars, however, this tops it all out. DC cofounder Ken Block now has blacked out Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG by Ai Design. Click for all the photos on

Keystone's $1000 Rock Run
Sean Cavagnard, and three other snowboarders, decided to duck a rope at Keystone and get some early season fresh tracks on the way back to the car. Now it could cost them $1000 each in fines.

Future's Fresh and Tasty
The people who just killed off The Snowboard Journal are launching The Drift (not to be confused with the short-lived Colorado magazine Drift). Think of it as SG for snowboard girls.

Billabong's NZ Shopping Spree
As part of his expansion plans Billabong CEO Derek O'Neill has picked up 19 Amazon stores in New Zealand and plans to add new brands like Nixon Watches and Kustom Shoes to their mix.

Bam Grants Wish
At the LG Action Sports Championship in Dallas, Texas kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation hung out with their favorite Action sports stars. Bam Margera met with fan Mackenzie Kukas. See, it's not all Jackassery in the Viva la Bam universe.

Rome Gets Coolhunted
The Rome Headroom Limited Edition snowboard showed up on Josh Rubin's community blog project Cool Hunting. Apparently, he's a SDS fan.

Hawk and Burkle Party On
Tony Hawk's foundation held it's annual "Stand up for Skateparks" fundraising event at the estate of supermarket magnate Ron Burkle. Yes, that Ron Burkle. But hey, if Ron's a friend of skateparks, then he's a friend of ours.

Sports Authority Nabs Copeland Assets

Copeland Sports which has been operating under Chapter 11 protection has sold it's buildings (13 out of 20) and inventory to The Sports Authority for $21 million.

Quik Book Release Party
An exclusive list of the surf industry's finest were invited to celebrate the release of The Mountain and The Wave with Mr. Bob McKnight and author Phil Jarratt November 2, 2006 at The Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA. The list included Bernard Mariette, Tom Carroll, Tony Hawk, VK, Ross Clark-Jones, Danny Kwock, Lisa Andersen, Randy Hild, Art Brewer, Jeff Devine, Bob Mignona, Preston Murray, Todd Richards, Strider Wasilewski, and many more. Sacklunch on the other hand, was not invited.

Van Sant's New Skater Killer Movie
Film auteur Gus Van Sant is shooting a new movie in Portland called Paranoid Park based on the book by Blake Nelson about "a skateboarder who accidentally kills someone." But it's not about Gator.
- Blake Nelson's blog

Time4 The Sell Off

The pool of potential buyers of TransWorld Media's parent company Time4 Media is getting smaller according to the New York Post. And Primedia is "absolutely not in it."
- Time Inc. sale rouund two []

Will Tony Hawk Survive?
BuisinessWeek asks the question: how long will the Tony Hawk Inc. brand last. COO sister Pat Hawk believes it will be a long time. Others think he's doing things that "smell like a sellout." Nah, he just git'n paid.

Element In Black & White Collab
Occasionlly you'll see a brand do something really cool. Element got together with Delphi and created a limited run of Black & White (150 each) kits and they look good. Check it out .

Montana Skateparks, Yee Haw!
We don't often find ourselves looking for skateparks in Montana, but it we did Skate Montana would be it. Selva creative has designed one of the smoothest looking skatepark directories on the web. And those parks are giving Oregon some much needed competition.

It's hard to believe that kids would wait outside Pharmacy Board Shop until midnight to buy the new Altamont demin, but we learned long ago never to be surprised by anything that happens in the high desert of southern California.

Builder Bob's Big Ramp
Someone clued the New York Times into Bob Burnquist's ramp building obsession. Wonder if it was Bob's agent? [Linked:]

K2's Winter Sports Woes
According to the Motely Fool things are looking up at K2 Sports thanks to stronger snowboard and other winter sports sales, the problem is that means K2 is still a winter sports company, Rich Duprey explains.

Burton's Volvo C30 Collab
When Swedish automaker Volvo wanted to get someone to mod up their new C30 properly they went to Burton Snowboards. This is what they got. Great for hiding out in a concrete jungle.

OP Sold to Iconix
Iconix Brand Group, owners of Candie's, Mudd, London Fog, and Joe Boxer has purchased Ocean Pacific from Warnaco Group for $54 million. [Thanks: Snow Deep throat]
- Warnaco paid $41 million for Op in 2004

Snowboarders' Huge Pot Bust

Former pro snowboarders Ian Hadgkiss and Ryan Wedding own land near Ridge Meadows, BC where RCMP officers found 6,800 pot plants along with 86.5 pounds of "dried marijuana". Neither has been arrested or charged. Yet.

Palmer Goes To Jail
Shaun Palmer was taken to El Dorado County jail Sunday October 29, 2006 on suspicion of being drunk in public, according to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. [editors' note: after you click, scroll down, this item is near the bottom of the page.]

Slater: The Perfect $10 Million
According to Australia's Daily Telegraph Quiksilver is rumored to have offered Kelly Slater a $10 million bonus if he can win two more ASP world titles.
- Slater skips Brazil for Mom's wedding

California über Gravis
The newest soldier to arrive on the front lines of Burton Corps' battle of California is Gravis Footwear. Does this mean they'll finally make shoes we can skate in?

Volcom's Third Quarter Grades
The Motley Fool breaks down Volcom's most recent numbers and finds that revenues rose, earnings beat the street, and management believe there is more good news to come.

Sole Tech Growth
The Orange County Business Journal checks in with Sole Tech's Pierre Senizergues. Oddly, they failed to ask him how he is able to lift his wallet each morning. We're guessing he uses a fork lift.

Surfer Saves Live, Loses Board
When Dustin Lackey saw a man come up floating on his face after taking a dive off San Diego's Crystal Pier he took action. But while he was saving the man, someone stole Dustin's brand new longboard. Where is Karma when you need him?

Hawk Is Big Sports Star
The Dallas Morning News is stunned to find out that Tony Hawk is a big money sports star on the level of Jordan, Gretzky, and Woods. Yep. It's true.

Flying Tomato: MILF Hunter
When Shaun White had lunch in Hollywood with a preggo Heidi Klum on Oct. 25, 2006. Is there a Project Runway celebrity judging spot in Shaun's future?

South Lake Tahoe Ramps Down
It may be an action sports town, but if you build a backyard skateboard ramp with out proper permits, the city is going to make you take them down.

Snowboard Clue To Murder
Benjamin Bradley, 29, planned to hitchhike 485 Colorado to Jackson Hole for some summer snowboarding. He never made it and while his body was found in Wyoming, his Never Summer Split board was not.

Pac Sun Cans CEO
Seth Johnson the former CEO of action sports retail ruler Pacific Sunwear has left the company to pursue other interests.

Time4's Dirty Dozen
The Sims Authority
Rip Curl's Hot Suit
Surfboards that Wood

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